Hotel Clerk Who Caused Emirati To Be Handcuffed At Gunpoint Speaks Out

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Yesterday I shared the cringeworthy story of an Emirati man who was handcuffed at gunpoint at a Fairfield Inn & Suites in Avon, Ohio. According to the 911 calls, there was a male in the lobby “in full head dress with multiple disposable phones pledging his allegiance to ISIS.”

The 911 calls were from the sister and father of the hotel clerk, who was so scared of the Emirati guy that she locked herself in a room until police arrived. You can watch the entire footage of the Emirati man being aggressively handcuffed at gunpoint here:

Clearly something about the story didn’t add up, since the Emirati guy was in Cleveland for medical treatment, and nothing was found on him.

Well, now we know the full story.

The Avon Police Department has released body cam footage from the officer as he interviewed the hotel clerk who caused the panic. Per

Alexis Silva, 22, of Lorain told police Wednesday that Ahmed Almenhali of The United Arab Emirates “freaked her out” at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Colorado Avenue.

“I said he is dressed in a weird outfit, he’s talking on multiple phones, and I don’t know what to do because of everything that’s going on with ISIS,” Silva said. “I said call the police because he kept asking questions.”

The man was trying to check into the hotel, but there were no rooms available, Silva said.

“He was searching the Internet on one [phone], making calls on a disposable phone,” Silva said. “That just freaks me out.”

Silva locked herself in a hotel bathroom before officers arrived, police reports say.

“Unfortunately, the call that came to us is he was screaming, pledging his allegiance to ISIS and waving his phones around,” Avon police Lt. Dan Fischbach told Silva. “That’s a completely different picture than what happened.”

“Someone dressed like that and holding a phone is not enough to call and say they are pledging their allegiance to ISIS,” Fischbach told Silva. “That’s a totally different ballgame.”

Here’s the full video:

I really don’t know what to make of all of this. On one hand it’s sad how ignorant the lady working the front desk is, and the horrible situation it caused for another person. At the same time, to what degree is her ignorance her fault, vs. just a function of her surroundings? Watching her being questioned, I almost feel bad for her…

The Avon police chief says that the hotel clerk may face criminal charges, which presents an interesting situation. Should she really be the one facing criminal charges, or her sister and father, who supposedly changed the story?

  • The hotel clerk was scared and called her sister and father, and said she was “freaked out” given everything going on with ISIS, and ask them to call the cops. That was extremely unprofessional and ignorant, but at the same time, didn’t in and of itself cause anything.
  • If her side of the story is to be believed, and if her sister and father changed the story to say that the Emirati man was pledging his allegiance to ISIS, shouldn’t they be the ones responsible for the situation? After all, the police response wouldn’t have been the way it was if it weren’t for that misinformation. If they had just called the police because she felt uncomfortable (which is what she claims she says), then the situation would have been handled completely differently.

Obviously this is a very challenging situation for the police to be in. If someone calls them claiming that someone is “pledging their allegiance to ISIS,” then I understand why they respond in “full force.” At the same time, to what degree should they trust a situation like that, especially since the 911 call was based on second hand information?

Who is at fault here — the hotel clerk, the hotel clerk’s sister and father, and/or the police department for how they responded?

  1. Just another story about the typical ignorance of Americans. There was once a time when you guys weren’t so racist

  2. Everybody is at fault to varying degrees, least of which is the police department who responded to a serious phone call.
    If a white man wearing a baseball cap and using more than one phone walked in, would she be scared of a mass shooting a la Sandy Hook?
    You would expect someone working in the hospitality industry to be more sensible and more aware of different cultures, even in a Fairfield Inn somewhere in Ohio.

    In spite of that, I can understand her unacceptable reaction. After all, Fox news, Donald Trump and co. are spreading fear of everyone and everything left right and center.

    On the other hand, such a weird situation is almost unheard of in the UAE or anywhere else in the Middle East, yet they’re the ones who get called ignorant, closed-minded and unwelcoming of others!

