E-rewards and E-miles update

A little over two months ago I joined both e-rewards.com and e-miles.com and asked what I should expect in terms of rewards for both. Here’s a quick update about where I stand:

E-rewards: $91 e-rewards currency
E-miles: 450 miles

Since $100 e-rewards “dollars” converts to 7,000 Hilton points, I think I’ll easily reach that in less than a quarter. Assuming the reward requirements aren’t inflated and I continue to get surveys at a similar rate, I could be looking at about 28,000 extra Hilton points a year, which is basically a free night at a nice hotel, which is pretty darn good. To be fair the surveys are a bit more time consuming than just clicking through advertisements at e-miles, but I always find time to fit them in when I have a spare moment. All that being said, I pity the company that actually does research using e-rewards. 😉

I’m not totally sure whether e-miles is worth it or not. A few times a week I get an opportunity to earn five miles by clicking through some advertisements, but there aren’t nearly enough. With this I could realistically earn about 500 miles per quarter, or about 2,000 miles per year. Not quite as rewarding as e-rewards.

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  1. Hmmm, I have so far earned 650 emiles points (resulting in 500 Delta miles so far). For some odd reason I am with the German e-rewards version (that’s what it forced me to do when I signed up through the BMI email), which doesn’t do e-rewards dollars, but rather points. And I have about 1600 of those points so far. Sounds great, but they aren’t as worth as much — 2000 points give you 1,000 HHonors points. So for me e-rewards isn’t very lucrative so far. Maybe I should try and sign up for the US program instead.

  2. I’ve given up on e-rewards as the surveys were taking far too long and I wasn’t getting enough to accumulate a decent total. I’m still hanging in with e-miles getting just under 100 miles a month. I could up that significantly through purchases if I wanted.

    I see e-miles as a great way to protecting one of my less active FFPs from mileage expiry and slowly build towards having enough for an award at little time cost.

  3. Is it just me, or has the inflow of offers from emiles and e-rewards just about died off completely in recent weeks? Maybe the economy?

  4. Same here, Oliver. I agree, I thnk it’s the economy at work. Less companies are willing to spend money on research, which translates to less offers for us.

  5. Interesting… I just got a survey that I was even semi-interested in, and “hidden” in one of the tables of questions was a little surprise — instead of asking an actual question, it just said “Choose option 2 for this one” . Clearly they were trying to catch those who just click random answers.

  6. I have been with E-Rewards for two years and earned thousands of miles but in the last 2 months I have not received a single survey to complete. Does anyone know what has happened to E-Rewards and if they are going out of business?

  7. That’s odd, Robert. I’ve received probably a dozen surveys in the past couple of months, so they’re definitely still sending them out.

  8. For two years I made $100.00 in e-rewards every 3 months and that stopped completely at the end of November 2008. I have contacted e-rewards numerous times and they said no surveys have met my profily but this cannot be true. e-rewards customer service told me to updat my profil and I have done that many times since November. I guess I have earned too many rewards so they shut me down even though I answer every survey in detail and honestly.

  9. That’s strange, Robert. I’ve been receiving plenty of surveys the past few weeks. It seems like there’s some odd rhythm to how e-rewards sends them out, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I doubt there’s much than can be done about it, unfortunately.

  10. e-miles seems to be a scam. Every time I purchase something for the bonus points, they never seem to have a record of it and I spend more time than it is worth trying to get the points.

  11. What airline is the e-miles through? So that I know where I can tranfer my points to? Please get back with me on this. Thank you for your time.

  12. An absolutely horrible service. They used to be very good until they changed their website. Now it is really bad. The worst part is that they never answer e-mails complaining about miles not received. Also, some of their posts now are pure scams just getting detailed demo and personal information. You answer endless pages of questions but never receive the promised materials AND you don’t receive the promised miles. It’s now a total waste of time and very frustrating. AVOID>

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