Etihad Lounge Los Angeles Opening In July 2016

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Etihad Airways began flying between Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles in June 2014, which represented their first flight to the west coast (in the meantime they also fly to San Francisco). I was lucky enough to be on the inaugural flight.

Presently the route is operated by a Boeing 777-200LR, featuring a total of 225 seats, including eight first class suites, 40 business class seats, and 177 economy class seats.

Etihad Airways 777 first class

Passengers departing on Etihad out of Los Angeles can use the excellent Star Alliance lounges — first class passengers can use the Star Alliance first class lounge, while business class passengers can use the Star Alliance business class lounge.

The first class lounge has table service, though is otherwise quite small and lacks views, so even if you’re in first class, I recommend eating in the first class lounge and relaxing in the business class lounge.

Star Alliance first class lounge LAX

The business class lounge is spectacular, and features a huge amount of seating, including an awesome outdoor terrace with tarmac views.

Star Alliance business class lounge LAX

But it looks like Etihad won’t be using these lounges much longer. Etihad is opening their own lounge at LAX, which will be opening in late July, 2016.

I hadn’t heard anything about this lounge for a long time. I remember reading on back when the route launched that Etihad found a 4,000 square foot space in Tom Bradley International Terminal, and that they were going to pay $6.8 million in rent over 10 years. But since then I haven’t heard anything concrete. Now it’s official that the lounge will be opening in less than a month.

Qantas-Lounge-LAX - 6Tom Bradley International Terminal LAX

I don’t yet have any pictures, but I imagine it will be similar to the lounge that Etihad recently opened in New York, which is great. It’s shared between first & business class passengers, with beautiful decor and incredible food.

Etihad-Lounge-New-York - 10Etihad Airways lounge JFK

There’s a buffet, as well as an on demand menu, with restaurant quality food.

Etihad-Lounge-New-York - 45
Etihad Airways lounge JFK dining

The cocktails are among the tastiest and most creative I’ve had in any lounge.

Etihad-Lounge-New-York - 40
Etihad Airways lounge JFK drinks

Bottom line

I’m very excited about the Etihad Lounge Los Angeles opening, as the airline typically goes all out. This is a huge investment in their customers, given that they’re opening this lounge for just a single flight a day. Add in the fact that they offer door-to-door chauffeur service, and it’s a pretty seamless ground experience.

I’m curious if we’ll also see the LAX route upgraded to a bigger plane at some point, perhaps an A380? Etihad only has a total of 10 A380s on order, with two left to be delivered. So basically both of them would have to serve LAX for that to work. So I’m not holding my breath, but it also wouldn’t shock me.

Are you excited about the new Etihad Lounge at LAX?

  1. Does that signal a commitment to increasing capacity on AUH-LAX? a lounge in TBIT is hardly justified with a daily 777 service…but it’s Etihad who knows

  2. @ Eric — Hah, I think this opening date is pretty firm, as they have an event planned around it. In the case of the Abu Dhabi lounge, they never officially declared an opening date until after it was open.

  3. @ Terence — Keep in mind that the Gulf carriers are often laser focused around being able to control all aspects of the experience. Etihad also operates a daily 777//A340 out of Dulles, and they have a lounge there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plane is upgraded to a 777-300ER, or something, but wouldn’t count on an A380 (though it is a possibility).

  4. FYI, I am at LAX now just about to board OZ F to IC , and it looks like this is the inaugural day for this lounge! Stepped inside for a minute and this looked like a great business lounge, nice ambiance, and especially today it looked like everyone was having a great time!

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