Claim Your (Free) Share Of 7 Million Virgin Australia Points

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Virgin Australia’s Velocity program is celebrating their seven millionth member by giving away seven million Velocity points. Instead of doing a sweepstakes where a few people win big prizes, Virgin Australia is instead splitting the seven million points equally among everyone who registers.

To register, simply visiting and enter your name, email address, postal code, and Velocity number. You can register through 3PM AEDT on Thursday, February 23, 2017 (that’s 11PM ET on Wednesday, February 22). After that they’ll calculate how many points each person gets based on how many people registered.


I suspect thousands of people will be registering for this promotion, so in practice I suspect each person will maybe get a few hundred points.

The Virgin Australia Velocity program isn’t especially lucrative, at least compared to most U.S. based programs. So personally I don’t think it’s worth registering for the program just to pick up a few hundred free points, since I doubt most people will find a great use for those points.

I should mention that you can convert Velocity points into Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles at a 1.35:1 ratio. The catch is that you need to transfer a minimum of 5,000 points, and I doubt you’ll get those through this promotion alone. So unless you have an existing points balance, there’s not much value in that.

While I’d love to try Virgin Australia’s excellent-looking business class, I’d much rather book it through Virgin America Elevate or Delta SkyMiles, both of which have much more reasonable redemption rates.


However, if you’re already a member, you might as well pick up some additional points!

  1. Looks like you must reside in Australia, New Zealand or one of nine nearby territories in order to join Velocity.

  2. Thanks Ben and apologies for having overlooked it – just saw that it’s mentioned in your post.
    These posts are especially useful as it keeps me from signing up for dozens of newsletters when I know most relevant info can be found here.

  3. Hey lucky as other commenters have stated, it appears that only residents of countries “down under” and near that region can join. I’m a US resident and it doesn’t look like I’m allowed to join. Is there any bypass to this than BSing my address? Thanks.

  4. Mark: US residents can’t sign up for Velocity.

    And why would you bother using a BS address to get a handful of points in a program that you’re unlikely to add to, unlikely to be able to redeem without earning significantly more, and where your at risk of losing all those points for violating their terms and conditions?

  5. @Jim my whole incentive for signing up for this was so that I can transfer the velocity points to my KrisFlyer account as I have around 50K miles with them and any addition to that will be greatly beneficial.

  6. To those trying to use fake details to get a slice of this, seriously, it’s not worth the effort.

    If 70k people register, that’s 100 Velocity points per person. That convert to 74 SQ points. That you can’t transfer out anyway.

    What exactly is the point?

  7. @Cat in the Hat, ah yes I forgot velocity points could only be transferred to KrisFlyer in minimum increments of 5,000 points. You are right, no point going through the effort. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I’m an Aussie with a Velocity membership and hadn’t seen this, notwithstanding I look on their website regularly as there is another promo on at the moment. Now that I’ve gone looking and found it on their Facebook page I’ve entered.

  9. I’ve just under 5,000 Velocity points so this will be ideal to get to the SQ minimum transfer amount – thanks Ben!

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