Flying This Weekend? Get Free Gogo Wifi!

Labor Day is a busy travel period, so I’m sure lots of you will be in the air. If you are, it’s worth being aware that you can get 30 minutes of free Gogo wifi on your smartphone on any Gogo equipped domestic flight on Monday, September 3, 2018.

This is being sponsored by T-Mobile, which has had a partnership with Gogo for a while. Specifically, T-Mobile customers get an hour of free wifi on their smartphone on every domestic flight, so in this case non T-Mobile customers are getting a taste of that.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but they’re not exactly going all out here — it would be nice if it were valid the entire weekend or at least for an hour, like T-Mobile customers usually get, but this is better than nothing.


  1. By the way, you can actually get free gogo wifi without being a T-mobile customer. All you need is to know someone number who has T-Mobile.
    In order to log in, it asks you to put in your phone number. In reality though any phone number works as long as it is a T-Mobile number. I have Verizon though I just put in my Uncle’s phone # (who has T-mobile) and it works!

  2. Air Canada has Gogo in flight Wi-Fi, and coincidentally I’m flying from DCA to YYZ on Labor Day. Do you know if I’ll get it? Usually USA to/from Canada is considered a “domestic” flight.

  3. Wow, a WHOLE 30 minutes! That’s about enough time to just get through the login process.

    Seriously and this is news worthy?!

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