    What a world we live in!

  3. I think we have to blame the media for this, this women was just an other victim of her fear. The same stories happen everywhere, only in the US things could end up in an fatal end if police in full force enter the scenery. Here in Germany, i remember that just last week a whole train was raided by the police when one was calling the police stating that one arabic man was talking suspiciously on his mobile in Arabic. Also i remember during tha last EBOLA outbreak an similar raid was made when a lady called in stating that a black child was throwing up in the train. I think we have to make sure in the law enforcement agencies how to deal with such calls, I understand no one wants to be blamed for any misjudgements, but seriously a couple of questions and what we call here in Germany the usage of the sane human mind could prevent such interferences of personal liberties which we usually consider our biggest achievement in our recent history.

  4. The Arab guy is remarkably calm. Impressive. For that matter, the police were fairly restrained as well.

    This could have turned out much worse.

  5. Two phones! That’s why Hillary only wanted one for email… and she was able to avoid arrest! The clerk and relatives are both ignorant and should be charged. Sad day for our America.

  6. How can you not blame the ignorance of this woman on the general ignorance of the average American? As are the police who played accomplice to this shameful display of America at its best! It is so clear that the majority of Americans who live outside major cities are among the most myopic individuals on the face of the earth…joining other brain washed religionists of either Christianity or Islam on the other side of the planet! (Okay let’s throw in Hindus to round it off.) After 9.11 we saw reports of Hindus who were attacked because of their turbans by dumb Americans who thought they were Muslims. The xenophobia of Middle America is only matched by the Little Englanders who plunged the western world in chaos after falling for the lies of a pair of upper class toffs who conveniently have left the scene. Dumb is as dumb does. And these people vote for the leader of “the Free World”!

    Don’t know if it’s because she’s a bigot or just plain stupid. Image, Islamic terrorists in full dress arrive in an obscure Ohio town ready to wreck havoc to the Lower 48!

  7. Innocent until proven guilty. Nothing else needs to be said.

    This should have been defused by good policing followed by a stern warning to the hotel employee about frivolous calls to 911, much like I was scolded by the fire department when I pulled the alarm in school long long ago.

    So much opportunity was missed here: helping a stranded visitor looking for a hotel while seeking medical care could be an awesome PR win for a local police department.

  8. I just wish we could all extend courtesy to our fellow humans, regardless of what they look like, and not jump to conclusions. We’re living in a time in this country where hateful rhetoric is unfortunately becoming the norm, with the result that we’ve created a toxic environment that leads to the creation of even more hate. It’s a terrible cycle, and no one wins.

    Weirdly enough, it’s a professional wrestler (John Cena) who’s has had the most inspiring message I’ve seen in a while:

  9. This is the result of politicians and The Media who stoke fear and “see something, say something”.

  10. It’s rural Ohio. You never know what can happen. That girl must have been scared . If that arab guy is screaming his head angry because there is no room he should realize he’s not at the four seasons in New York City or London. The girl must have been scared and does not possess the skill set to resolve this issue of a demanding guest that required a higher level of service. You have to see where the girl is coming from here . It’s a small town in Ohio she’s never seen a person like that before. I hope the arab gets deported though. He should build a wall on his way out.

  11. Maybe he was talking about IKEA and she understood it as “ISIS”? I saw he has IKEA Family card…

    Honest mistake!

  12. I highly doubt that hotel was even fully booked. So obvious they didn’t want that guy staying in their hotel.

  13. Justin H
    Why should the Arabbget deported you racist??i think by now the police must have gone through all cctv cameras and if his behaviour was suspicious or threatening tgey would have exposed,big mistake this Emirati went to US he should have come to London where Arab are mostly welcome and were people are not so ignorant and police not as brutal.

  14. @ Justin H

    It’s always the Arab’s fault, at no point in the story was he violent or agrresive.

    Poor American girl, I feel sorry for her for having to endure the sight of an Arab.

    She’ll be scarred for life.

