Etihad Guest Aligns Elite Benefits & Cuts Lounge Access For Silver Members

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While Emirates has been focused on growing their own airline, Etihad has taken a different growth strategy. They’re keeping Etihad (relatively) small, and instead investing in foreign carriers. The collection of these eight carriers is known as Etihad Airways Partners, and they serve over 400 cities across six continents.


Etihad has been working on aligning the experiences across airlines as much as possible, including both the onboard product and the frequent flyer programs.

Etihad is aligning products & frequent flyer programs

Etihad has just announced that they’re working on standardizing the experience across airlines as much as possible, including with their frequent flyer program. Etihad will begin offering standardizing fare choices across airlines, and already offers flat beds and dine on demand in longhaul business class across all their partners.

Etihad-Business-Class-A340 - 48
All Etihad Airways Partners offer dine on demand in longhaul business class

Here’s part of the announcement:

As an Etihad Guest member, you can now enjoy your membership benefits and privileges to over 400 destinations when you fly with Etihad Airways Partners. You can collect and redeem your miles when flying with any of the Etihad Airways Partners and enjoy the same privileges whether it’s priority check-in, priority boarding, lounge access or excess baggage.

In addition to aligning our frequent flyer benefits we’ve also standardised our Fare Choices and outstanding levels of service. Relax in Business Class with a fully-flat bed on all long haul flights and the option to dine on demand. Fly with Etihad Airways Partners and enjoy a seamless journey across multiple destinations with one ticket taking you and your luggage to your final destination.

As far as their frequent flyer program goes, here’s what the aligned benefits look like:


In reality this doesn’t represent that much of a change for any of the programs. It’s not that they’re creating a single frequent flyer program, but rather they’re just aligning priority check-in, boarding, lounge access, bonus miles, and baggage allowances, across all airlines. Kudos to them for that, because the difference in benefits across the various airlines got complicated at times.

Air Serbia, an Etihad Airways Partner

The big lounge access change Etihad is quietly making

The Etihad Guest program isn’t really that generous overall. It’s a bit odd to me that the Gulf carriers don’t do more to differentiate their frequent flyer programs, given how much excess capacity they have on many routes.

One of the few unique things about the Etihad Guest program has been that Etihad Silver members receive lounge access. There aren’t many airlines that give their lowest tier elite members lounge access. Unfortunately it looks like Etihad will lose their competitive advantage in that regard. As of January 15, 2017, Etihad Guest Silver members will only receive lounge access in Abu Dhabi, Mahé (Seychelles), and Belgrade.

That’s certainly an unfortunate change, though I guess they felt they were being too generous in that regard. It also doesn’t really come as a surprise that this was announced in the name of aligning benefits.

Etihad-Lounge-New-York - 15
Silver members will no longer get access to the Etihad Lounge New York JFK

Bottom line

On one hand it’s nice to see that Etihad is actually aligning services across their partners somewhat, including fully flat beds and a dine on demand concept in business class. At the same time, it’s unfortunate that they took the opportunity to devalue the lounge access benefit for their own elite members.

  1. Etihad Silver members have only received lounge access anyway at the less than dozen lounges operated by Etihad itself, excluding Abu Dhabi. Outstations do not actually grant access to third-party operated lounges, even though the published benefits seem to imply they should. Not a big loss. I earned my Etihad Silver status mainly via partner flying, so I think this is a net positive for the new priority check-in benefits on partners (assuming the partners actually agree to provide the benefits – something that has been a problem in the past).

  2. the extra luggage to US routes is a plus. The Al Rheem Lounge for Silver members is not that bad, but its not world class either. But strangely I’m facing a really messed up situation of getting access to only that lounge even after flying Etihad First Apartment from JFK to AUH and connecting to DOH via Qatar First. Not sure if they’ll allow access to the Etihad First Lounge in AUH for my trip

  3. The first commenter should be aware that Etihad DID give lounge access to non-Etihad operated lounges, Toronto’s Air Canada Lounge being one. This is highly disappointing. My younger brother, an 18 year old university student, travels back and forth every holiday and the one comfort that Etihad’s silver membership gave him was access to the lounge. We were rest assured that he had a place to sit down and eat, take a nap, or be in an otherwise less crowded space (since he suffers from anxiety). It’s so disappointing that first they took away the silver priority, then the excess weight benefit to Toronto, and now this. What’s the point in being silver?

    I think we’re going to have to switch him over to Air France or Emirates like the rest of our family. Etihad has always been our first choice since its the airline of our home city but if they continue to alienate their loyal members, people can always drive 2 hours and turn to the alternative.

  4. Etihad have been progressively downgrading Business Class & Silver tier over last 2 years. Ongoing issues of atrocious customer service, & weak customer appreciation means I’ll finally switch & prepare to join my husband on Emirates rewards instead.
    Loyalty isn’t valued.

  5. I have been travelling with Etihad for almost 5 years, 2 return trips from Dublin to Manila a year, and have silver status. I am so disappointed with such a big airline penny pincing on their loyal guests. Reductions in lounge access, severe reductions in air miles for economy travellers who are the backbone of all airlines. Etihad seem to have a new interpretation of the word Loyalty. No account taken of years of loyalty. So, disappointed with Etihad. Their fares used to be one of the lowest on offer, this has changed also, oil prices come down and cost of flights go in the opposite direction, what is going on?. Inexcussable.

  6. Dear sir/madam

    I am a frequent fly with etihad, in fact all my travel are always with etihad and which such loyalty do etihad airways may review my silver card member.I was disappointed without noticing me that they revoked my silver card.
    In view of the fact that I am suffered from Parkinson disease,it was a great help to me on my long way travel to be able to avail the facilities provided by the etihad airways.and also because I’m over 80 years of age,it will made that with your help I will be able to continue for many years to come to enjoy a travel with you at etihad,so please be consider my loyalty status..

  7. Just travelled back to Thailand on Etihad missed breakfast because I was asleep from my first flight from the uk thought ok no problem will get a sandwich later only to be presented with a tiny packet of cheese crackers and a choice of drink.
    I asked about sandwich and was told on flights of 6 hours or less you only get I meal service. Penny pinching etihad also no menus to help you choose
    Frequent flyer on etihad since 2007

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