Flight attendant slams airline — what do you think?

I know this isn’t exactly news, but I ran across this video today on YouTube and have mixed feelings. Check it out:

At the beginning I was sort of on her side. I like anyone that sticks it to management, at least when management deserves it, although this wasn’t the time or place to do it. Based on the timing of the letter she received, I can see how American’s intentions might have been less than honorable.

The part where I switch sides a bit is when she says “I’ve been letting the airlines have it since probably the last 15 years.” We know what that means, and as a customer I don’t really like it.

The last minute of the video seems to show her real problem. American was trying to force her to get onto an unsafe aircraft, and does so on a daily basis, and she got disciplined for that? Uh huh….

If there’s one thing that unions are good for it’s making sure that FA’s don’t get fired for these types of things (in this case refusing to fly an aircraft that’s unsafe). Something tells me there’s more to this story.


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