  15. @Justin H,

    That poor scared little girl in rural Ohio, what is she to do when she sees someone from another culture who is talking on two phones in a different language? She obviously does not posses the skill set to act like an adult (she is 22) and calmly asses the situation. It’s not her fault since you never know what can happen in places like rural Ohio. She is however quite capable of losing her mind, calling her equally scared little parents in rural Ohio with a trumped up story of ISIS infiltrating her precious town and causing a man who has come to the US for medical treatment to be publicly humiliated and degraded.

    You’re utterly pathetic.

  16. I get that maybe she was nervous, but changing the story is absolute b****** on her part. She doesn’t have the media to blame for this, only herself. Looking sketchy vs the story she made up on the phone are two VERY different things, and you can’t “accidentally” make this kind of stuff up (except ironically she did). She could have easily described what she saw in front of her, and her concern, and then everything would be taken care of diplomatically, and no one would be arrested, once they find out he is innocent.

  17. Oh and that the fact that she worked in the hospitality industry is beyond ironic. She should 100% face criminal charges and be made an example of to ward of other moronic racists from committing similar blunders. There are consequences for one’s actions in life, even if you are a poor little girl in rural Ohio.

  18. The idea that wearing the wrong clothing, owning more than 1 phone and being frustrated and being unable to get a room is not enough to be accused of terrorism.
    It’s bad enough that people are being thrown off planes for being the wrong skin tone and not speaking “american”.

  19. @AJ this whole situation was obviously a misunderstanding. I imagine that guy was angry as it’s in his culture to have a bad temperament. Once he learned there was no hotel room, he most likely screamed angrily at her in a very irate manner at the clerk. This upset her and made her feel threatened. She won’t do any jail time AJ, you’re a faggot .

  20. Is this the kind of (ignorant) Front Desk staff SPG people will have to deal with once Marriott takes over?

  21. It’s Avon, Ohio where most of the locals swear their allegiance to Häagen-Dazs and crystal meth.

  22. @ Justin H.
    “this whole situation was obviously a misunderstanding. I imagine that guy was angry as it’s in his culture to have a bad temperament. Once he learned there was no hotel room, he most likely screamed angrily at her in a very irate manner at the clerk. This upset her and made her feel threatened. She won’t do any jail time AJ, you’re a faggot .”

    Wow, I’m impressed.

  23. The main police officer was very composed and compassionate. The only person you can blame is an the ignorant American clerk.

  24. I love the United States…I swear I do. But is anyone surprised this has happened, in a country where someone doing math on a plane was accused of being a terrorist?

    This is the point where Fox News and reality converge.

    It’s not a pretty point.

  25. There is no defense for that ignorant woman and her family. Their xenophobic fear and hatred helps fuel the flames of brutal Islamic radicalism.

    @Lucky –

    I hope you get rid of Justin H’s “faggot” comment.

  26. @ Justin H.
    “this whole situation was obviously a misunderstanding. I imagine that guy was angry as it’s in his culture to have a bad temperament. Once he learned there was no hotel room, he most likely screamed angrily at her in a very irate manner at the clerk. This upset her and made her feel threatened. She won’t do any jail time AJ, you’re a faggot .”

    He hardly seems to be aggressive or even reasonably assertive in the video about treatment which would have made most people a little angry to say the least. You are right, its in your imagination. I have never had any Arab I have been in contact with show any sign of this “bad temperament.” Oh, I have two phones I always carry too, a “disposable” flip phone to take on jobs and a smart phone I can look up information on. Not all Arabs are terrorists any more than all white Americans are Oklahoma bombers.

  27. @Staycalmpeople I’m surprised you’re the first to mention it! I couldn’t get over that part. Did the guy throw the phone in the trash when he was done with his calls. Did it self-destruct?!

