Fight Breaks Out On Russian Flight

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Fights in Russia aren’t exactly novel. I mean, I think half of YouTube is made of Russian dash cam road rage videos, like this one:

But it’s not every day you see a fight break out on an airplane. In this case it’s not nearly as “graphic” or climactic as some of the dash cam videos, but it’s still well worth a few minutes, in my opinion:

Questions that immediately spring to mind include:

  • Why is the guy not wearing a shirt?
  • Why isn’t the crew doing anything?
  • Does anyone know what’s being said? Does the captain’s announcement have anything to do with the fight, or is the timing a coincidence?

Oh, Russia!

  1. The seated guy is Ukrainian and is pro Ukraine, and the shirtless guy is Russian who is pro Russia. They argue over Ukraine that it should be part of Russia. Obviously the captain comes on and tries to calm the situation down however that does not seem to matter. Most of the time they talk about separatists and such…

  2. Captain asked them to behave and cool down, otherwise he will have to make an emergency landing. There is nothing pro Ukraine/pro Russia, this plane is going from Goa to Ufa. It happens a lo on flights filled with drunk Russians, I’m not surprised.

  3. The questions are answered by watching the video.
    1. The guy was wearing a tank top, he disappears behind the bulkhead and comes back shirtless, quite possibly as an aggressive posture.
    2. There was at least one uniformed crew member there trying to separate the men at the beginning.
    3. I couldn’t make out most of the captain’s announcement but he did say a word that means man/men so it could have been about the fight.

  4. Lets talk about the apparent crappy construction of Russian auto glass. Two of those ten videos had people shattering windshields/rear window’s with their fists! Pretty sure that stuff is supposed to be stronger than that!

  5. Hard to hear what happened or what the fight was about but it looks like there are 2-3 FAs in there initially. When the captain goes on he says that if they don’t stop immediately he’ll make an emergency landing at an alternate airport. Towards the end there is some talk about he hit me first, etc. Sound like the guy in the seat perhaps is defending himself but really difficult to tell.

  6. @andrew not to be off form main subject, but I think Putin got his third black belt by arriving shirtless on a horse than shattered multiple windshields with his bare fist

  7. @ Lucky – per YouTube comments, it was a flight from Goa to Ufa on Nov. 26, 2014 (a charter, probably). it’s pretty hard to distinguish speech because of the airplane noise and because the filming began mid-conflict so most of what’s being said is just not-very-nice words. But if what was said at the very end in the background (I think by the lady in red/orange dress), I think the shirtless guy took offense to her putting an elbow on a seatback (perhaps as she was walking down the isle). The other passenger must’ve stood up for the lady which turned into this standoff.

    Also, towards the end of the video captain comes on a PA and in a rather calm voice tells the people to chill out otherwise they’ll have to make an emergency landing. I believe it was mostly other male passengers trying to keep this under control because no one wanted to deal with emergency landing.

    P.S. Obviously, this has nothing to do with Ukrainian/Russian relations so not sure what the other “Ivan Y” is smoking.

    ~ The Original Ivan Y.

  8. @ DJK — the other “Ivan Y” is referring to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine which is pretty much a civil war at this point; because that region is Russian-speaking (although plenty of Russian speakers elsewhere in Ukraine), has a lot of ties to Russia and wants more independence, the rhetoric in mass media (including in the YouTube comments in the video) inevitably has turned into Ukraine vs. Russia (with implications that Russia wants to take over that part of Ukraine) with all sorts of new slang words being made up for either side. As someone who has family in both countries, it’s a very tragic turn of events.

    ~ The Original Ivan Y.

  9. To address Andrew’s point (“Two of those ten videos had people shattering windshields/rear windowā€™s with their fists!”).

    Have you ever noticed broken auto glass around parking spots, especially in bad neighborhoods? (Actually, more so in good neighborhoods that border bad neighborhoods.) That’s because it’s incredibly easy to break a car window with your bare hands. It’s tempered glass and so it doesn’t even cut you. Thieves use an old blanket to muffle the noise of the glass breaking and falling to the pavement. You could look out your apartment window one minute and see your car perfectly intact, and the next minute the car’s window will be broken and the thief will have stolen whatever he saw inside that he wanted and already be a mile away.

  10. @Endre Lol…I see other animals too.
    It was business class Nordwind airlines GOI-UFA – I’d love Ben to review them.
    More info is in Russian news ( – nothing special,
    just drunk guy wants to fight, his woman was yelling too, crew moved “Putin” to other part of the plane,
    he debauched on the arrival too. I guess he may ask for compensation for not enjoying business class for entire flight šŸ™‚

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