First video of Lufthansa’s new business class

Back in March Lufthansa formally unveiled the details of their new business class product, which was long overdue. While it was supposed to premier on the 748 that Lufthansa is in the process of taking delivery of, they’ve already outfitted one of their Airbus 330s with the new business class product. While it’s by no means a comprehensive trip report, here’s the first video I’ve seen of the new business class seats in action:

The seats seem loud, though it actually looks quite a bit better than I had expected…

(Tip of the hat to LufthansaFlyer)

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  1. Looks decent, but it looks like a chore if you’re on a window seat and need to go to the bathroom if your seatmate is sleeping…

    While they don’t seem that bad, they don’t seem that great, either.

  2. I believe that there are 2 versions of the seat, one version where the seat pairs point toward one another so that the feet are right next to each other, and another version where the saets are parallel so that ther is more space berween the feet…this appears to be the latter, with the 748 being the former

  3. i would have gone with the CX/US Air style business cabin where every seat has an exit. Air New Zealand and Delta are doing herringbone as well, soon to be followed by AA.

    Not sure how that impacts business seat capacity, but that seems to be the wave of the future. Of course, i hate the herringbone style that Virgin has, so maybe LH is on to something, but overall strikes me as a step back.

  4. The 748 would have had been the business class seat premier had it not been for a last minute minor delay that set back the 748 to LH by couple of weeks. I’ll see it in FRA later this week,

  5. I heard the seats require your feet to go in a narrow box when the seat is fully flat. So narrow that one can’t lie on their side. (Did I hear that here?)

    The video doesn’t give a clear shot but I noticed she had her feet crossed – which might be a bad sign.

    Can’t wait for your trip report on this one Lucky. Would it be too rude to ask you to disclose your shoe size when you review it? (I’m a 11 EEEEEE!).

  6. for a brand new product I expected something better and more competitive with the best seats flying.

  7. The seats seem to make a lot of noise when repositioning if you watch the original video. Can someone confirm? The A333 parallel // window seat arrangement seems preferable to the B748 window /\ arrangement with narrow “play footsies” foot rest, while the middle /\ seats on the B748 are wider apart and seem the best option on that plane.

  8. I don’t like this design at all. The window seat passenger will have to climb over the aisle seat. That is very circa early 2000s design. I like the NH, LX or the AC, US, CX designs much better.

  9. How does this look any less comfortable than the CO business first seats people seem to love so much. The whole issue of direct isle access is very common with many airlines. Deal with it, this is business class not first! There is already a trip report on the German travel forum where the author denounced a lot of the claims made by people who haven’t flown it yet. For those who can read german or you can always use a translator: . Looks good and decent. Still miles ahead of the current product.

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