  28. Since, by report, the man was visiting Ohio for medical care, I’d hazard a guess he was cared for at the Cleveland Clinic, which has a satellite branch in Avon, Ohio. This clerk was ignorant and very poorly trained. Whether she is from NYC or Ohio or Mississippi isn’t an excuse, and not even relevant. As a matter of fact, Avon, Ohio is not really “rural” despite what stats you might pull up from the internet about its size. In the end it is only about 18 miles from CLE and less than half an hour from downtown Cleveland. Most of that drive from Cleveland to Avon would be on I-90 through suburbs and urban areas, not cornfields. Sucks that this happened.

  29. The funny thing is that most of you respond to Justin H. He is a troll. People using Internet should recognise one easily.

  30. I am sorry if i offended anyone using the word “faggot” Its just the internet. Don’t take me seriously. The Emirates guy did nothing wrong . Neither did the hotel clerk. Neither did the police. Theres no edit or delete button on here for me to remove my comment. I didn’t realize I am being published in the New York Times. Instead , Let’s punish someone by forcing them to use miles on a business class middle seat in the last row to somewhere they don’t even want to visit.

  31. @DavidB – “As are the police who played accomplice to this shameful display of America at its best!”

    What would you have the police do? Not show up if someone calls? I hope your house is never broken into or you’re never robbed.

    @Bill S – “a stern warning to the hotel employee about frivolous calls to 911”

    Except according to Lucky, she wasn’t the one who made the 911 call.

    @AJ – “She should 100% face criminal charges”

    For what?

  32. @Justin H.

    Some expert level trolling by you here good Sir. Hope your internet provider’s shitty service and support gets you back for the nonsense you are spewing here.


  33. I’m think Trevor Noah from the Daily Show put it best ….

    “Guess who’s not a terrorist? …most Muslims! Guess who’s not a criminal… Most black people” etc etc

    Stereotyping xenophobic superior culture we have here in the US.

    “Land of the free and home of the brave”? I doubt it. Last time I checked if you’re actually free, you can wear what you want and have 20 cell phones if you want.

    You are free here, as long as you’re white, wear a t-shirt, a baseball cap, and of course, you’re free to buy a gun wherever you want.

    The man who was extremely sick it seems, stressed out and bewildered collapsed from the ordeal, and they hardly blinked. He came to this country most likely with buckets of cash to pay for expensive medical care that he couldn’t get in UAE, and hence bolstering economy and boosting American jobs.

    Isis is a despicable organization that are sub human, but they have nothing in common with 99.9999% of the 1.9 billion peaceful Muslims on this planet. I am a non Muslim American by the way

    I despair. Flame away rednecks, It won’t bother me.

  34. @DavidB

    “After 9.11 we saw reports of Hindus who were attacked because of their turbans by dumb Americans who thought they were Muslims.”

    Ironic you blame dumb Americans – given that it was actually Sikhs (different religion) wearing turbans who got attacked (including a mass shooting in midwest) after being mistaken for Muslims

  35. The clerk shows a disturbing level of ignorance but there’s really no reason and nothing to charge her with. She got scared because of ignorant racist stereotypes reinforced by the media, politicians and presidential candidates and called her similarly ignorant family who in turn called 911 and exaggerated the story.

    She’s not qualified to work reception at a two star hotel and stupid enough to think a terrorist would dress like sheik which in itself a pretty terrible punishment.

  36. Fear can cause us to do very irrational things. I think the concern can be justified if she’s not been familiar with similar situations but a little bit over done.

    The police responded as they should have to any threat of terror in the environment we’re in today. It’s good they even have those body cams for accountability.

    The misguided information was uncalled for but the fear was understandable. Especially with the very real threat of terrorism today and how the media really plays on that.

    On a side note, your blog is becoming a favourite for me. 😀

  37. i’m having a hard time feeling sorry for this emirati who has no problem bringing slaves to his country to do his dirty work but travels across the world to spend his blood money on western medicine. can’t he import a paki for that?

  38. Lets deal with it the way the Israeli govt. would. Arrest her, her father and her sister, charge them with conspiracy and just for good measure lets demolish their home too. That would prevent this kind of behaviour.

