Emirates launches Emirates Executive private jet service

Okay, how many miles is this going to cost me?!

In fairness I don’t feel too deprived, since the suites seem very similar to what they have in first class.

Gotta wonder how much this will run you per flight, though…

(Tip of the hat to Tobi)

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  1. Well, it does have a bit more than just the suites. Like a dining / meeting room šŸ˜‰

    Though the idea of moving the suites concept into private jets like that *is* interesting.

  2. Obviously something like this would never be offered as a mileage award. Everything about it is custom. It begs to question why emirates is even bothering putting their name on it.

    If someone has enough money to fly a private jet, don’t they already own a plane, or have a retainer out on a group that leases time on jets?

    In interest of full disclosure… GFD… I booked the wrong flight (JFK-DXB A380)

  3. @Lucky

    Conceivably the passengers booking this flight do not drink out of respect of the prophet and their religious beliefs… No Bar Needed.

    Optional upgrade to their “Executive Party Plane Product” to be provided in their FY2014 product refresh.

  4. This plane was actually designed and configured at the request of UAE Royalty/Govt. The Prime Minister, Vice President and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum toured the aircraft a couple weeks ago. The tour was featured on the Govt of Dubai’s website. When Royalty/Govt officials are not using the aircraft, it will be offered as a private plane to others.

  5. Despite being in First on Emirates A380 from SIN-DBX-LHR, I spent half of the first flight at the bar. Met the most interesting people from around the world, football players, Red Bull marketers, an Indian Mig-21 pilot, etc. The bar was quite cool on the A380, but then again so was the suite.

  6. And under floor heating in the bathroom and 6 on order. In the middle east, Asia north sand east it’s not un common to have the entire F cabin booked by a client and they can take as many as the cabin holds and have your own catering. It’s about offering a constant standard in in the private jet market. While the F cabin on a commercial airliner is seen by some as “First Class” you are very much mistaken. The private jet rental market is huge, fly where and when you want, sure at a price but that is relative. Ever done French Polynesia in a hired fleet for a week the logistics were a nightmare but the locals still talk about the profit . The client had has family together (4 generations) for the first time in 3 years and they were American and said it was a tad more expensive than 3 Christmas parties, it’s all relative.

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