The Cheapest Fares I’ve Ever Seen In The Etihad Residence

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When it comes to Etihad’s gorgeous A380s, they’ve no doubt garnered the most attention for The Residence, which is their private three room suite with butler service, located at the front of the first class cabin.


It features a living room, bedroom, and even a private bathroom with shower.


When The Residence was first introduced, it was consistently insanely expensive. There weren’t any discounts for creatively originating travels in cities that are typically known for cheap airfare. However, over time that has changed.

In December I wrote about Etihad’s reasonable pricing in The Residence between Abu Dhabi and Mumbai. While it’s still by no means cheap (when you consider how short of a flight it is), it is a much better deal than the $30,000+ price tag on a longhaul flight in The Residence.

Then in January I wrote about how Etihad’s pricing in The Residence was nicely discounted when flying to New York, if originating in Mumbai rather than Abu Dhabi. A one-way ticket with two segments in The Residence cost ~$13,000.

Unfortunately in the case of both of these fares, taking a second passenger in The Residence raises the price significantly. Historically on “full fare” tickets in The Residence, you could take a second passenger just for the cost of the taxes on the ticket.

While the difference isn’t massive, I do think it’s interesting to note that you can score an even cheaper ticket in The Residence by originating travel in Cairo.

For example, you can fly from Cairo to Abu Dhabi to Mumbai, with the second segment in The Residence, for $2,291:


Or you can fly from Cairo to Abu Dhabi to Sydney, with the second segment in The Residence, for $8,737:


Or you can fly from Cairo to Abu Dhabi to New York, with the second segment in The Residence, for $10,230:


The prices increase significantly if you add a second passenger on either itinerary, though. To Mumbai the fare increases to $3,595, to Sydney the fare increases to $11,550, and to New York the fare increases to $14,043.

Bottom line

Even ex-Cairo, these fares are still a lot of money. However, I do think it’s at least worth pointing out the improved values to be had. I know a lot of people are interested in The Residence, and it looks to me like there’s an uptick in bookings (at least to Mumbai), so it’s at least worth pointing out the opportunities to score a discount on the product.

  1. Do it ! Book a CAI-AUH-BOM in Residence and then BOM-AMS or BOM/LHR on 9W First.
    One more F product checked off your list along with the Residence (And you get to sample BOM’s F lounge, which has so far polarized reviewers).

  2. Yes! CAI-AUH-BOM on EY residence, BOM-LHR 9W first as mentioned and lastly the AI fifth freedom LHR-EWR.

  3. Oh how mean Shanti – at least Ford has a pretty amazing Sugar Daddy !

    to topic, what is the point of booking the residence for a 3 hour flight to BOM, of course to SYD is more , but you are getting much better value.

  4. Do you have any information on the width of the bed? I’ve seen blogger’s video their AUH to BOM experience and it looks more like a single. It would be a huge disappointment to spend the money for the SYD flight and not be able to sleep with two people in the bed. Whereas you could get more sleep booking two First Apartments side by side…

  5. @Susan: Thanks! Have you flown in? A double is 54″ so this is basically a twin bed with an extra 8 inches….and no human is 8 inches wide….I think the only way to make this work with 2 people is Big Spoon/Little Spoon 🙂

  6. @Chris – sadly, I haven’t flown in it, but I live vicariously through travel blogs. Other reviewers have described it as “almost a double bed” so it would be a little snug. 🙂

  7. One thing to add is how the EGP devalued against the US the past few months since November 2016. I hope you and Ford can ride the Residence (or if there’s First class availability on the AUH-JFK leg, have Ford grab that award seat) so he may join you at the Residence on the same exact flight.

  8. @Joey – Good Point re: First Class Apartment

    @Lucky – This may be hard to pull off (matching the fare from Cairo with an open F seat), but if Etihad would let this happen, one way to save ~$3K would be to book Residence for Single person and have someone from First Apartment join you….any idea if this is “allowed”?

  9. The residence was created for the members of the UAE Royal family. Even though anyone who is willing to pay can fly it, (believe me AUH natives are extremely wealthy) If you see who is checking into first class and and above at AUH, you would be hard pressed to find an american seated there.

  10. Jerry, for this kind of money they could probably have a private jet, fit all their extended family in it, and not have to deal with riffraff Americans like us.

    I have to say that The Residence is a little over the top for my taste and I’d probably feel more comfortable in just regular F.

  11. @Martin: Have you not looked at oil prices? EK/EY F cabins are flying out fuller than usual because the royals cannot charter private 747’s. Oh the humanity!

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