American AAdvantage Can’t Book Etihad Airways Award Space

Etihad Airways offers really solid first class and business class products, which are surprisingly readily available using miles. They’re an American AAdvantage airline partner, so typically they have access to all the “saver” level award space that Etihad releases to their own Etihad Guest members.

Etihad Airways business class

Via TravelingBetter, it appears as if Etihad award space is temporarily not bookable using American AAdvantage miles:

Etihad Airways Award Availability

Update 1630CT/28MAY QSDLFC

It has been reported that Etihad Airways (EY) is not displaying award availability correctly in Direct Access. For example, when displaying availability for EY flights, you may receive availability for Jet Airways (9W* operated by Etihad Airways) instead. This issue has been reported and escalated. Once resolved and until further notice, please offer our apologies to customers wanting to book award flights on EY and advise to call back.

So it does seem to be a legitimate display problem, not like how Delta’s award calendar is “temporarily broken” or how United’s terminal at Washington Dulles is “temporary.”

I’d expect this to be fixed soon. I guess this would explain why so many are having issues booking Etihad award space. I’ve received a few messages the past few days asking why the space isn’t bookable, and I assumed it was one of the usual two reasons partner award space isn’t bookable through American AAdvantage:

  • Poorly trained agents — in 90% of the cases hanging up and calling again does the trick
  • The occasional availability discrepancy — no matter how good technology is, sometimes systems just don’t communicate with one another, whereby there’s a little more space through one program than another

This doesn’t appear to be the case here, so lets hope they get this fixed soon. I booked my Etihad Airways Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi award just last week, so it looks like I managed to book that just before the issues starting happening.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. only 52 hours left and there is not even $15k raised… will this happen? are you parents waiting to chip in last minute? šŸ˜‰

  2. Is this issue only for premium cabin award space or for all Etihad award space (including economy)?

  3. FYI…Jet Airways space is booking. I just called AA and put a first class seat on hold from BRU-YYZ

  4. @ Angel — Yep, though I assumed it was a typical availability discrepancy, which does happen. American only issued a memo about it yesterday.

  5. Lucky,

    I’m surprised you have not been blogging about your kickstarter more. I think there are probably a lot of people who would be willing to kick in more to get you over the hump. They just need a reminder.

  6. @ Nick — No clue, sadly. These outages usually don’t last very long. I’ll post as soon as I hear of an update.

  7. @ Lucky – speaking of booking problems, happy to report that BA Avios search engine finally was fixed and is not showing Houston to Dallas flights on AA šŸ™‚

    P.S. Hard to beat 4,500 Avios for a flight but for this weekend I’m using $52 one-way ticket for HOU-DFW and then an Avios award back.

  8. Anyone have any experience using Etihad miles to book an American flight? I have heard it can be done, but the inventory is very small.

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