  39. @Reginald what a disgusting, ignorant and prejudiced comment. Go off to your neo-nazi rally. By the way paki is a slur as well not that you care.

  40. @Justin. Its funny that you just used faggot as a curse word while reading a blog by Lucky who is very openly gay

    On the question of whether she should face charges , what if she had tackled the man herself and the man as a result had a stroke? She would have had to stand charges of assault and at the very least pay for his medical expenses.

    Two other institutional problems are also being ignored

    1) The man was in a long term rental while undergoing treatment and his landlord just decided to evict him for 4 days so that they could rent the apt to the Republican National Convention delegates. Of course at such a last moment he wouldnt be able to find alternate quarters. An apt couldnt do this so probably it was airbnb. This is why airbnb needs to be regulated. I would be irate too to be evicted in the middle of medical treatment so a bunch of Donal Trump groupees could have a frat party

    2) The cops took him down with enough force to give him a stroke evn though he presented no threat. I wonder how many white men are taken down hard as opposed to people of color. The police need training to teach them they are a civilian force not a military force (good way would be banning military veterans from serving as cops or firefighters)

  41. Justin H,

    WHAT A MORON YOU ARE. Do you know the UAE is one of our biggest allies in the Middle East? My god, you literally must be from Avon Ohio to be this ignorant.

  42. He filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit against the town already.

    This American is glad I live in Asia!

    We have gone to shit!

  43. The hotel clerks were bigots here and clearly showed their prejudice. You have to be really ignorant to think this was an appropriate situation to call 911. The guy was doing NOTHING threatening other than having two phones and the way he was dressed. They should all feel lucky that he understood enough english to comply with instructions, otherwise there very easily been a situation where these cops with their assault rifles would have shot and killed this guy if he misunderstood the direction and did the wrong thing. The fact he collapses at the end and may have had medical complications due to the way the police handled this just makes it all the worse. In a nutshell I believe the ignorant and prejudiced staff that were involved in this should be fired. Without hesitation. There is no excuse for this type of ignorance. If someone intentionally lied to the police and claimed he said he was with ISIS when that is clearly not the case then they need to be arrested and prosecuted. This situation could have been even worse than it was. As it is this is a prime recruitment story for ISIS. Good job Avon!

  44. The person at fault is the Emirati.

    I realize you mostly do turn around flights, or go to the Park Hyatt in the Maldives. But as any international traveller knows, it is your responsibility to adjust to the culture of the country in which you are travelling. You would, hopefully, dress more modestly in Saudi Arabia than in Brazil. This Emirati should have realized the tense environment in the US at the current time and adjusted his dress and behavior accordingly. I am not surprised at all by the story – I lived for 3 years in the Emirates, and the majority of the people are incredibly arrogant and self-important.

  45. @Michael arrogant and self-important sounds like the way you should describe yourself. To say that this man is at fault for an ignorant and bigoted hotel clerk and police shoving assault rifles in his face because of what he wore that day is beyond belief.

  46. @Prabuddha That is interesting about the whole RNC angle. That is pretty ironic. The part about the police taking him down I think depends on what the radio transmission actually was. I know what the cops claim it was, but I didn’t hear the radio transmission itself. If the call came across the way they described then I have a hard time faulting them at least up until the point they got the handcuffs on. After they had him in custody and he was no longer a threat there were a couple of comments made by police and actions taken that were inappropriate and I did not feel they were completely professional. The ordering him to the ground and use of the weapons they had while it may be upsetting I feel are justified because of the information they were allegedly told. Had this been a real terrorist he could had have a weapon or some sort of explosive device on him. With his clothing I do not believe it was easy for them to clearly see as they approached. Still they clearly treated him as he was guilty of everything they suspected without any investigation until the clerk backed off the story. I’m not sure what right they had to go through the guy’s wallet like that before they even determined the full extent of what was going on.

