Etihad’s Intriguing “Your Special Guest” Promo

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I’m not sure what exactly to make of this Etihad Airways promotion, though I figure at a minimum it’s worth passing on.

Etihad wants you to nominate someone thoughtful

Given that so many people have been in lockdown, Etihad Guest is launching the “Your Special Guest” promo. Etihad Guest is asking members to nominate a friend or family member that has shown “thoughtfulness” to them.

As Etihad describes it, despite the many challenges the coronavirus pandemic has created, there have been lots of acts of kindness all over the world, and Etihad Guest is on a hunt to find and share these.

When a person nominates someone else, they will be asked to answer personal questions about the nominee, like what makes them thoughtful and what their interests are.

That’s where the “Special Guest” part comes into play. Etihad will be sending rewards to people who are nominated. An example is given that if a nominated person is a Manchester City fan, Etihad Guest may send a Manchester City shirt along with a personal note and a few other surprises within their interests.

The terms, and what I don’t understand…

Make sure you check out all the terms & conditions of this promo here, including that participating gives Etihad the right to use your entry for promotional purposes, etc.

The part that I don’t understand, despite reading the terms & conditions, is whether this is a sweepstakes, or what exactly is going on. Based on the way the promotion is described, etc., it sure suggests to me that everyone nominated is getting something. For example, the promo says this:

Curated exclusively for them and inspired by their story, we’ll send a special gift to thank them for being an everyday hero.

Is Etihad actually going to send a thoughtful gift to everyone who is nominated, or is this really a sweepstakes where only a few people will win? If the latter, it sure would be nice if that were clarified in the terms…

Bottom line

This Etihad Guest promotion is at least worth being aware of, should there be someone you’d like to nominate. I’m still confused about the logistics of the promotion, especially in terms of how many people will actually receive gifts from Etihad.

It seems to me like almost everyone will based on what’s written, but I also doubt that’s the case, so…

Anyone plan to nominate someone else for this promo?

  1. Their key term is “We may use any content you (the “Entrant”) upload, but we do not promise to.”

    In other words, they’ll only organise something if they think it is worth it. But by wording it this way it gives them flexibility to do as many as they feel is worth it, whether that’s only 10, or a hundred, or whatever other number. Whereas if they gave an explicit number, people may try to game it more as they know the odds.

  2. For them it is free advertising , for the cost of a T shirt . Social friendliness is refreshing however .

  3. My 20 year 10 daughter nominated me . Two days a go my husband got the email that she is selected to reward her guest . I am waiting to see what exactly is the reward fingers crossed.

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