Fly Qatar Airways’ Qsuites To London For ~$850

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Qatar Airways introduced their new Qsuites product between Doha and London as of June 24, 2017. This is their new business class product, which features fully enclosed suites. Yarsolav was kind enough to share an excellent review of the product on the blog.

The plane is presently operating flights QR7 & QR8 between Doha and London, though seems there are some last minute aircraft swaps, so unfortunately there’s no guarantee that the flight will actually be operated by the plane. For the best sense of where the plane is, check out the Flightradar24 page for A7-BED, which is the registration of the plane with Qsuites.

Unfortunately as of now it looks like flights operated by the 777-300ER with Qsuites don’t have much award availability, and also typically don’t have availability in the discounted fare bucket, meaning that many of Qatar Airways’ attractive business class fares can’t be booked in conjunction with this fare.

As I noted when the product was first introduced, the best fare that I saw that was eligible for a booking on the Qsuites 777-300ER seemed to be from Tunis to London via Doha, as a cost o ~$1,600 one-way.

As it turns out there, there’s a significantly better business class fare that will let you try the Qsuites. Qatar Airways has an ~$850 one-way business class fare from Tbilisi to London (via Doha) that can get you on QR7, or you can book the ticket roundtrip for ~$1,550, which is a bit less than double of the one-way cost. What makes this fare so great is that it isn’t a super discounted fare bucket, so it can get you on this flight.

I’m very tempted to take advantage of this fare, as I’ve also wanted to visit Tbilisi, which I’ve heard is a great city.

So if you want to fly the Qsuites, this seems like an unbeatable deal. Just be sure you consider the risk of a last minute aircraft swap.

For what it’s worth, Qatar Airways has said that their next Qsuites destination will be Paris, followed by New York. Qsuites should be available to New York by September, though they haven’t yet announced which flight will have the product. I shared my thoughts on that in a previous post, if you want to make a speculative booking.

Tempting, tempting, tempting…

(Tip of the hat to Degold)

  1. You should look at the recent Air Canada flight 759 incident. It was on the local news earlier, the a320 tried to land on the taxiway, but UA1 notified ATC.

  2. Interesting. Tbilisi is a beautiful city. Always a pleasure to fly an airline with competent, kind and, let’s be honest attractive and young crew members (unlike other carriers such as KLM, Delta, united …)

  3. Tbilisi? Presumably this is advice reserved for those with a lot of time on their hands!?

    I’ve now tried the Q suites on QR 8 and would always book the A380 flight with the bar over the new 777 flight. Currently, they leave within an hour of each other. The Q suite is a little better seat-wise, I agree, but the availability of the bar means that the A380 remains my preferred option for LHR-DOH flights. I also generally find the service on the A380 slightly better because of the zoned service routines in the bigger cabin.

  4. @Lucky, if you really wanted to fly El Al current First Class, which I think a lot of us would love, you can fly LHR –> TLV in F and then TLV –> TBS in Y for £1355…..

  5. It looks like these seats could be pretty awesome. That is a good deal for paid business. Thank sfor sharing.

  6. May have missed it somewhere, but does Qatar intend to update all of their 777 fleet with the QSuites over time? Just curious if they will eventually come to their Miami route. I’ll be heading to SE Asia next year and just starting to generally look at flight options and it looks like a toss-up heading east through the ME or west on an Asian carrier. Have flown DOH-MIA on their older business class product, but would love to experience the new seats.

  7. Georgia is a wonderful country and I would strongly urge you to get a guide for sampling their wine, food and traditional polyphonic singing at certain specific restaurants. While Tbilisi is great you can see all of it within two days. Signahi and the wine region could take another two to three days depending on your enthusiasm. Georgian wines are made using the Quervi system and are generally all natural. Yes no sulphur! So enjoy!

    The Courtyard by Marriott while basic has an excellent location! The Tbilis Marriott is of course much higher end. I would stay at the former for brief stays

    If you want to

  8. Hey Ben, Im looking up this route and no business class fares are showing up. Economy flexi fares show up fine, but when i try to look up J fares on this route, no flights show up which I find odd. Are you or anyone else experiencing this as well? Thanks

  9. Qatar also has some great deals to LHR from Tehran via Doha. A return flight in R business going out and O Economy coming back is £580. The Doha to London segment is on QR7 in the Qsuite! A great value way to experience to new Qsuite! The stopover in Doha is only 55 minutes so no time to experience the Al Mourjan lounge. I’ve booked for the end of August for my first Qsuite experience and some great value BAEC tier points!

  10. I got a return flight from Tehran to London via Doha for £585. Outbound in business connecting to QR7 for the Qsuite and returning in economy promo on the A380. This is an absolute bargain as the business part of the fight cost £345!

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