  47. they should all be charged!! this is embarassing to say the least. probably racism to an extent.

    this is serious stuff. u need to be 1000% sure before you start calling the police and accuse someone of terrorism. the hassle, embarassment to the accused will be phenomenal. its gonna scar him for life.

    lets turn the table around. what will the family feel if this happens to them

  48. Yes to criminal charges. This is pretty much filing a false police report.
    Also, what terrible human beings.

  49. The elephant in the room that nobody is talking about is the PD’s response. So somebody has reported that they’ve heard somebody pledge allegiance to ISIS. And the response is to go in commando style? That seems over the top. What’s to be gained from doing that vs just rolling in and detaining him in a polite manner until they can figure out what’s what?

  50. If Trump wins we should ban Emirates from US airspace. Then build our own first class showers on domestic planes. It’s gonna be great.

  51. People like her should not be working the front desks where tourists frequent; she’s more suited for behind the scenes where even her ignorance can be screened off.

  52. I think we should not find excuses for the front desk agent nor her dad anymore. (Unless everyone is happy for front desk agents to behave like this, including outside US).

    If the front desk agent freaks out in such manner when she sees n hears an Arab speaks, she is not suited for the job. Her actions could have caused a much bigger repercussion than what she could take responsibility for. She may not be charged in the end, but she shld be reassessed for her current role.

    This frankly is quite poor. If the roles are reversed, ie an American arrested at gunpoint for speaking english in UAE, imagine the backlash?

    And i think the emirati shld receive an apology from all parties but did he get them?

  53. so retarded. why involve the cops? Also, isis idiots don’t wear the gulf get up, they dress to blend in. ugh, americans.

  54. The Cleveland Clinic has a major facility in Abu Dhabi, so I don’t see this as some random contact between the Arab world and small town America. The presence of UAE nationals in Cleveland for medical treatment should not come as a surprise to the local hospitality industry. This was a major fail on the part of Marriott in their training.

    The hotel clerk asked her relatives to summon the police in response to someone who had done nothing of a criminal nature, and she injected ISIS into the report, which in turn caused a predictable emergency response in the wake of what happened in Orlando. The Emirati gentlemen could easily have been killed as a result of her actions. I suspect the clerk violated the criminal law of Ohio in making a false police report. If that’s the case, she should be prosecuted. If it turns out there were hotel rooms available and the Emirati gentleman was turned away because of his national dress, I believe federal law would also be violated. Finally, the Emirati gentleman would appear to have a strong civil claim against the hotel for the actions of its employee. I doubt the wrongdoing here will go unpunished.

  55. The hotel clerk is an absolute moron. Her, and her family.
    She and her sister should be charged criminally since they over dramatized and miscommunicated accusing information in a very irresponsible manner.
    Probable Outcome:
    A lawyer will now approach the Emirati to sue the hell outta the cops and in turn every “ISIS” call that comes in will have an extra layer of vetting before an appropriate response can be dispatched. When (inevitably) something real happens the police force will get blamed for delayed response time.

  56. @MIchael

    So are you implying that when we visit the UAE we should all wear traditional Arab dress to adjust to their culture? Ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with the Emirati wearing whatever he likes. If you are not violating the moral standards of the country you visit, which may be enshrined in law in some countries, you may dress as you like. There is a difference between showing respect for other culture’s standards of modesty and being accused of being a terrorist for wearing the traditional and modest clothes of your homeland.

    90% of the people living in the UAE are not Emirati in the first place. I would think you would know that from living there for three years. Given the Emirati status as full citizens of the UAE, with so many lowly paid foreigners serving them in country, it wouldn’t surprise me if many Emirati are arrogant, but how did you manage to run into enough of them to know?

  57. A comment on my local paper to a story about recent terrorist attacks in the Middle East was so completely ignorant and disgusting…the commenter thought that Ramadan was the cause of the the attacks and to get rid of attacks would require getting rid of Ramadan. ~1.6B Muslims in the world would disagree, and an untold number of others would as well.

  58. She’s a young woman who had the unfortunate luck to make a mistake with newsworthy consequence – none of us here can admit to making level-headed decisions 100% of the time when we were that young.

