Emirates’ Hilarious New Ad Starring Jennifer Aniston

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In early August I wrote about how Jennifer Aniston signed a $5 million deal to be the star of Emirates’ new ad campaign.

Middle Eastern carriers hiring “big name” actresses to star in their campaigns is nothing new. Earlier this year Etihad announced that Nicole Kidman would be their new brand ambassador, and she seemed like a good fit. Her first big commercial for them was Etihad’s “Flying Reimagined” campaign, which is pretty whimsical and spectacular:


While Jennifer Aniston is also beautiful, she’s generally a different type of actress, as she tends to take on more humorous roles. And I suppose in many ways we could have connected the dots as to which direction Emirates was headed with this campaign.

Anyway, just hours ago Emirates uploaded their first 60-second ad starring Jennifer Aniston, which is specific to the A380:

Hah! This ad is obviously targeted at the bad service provided by US airlines, in light of the battle going on between the “big three” US carriers and “big three” Gulf carriers. And I think it’s hilarious, and the perfect type of role for Jennifer Aniston.

At the same time while this is perhaps overthinking the ad a bit, the message is a bit unfortunate. In the ad, Aniston wakes up and says the following, referring specifically to the shower and bar:

“It was a nightmare. I was on a plane and it was nothing like this.”

Over two thirds of the Emirates fleet is made up of non-A380s, which don’t feature onboard bars and showers. So I suppose her “nightmare” could have been taking place on Emirates as well. 😉



Still, I assume that’s more thought than 99% of people will put into the ad, and I do think it’s great that Emirates used Jennifer Aniston for a role which seems very “authentic.”

I can’t wait to see the next Emirates ad she’s in!

What do you make of Emirates’ first ad starring Jennifer Aniston? 

  1. Very funny.

    Now cue the comments about Aniston selling out to an airline with questionable business practices which may or may not be killing the airlines in her homeland.

  2. “Anyway, just hours ago Emirates uploaded their first 60-second ad starring Nicole Kidman, which is specific to the A380:”

    You mean Jennifer Aniston?

  3. Anyway, just hours ago Emirates uploaded their first 60-second ad starring Nicole Kidman, which is specific to the A380: – Emirates is hooked to Jennifer Aniston and not Kidman 🙂

    It’s fun to correct you Lucky – lol :))

  4. Loved the “can we fly another hour please” line. Felt that way on a couple of my Emirates flight (in first class of course).

  5. Emirates doesn’t fly any pathetic showerless barbie jets like the 777 into America or other English-speaking countries, though, right? It’s all whales there.

    @Dan They’re everywhere; must be a sign of a bubble about to burst.

    The poor vast majority of pax who see this and fly in Y are gong to be very disappointed. The shower is a wet wipe and the lounge is a cocktail every eight hours and two inches of recline. Of course, Y flyers aren’t worth advertising to.

  6. lol @ at offended whities above talking about SJWs/tumblr. I’m assuming that is in reference to the comment that L Starr posted in the video about the flight attendant guy. Can’t blame people for wanting to see their own kind represented by their own companies instead of seeing the same demographic everywhere lol. How ridiculous is it that an Emirates ad doesn’t have a single Arab person in it? If that is too ‘SJW’ for you then perhaps I should be an open homophobe since you clearly hate social equality. Lol, typical, you only love social equality when it benefits you but couldn’t care less about it when it concerns others. Scum of the earth

  7. @Ali

    Actually it was a tongue in cheek comment replying to the top 2 comments in this thread. I have no idea who L Starr is and what they said. Emirates clearly hired Jennifer Anniston and cast the video to appeal to a certain demographic. It also appears that they shot a slightly modified version of the ad that featured no alcohol to appeal to an audience that does not consume such beverages.

    Bitching about the choices that Emirates made here on a travel blog doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and hence my post. Perhaps you should direct your vitriol at Emirates?

    My personal philosophy is very simple – I am completely prejudiced against assholes.

  8. I would have been funny if she came up to the FA’s and they yelled at her: “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” (Friends reference….)

  9. Jennifer Anniston is absolutely perfect in this. And the actors playing the FA’s totally nailed it, too. Especially, the guy sitting eating. LOL.

  10. is it just me or does anyone else think that this ad may backfire?

    It seems more elitist rather than aspirational. She’s not just mocking other airlines she’s really really sort of denigrating them as if the ONLY way she’ll fly is on this super expensive luxury airline. I would think that they want to inspire people to reach or encourage $$$ paying flyers to try it, and select it often over others..

    The advertising seems immature in it’s development of how best to address their customer

  11. @tivoboy How is that different from any other premium class ad?

    @Ali I’m Arab and I’m not bothered with who is featured in the ad. Her in the ad would probably reach more people worldwide than some random Emirati.

    Also, was the post about the alochol-less version of the ad removed by Lucky?

  12. @wwk5d.. it’s different as I said because most other airlines ads for premium or first class service don’t directly mock or make fun of a competitor (even a generic one) directly.

  13. If you want to fly for another hour on Emirates then just take one of thier planes or be on my normal mode of transport, Qantas 380 from Sydney departing at 4pm in Sydney and arriving around 12.30 am in Dubai. Due to the congestion in Dubai at that time of night an extra hour of flying is almost guaranteed whether you like it or not.

  14. I have regularly flown in emirates economy class round trip from the east coast to india ($1000 non peak season) and i can tell you that the service and courtesy is simply stellar in just about every respect imaginable. In all honesty they can use elements of this ad to lampoon the US airlines because it is the hard truth and their economy class is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Only British Airways and Lufthansa were close at one time, not any more.

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