Etihad Awards Bookable With American AAdvantage Miles Again

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For several weeks now, Etihad awards haven’t been bookable using American AAdvantage miles. This was due to an issue American was having accessing Etihad’s “direct access” space. Last week we received received confirmation that they were working on fixing the issue:

We understand that members are expressing a desire to book redemptions on Etihad Airways and are frustrated that Direct Access is not currently working. The problem has been identified and a solution is currently being tested. Once all testing is completed, we will be able to book award seats on Etihad Airways again. Please apologize for the delay and encourage members to call back for award bookings.

I’m happy to report that the issue has now been fixed, and it’s finally possible to redeem American AAdvantage miles for travel on Etihad Airways again. I just managed to hold an award reservation for travel on Etihad Airways.


One thing worth noting is that American hasn’t actually sent out a memo to agents yet indicating that the problem is fixed, so you might find an agent that refuses to book until they get a memo with the green light. If that’s the case, just hang up and call again. The space is definitely bookable, though.

It’s about time!

  1. Hi Ben

    I have some miles to burn with alaska and AA and I want to do a trip to the middle east since I haven’t been there before. Do you have a list of favorite cities? I will most likely be flying qatar, emirates and Etihad.

  2. @ danny — I’ve only ever done Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Doha. I’d say they’re all worth a couple of days. I’ve heard amazing things about Muscat, Oman, so in your shoes I’d visit there.

  3. Not true, oneworld partners except for BA and another one are never bookable online on

    AA must allow us to book partner award flights.

  4. I’m planning a trip to Maldive from SFO with AA miles. Would you recommend SFO-XXX-AUH-MLE on Ethiad or SFO-XXX-DOH-MLE on Qatar in J? Too bad AA would not allow SFO-HKG-MLE routing.

  5. Sorry Ben I’m sure you’ve mentioned before, but what’s the best method to find Etihad availability?

  6. @ jim — Sorry, what’s not true? Don’t think I said Etihad was bookable online, though there are quite a few partner airlines that are, including airberlib, British Airways, Finnair, Royal Jordanian, Qantas.

  7. @ Will C — I think Etihad has a better business class product, so I would go with them. Keep in mind it’s not that many more miles to just book two awards and route via Hong Kong, especially if you did first class.

  8. @danny

    If I were you, I’d do Muscat and choose between one of the big 3 (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Doha). You really don’t need to all of the big 3 unless you just want to knock them all off of your bucket list. And if you really want somewhere interesting in the Middle East with a bit more authentic culture, Jordan is also a good option.

  9. Hi Ben, I just called American today and the agents said they still can’t book Etihad flights. I am a bit confused now.

  10. I booked an EY flight yesterday with AAdvantage miles just file – took less than 10 minutes including talking to the IVR phone system & giving all details to the agent. Thanks for the heads up that booking was back!

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