    To me, this is a story that represents where the increasingly globalized world and those not directly part of it meet and the resulting misunderstandings that sometimes occur. I feel bad for both the UAE man and the hotel clerk, but for different reasons.

  59. How ridiculously ignorant. I worked at the same place w/the idiot dad all I can say is kiss ass ingrate!

  60. Wait, a self-described “wealthy” Emirati, in poor health and traveling alone, flies all the way to Cleveland for medical treatment, without making a hotel reservation? And of course, he goes to that medical mecca: Cleveland. But instead of staying in Cleveland, he opts for Avon, which is a half hour drive from there. Then tries to find a room at a Fairfield Inn at that.

    Does anyone know of an internationally rated medical treatment center in Avon? 😉

    Why does his story just not make any sense?

    Is the media partly to blame for her “paranoia”? Of course. If they would just stop covering stories, like the recent ISIS suicide bombing in Bagdad that killed over 200 people, and wounded 200 others, people wouldn’t be so “paranoid” (sic).

    As for those calling the US “racist” (sic), we have now elected, and then re-elected, a Black President. Please name one European country that has had even a serious candidate for PM that was non-white.

  61. @robert claiming the country does not have a race problem because we have a black president is akin to saying you are not racist because you have one black friend. That isnt how eacism works and given the current bigotry we are seeing from Trump its hard to claim this country is a tolerant place. I do think other countries are in no position to criticize since in many cases they are worse thanbus on these issues!

  62. @robert also there were reports that he had a long term rental and got evicted by the landlord who wanted to rent to rnc delegates maybe was an airbnb thing, so he gad to scramble last minute. The answer certainly isnt that the media should not cover mass murder by isis in iraq. If anything they dont cover it enough and instead hype the threat here instead. The sensationalism is what they need to stop.

  63. The only crime here is that poor Muslim guy had to stay at a Fairfield Inn….in Ohio. That is pure hell on Earth. Anything Marriott produces is pretty much a let down and then in Ohio?

  64. Better to look like a bigot than to be pumped full of bullet holes. There should not be criticism towards the police, they rushed into there thinking he was a real terrorist and still bravely confronted the man. Could’ve had an explosive vest or something on him. Are you brave enough to rush in and disarm a possible terrorist (according to 911 calls)? Like you aren’t thinking the same thing if you saw this guy standing next to you…

  65. Andy, thank you for speaking out with this statement: “Isis is a despicable organization that are sub human, but they have nothing in common with 99.9999% of the 1.9 billion peaceful Muslims on this planet. I am a non Muslim American by the way.”

    And thank you to so many others here who are displaying the kind of education and thoughtfulness and care about tolerance that I RARELY see these days in other online discussions or on the TV.

    I lived in Qatar for the past 3 years. People over there do not “naturally have a rude manner” in my experience unless they’re behind a wheel. They are much more aggressive (bordering on rude at times) on the roads than what we are used to in the US. However, other than that, it was the MOST POLITE society I’ve ever lived in. Respect and politeness is HUGE for them. As a single blond female (head uncovered) I was treated with absolute respect. Many times they told me about how they consider Jesus one of the prophets. They told me that Mary is one of the most important woman in the Koran. I had a lot of Qatari female students called Maryam, after the biblical Mary.

    It is just SO NOT BLACK AND WHITE the way the media and Trump would have us believe. For those lucky enough to travel (and travel in an in-depth way where we meet and talk with locals around the world) we understand the nuances, we understand, in fact, more than most politicians do. The best remedy for that hotel clerk in Ohio is to send her on an expenses paid trip to the UAE where she must have tea with locals every day for a week.

  66. Only in red states. Maybe the UAE gent should learn the American way…SUE THE BASTARDS!!!!!

  67. But to play devil’s advocate, what if the clerk and said and done nothing out of political correctness, and then it turned out the guy really was a terrorist?

  68. I think the last thing a would-be-terrorist want to do is to attract attention before committing the act. If you look at the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Paris (and 9/11 for that matter) the guys who committed the attacks were acting casually and wearing “Western” clothes.

