Excellent new ITA software feature!

My favorite travel planning tool is ITA Software (as I pointed out in my mileage run tutorial a while back), and they added a huge new feature today. For those not familiar with ITA software, it allows you to search almost all airlines for specific dates, by months, etc. Basically it allows you to do anything you could possibly want when it comes to planning travel, short of booking the actual ticket. For those that aren’t already happy users, you can sign up here and then log in here to use the tool. It’s free and awesome!

Anyway, today they added a feature which will make the lives of mileage runners 100 times easier. When searching a whole month at a time you used to only be able to search for stays of at least one night, but now you can search for a same-day return. Now I can search all possible domestic mileage runs for an entire month with a single search.

Thanks ITA!

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  1. Yeah!!!! Read the news on travelingbetter.com today.

    Used ITA just yesterday to check SFO-JAX for our MR. Still need ~20k NW by 12/29. :-O

    Must remember to send a “thank you” to ITA.

  2. I believe there has been a grease-monkey script around that does this. I never got around to installing it though, so this is definitely a nice feature.

  3. I seem to have issues getting anything to price on DL ex-MCO. It keeps wanting me to only take the MCO-LAX direct even if I’m down with taking the connection via ATL.

  4. Yep, there’s been a greasemonkey script that added this functionality out for a while now. It was a pretty simple add. I do like that they now natively support it – anything that helps make ITA’s functionality more accessible is a welcome addition.

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