Canada’s Flair Airlines Offers “All You Can Fly” Pass

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Here’s a cute promotion that I love in theory, but that will probably be of no use to most, given the limited destinations involved.

Flair Airlines’ “Go Travel Pass”

Flair Airlines is a Canadian low cost carrier that has a fleet of seven Boeing 737s, which they fly to seven destinations (Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg).

Well, they’ve just launched a cool promotion to promote travel this spring, given how seasonal leisure travel is in Canada (with the pre-summer season being a quiet time for travel).

How does the Travel Pass work?

With this promotion you can fly an unlimited amount over the course of three months, between February 13 and May 13, 2020:

  • For 499CAD you can get a pass that includes some blackout dates, and that doesn’t allow you to travel on Fridays or Sundays
  • For 699CAD you can get a pass that has no blackout dates, lets you travel all days of the week, and includes one free checked bag per flight

In both cases, taxes and fees aren’t included, and you have to book your ticket at least 48 hours in advance.

Tickets booked with this pass can be changed up to 48 hours before departure for free, while within 48 hours there’s a cost of 125CAD per direction to make changes.

Once you register for this pass you’ll receive an email with your booking portal log-in link, as well as your pass holder number, and instructions on how to provide payment. You’ll then be able to manage and ticket reservations through Just follow this link, and click on the ā€œalready a go traveller?” button to access your account.

For the pass with blackout dates, the following dates are restricted:

  • February 14-17
  • March 20-30
  • April 10-30

Bottom line

This is an awesome promotion during a period when they’re otherwise likely to have empty seats on just about all flights.

This promotion covers travel over a period of 13 weeks, so you’re looking at paying anywhere from 38-54CAD per week, depending on which pass you choose.

If you’re going to just take a couple of roundtrips during the promotion period, it’s probably not worth it. If you’re going to fly every couple of days during the promotion period, it most definitely is worth it.

Do any of our friendly neighbors up North plan on taking advantage of this awesome promo from Flair?

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  1. What happened to the Canadian contributor you took on board last year? I’m surprised she’s not the one reporting on this.

  2. If you had never flown Boeing 737 Classic – 400 , it is your chance. They plan to replace them by this summer with Boeing 737 NG – 800 series.
    Kind of a cool deal if u r ok with cold, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto etc…

  3. Looking at their website, if you’re based out of YYZ, there are no available seats until end of March, so you will get one and a half month of use out of it at best, and that’s assuming you can firm up dates right now.

    I’m guessing availability will continue to get worse.

  4. @Lukcy, did you say “pre-summer season”? In Canada? Pre-Summer and Post-Summer are both called Winter. šŸ™‚

  5. This pass is useless for most Canadians, too šŸ˜‰

    Unless you happen to commute regularly between a few of their destinations, their domestic routes are sparse and poorly scheduled (with big gaps), so there’s a very small demographic that might actually be able to make use of this.

  6. Lucky youā€™re too young to remember Presidential airlines out of Dulles, but they did this sort of pass too … just before they went under.

  7. Is it true that thereā€™s no seat availability from YYZ like David said? It actually would be a pretty great deal if there is availability because one round trip tix from YYZ to Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver can easily run you $500 on Westjet or Air Canada. I wonder if they will add more flights to the YYZ routes to accommodate more passengers or if this is a bad deal because ā€œgood luck getting a seatā€ I have a friend with a sick family member in YYZ who lives in Vancouver, I was going to send this to her but I wouldnā€™t want her to get a crap deal if she canā€™t even book a seat.

  8. A great deal and nearly got one out of YYC until I saw “taxes and fees not included”. In canada, that’s the vast majority of the ticket cost.

  9. @Applejax apparently Kelowna route doesnā€™t start until late March. Most other routes seem to be fine. Best to confirm the routes youā€™re interested in before pulling the trigger.

  10. Flair is on its last breath of air. Life support, if you will. It won’t be too long before the plug is pulled. I’d be highly cautious of buying into this last ditch plan. You’ll likely get stranded with little notice.

  11. Abbotsford is a suburb of vancouver. Huge commuter market between there and Calgary and Edmonton. People commute to the patch every week in large numbers so for them it is very worth it . I hav paid as much as 800 one way vancouver to Edmonton . So plenty of market that is why Sunday and Friday are blackouts. Now flair reliability is a whole other question.

  12. Wideroe used to offer an all you can fly summer pass, which was a great way to explore Norway. You could combine that with an all you can stay pass from Scandic.

    Scandic stopped the scheme a few years ago and it seems like Wideroe wonā€™t be offering it in 2020.

  13. DO NOT PURCHASE!!! The Flair Flight Pass is NOT as good as it seems. There are additional fees for each booking after paying for the flight pass. Misleading information.

  14. I bought the pass and booked a ticket from YYZ TO YVR for less than 30$. And my YVR TO YYZ was 24$. Baggage included
    Iā€™m an independent consultant and fly frequently between Toronto Vancouver and Calgary and have paid 600-700 one way before. This is great!

  15. Just finished my first round trip with this pass and it was a GREAT experience. Low frills airline but ops were better than most of the large airlines Iā€™ve flown with. Everything from bag drop to boarding to departure ran smoothly, quickly, and on time. Excited to try this airline more.

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