Florita, La Cucaracha De Aerolineas Argentinas

Reader Denis passed along a link to this YouTube video he found of an Aerolineas Argentina flight:

Perhaps it’s slightly completely anticlimactic, but it still gave me a chuckle. And something like that certainly wouldn’t happen in Aerolineas Argentinas’ esteemed Club Condor Class.

And if you’re like me and only took 11 years of Spanish in school yet can’t speak a word (but can conjugate every verb 46 ways), there are even subtitles.

A beautiful narrative, if nothing else…

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  1. Being a nurse, I have told my patients this, if we cant eradicate all the cockroachs in the world we wont be able to eradicate the common cold….

  2. I felt that the video was a little offensive. Based on his accent I thought that he is from Chile ( venting against Argentineans).I did follow the YouTube link and in fact there are a lot of comments (all in Spanish) against the poster of the video. The author added a note indicating that he is not against either Argentina, Chile or the airline (some on the comments indicate that the guy is not from Chile). The note states that the comments made by “patrioteros” a slang that is a mix of “patriota” and “patotero” (patriot and thug) are “ridiculous.” The whole thing in Spanish has a different tone and sadly is not that funny.

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