Family kicked off Southwest flight

Pardon me for being somewhat cynical and perhaps rude, but I couldn’t help but laugh after seing this video. This lady, Wendy Slaughter (heh) got kicked off a flight because her kids were being unruly. She even says, “the children were a little out of control on the flight…” If a mother says that I can only imagine how it really was. This all sounds to me like a case of a lady that has zero control over her kids, something which is far too common and very sad when in public. Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the fact that her kids have “problems,” but that’s no excuse for letting them run wild.

This whole story seems to me like something out of Jerry Springer, from the names, to the sister, to the grandmother. Sorry, but if this is what’s being reported on the news I can only imagine what it must have been like to be on that flight.

Heh, and then we wonder why Southwest has the reputation among some for being the “kettle” airline.

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  1. Surely you have seen similar “stereotypical” Kettle people on other airlines, hopefully not quite as unruly as described here. Kudos to Southwest for actually doing something about it for the benefit of the other 100+ passengers on their next aircraft. Too bad they agreed to refund their tickets. Running kids on the airplane while the seatbelt sign is illuminated is dangerous and presumably in violation of the law that is often quoted as requiring passengers to follow all signs and placards and crew member instructions. How is this different from someone smoking in an airplane bathroom?

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