  69. Americans who do not speak anything other than English do become very uneasy when they cannot understand other people’s conversation. That is not good but it is a fact.

    Wearing non-traditional clothes is also an issue. It is like walking into someone’s home on putting your feet on the coffee table.

    Who is a fault? Both of them. Who is the victim? Only one of them. That is the problem.

  70. So when someone suspects someone may be ISIS, they SHOULDN’T call? What EXACTLY are they charging her with – attempt to prevent a terrorist attack?

  71. Further education is called for . Losing your hotel job is a learning experience . The relatives should be charged or encouraged to worry that they will be charged for an extended period . The hotel should offer apologies and generous compensation . Free rooms for 10 years would be a start .
    This man will return home and say ” They made it right ” or ” I couldn’t believe how bad I was treated ”
    Is this a country of decent people , or not ? We have already made more than enough enemies .

  72. America needs to urgently sort itself out treating an innocent man regardless of where he comes from like this is morally wrong too many people in America these days are paranoid but to Make up lies to fit a situation is just unbelivable Sack the receptionist for passing on information about a possible client, charge the people who called 911 all calls are recorded so there wont be a problem and the chain Management should also be investigated as to the handling of this situation ….. Oh im English from the uk and i carry 4 phones with me daily !!!!

  73. Lol. Very unfortunate incident. The front desk lady looked like Sarah Palin to me. Reminded me of the Tina Fey joke about false Alarm about cab drivers during her visit to New York City .

    Dude is probably gonna get free treatment for this. Hopefully the sisters get some sensitivity training before moving onto their next job in middle of no where Ohio.

    I think the police handled it professionally.

  74. On the same note, the landlord should be investigated.

    I feel like he is the person for blame evicting a person with medical needs for no reason other than profiteering for RNC and not providing alternate accommodations.

  75. I’d expect a 22 year old has enough brains to distinguish whether he was saying ISIS or making threats or not. I live 100 miles from the said location. It is rural, and people are not well-informed compared to larger cities and on the coasts. Pretty much all of the radio stations in the rural areas in America sprout right-wing and frequently extreme and ignorant views from radio hosts who are as crazy as Trump and Palin. It’s no wonder Trump got so many votes from these areas to win the primaries.

  76. Next time I see this hotel clerk named Alexis Silva speaking on her phone I will call the police because she is making a drug deal with the Mexican cartels.

  77. Seems absolutely ludicrous. For one, most hotel owners for shitty hotels like this are Indian (so don’t look that different than this guy). Second, I know a ton of business people (and nearly ever Asian girl I know) has 2 phones, an ipad, a laptop, and other shit. Third, who the fuck is blowing up some empty fairfield inn with 1 lady there in the lobby?

    Being scared of a situation if fine. Running in terror and calling the police in a completely non-event situation is 100% her fault. Totally falls into the “screaming fire in a crowded movie theater” range of free speech. If the guy hadn’t responded quickly, he probably would be dead.

  78. This two phones business…. Isn’t that normal for anyone with a job?!I have a cheap phone from work and a personal phone and Ipad and a laptop in my bag.. Chances are that I’m often talking on one and looking and stuff on something else in public at some point during the day…

  79. “Justin H says: July 5, 2016 at 8:36 pm
    I am sorry if i offended anyone using the word “faggot” Its just the internet. Don’t take me seriously. The Emirates guy did nothing wrong . Neither did the hotel clerk. Neither did the police. Theres no edit or delete button on here for me to remove my comment. I didn’t realize I am being published in the New York Times. Instead , Let’s punish someone by forcing them to use miles on a business class middle seat in the last row to somewhere they don’t even want to visit.”

    Oh boy this is hilarious. You said a lot more than that. How about having a backbone and sticking with the horrible things you write. You know try not to be a racist coward who feels very brave when it’s all anonymous posting on the internet. You know deep down what idiotic views you hold otherwise you wouldn’t be so embarrassed.

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