Double EQM’s are back!

Say it ain’t so. Through December 15, American is offering double elite qualifying miles, and there’s no fee (or catch) involved. Even previously booked travel counts. Registration is required.

I was expecting it to be a rough fall/winter for the airlines, but double EQM’s again? You might as well change the elite requirements to 12,500 miles for Gold, 25,000 miles for Platinum, and 50,000 miles for Executive Platinum.

Actually, now I’m kind of tempted to go for Executive Platinum, although I always say that and never actually do, due to the amount of initial travel required in coach.

I guess the next logical question is whether the other airlines will match. I doubt Continental will, I wouldn’t be surprised if Delta did (due to the fact that their elite ranks are a bit more “spread out” now with Diamond status, so there’s no real harm), and I’m almost positive United will, at least if history is any indication of the future.

Given that I’m sitting at 300,000 EQM’s I was hoping for some redeemable mile promotion, but I guess that won’t be happening.

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  1. outside shot at the 75k 1P elite choice reward, I guess… otherwise, meh for me since I won’t be getting anywhere close to 1K and i’ll be safely within the 1P ranks without DEQM 2. i’m sure it will help many others hit whatever milestone(s) they’re trying to reach, though.

  2. UA please match! I have a TATL coming up in less than 2 weeks that would put me within spitting distance to 1K!

  3. Would be cool if UA matched, as I’ve got another of those SFO-HNL-LAX-SYD-LAX-HNL-SFO trips planned at the end of the month!

  4. Instead of taking the “I have a trip planned from xx to xx through xx, please match the double EQM promotion” approach, I think we need to say something like “I am planning a trip from xx to xx, and am on the fence between AA and UA. UA matching the double EQM promotion would be enough to persuade me to fly UA.” So, UA, can you PLEASE PLEASE match the promotion?!?!

  5. @Mike – I have a ton of business travel that I will be booking this week. If UA doesn’t match I may go with AA. (True Story) There – ya happy?

  6. fyi, every time i refresh your site, i get a virus alert message that a trojan was trying to install on my computer. might want to look into this.

  7. @gobluetwo – get a mac? 🙂

    Wow.. totally surprised by this. Certainly devalues status to a certain extent. I’ve *earned* 1k on UA this year by flying the flights. No value from the earlier DEQM promo. However, was able to renew AA EXP by partially using the DEQM promo earlier in the year in addition to mileage flown outside the promo. With the Q4 promo announced today, I’ll end up at about 150k EQM for the year…

    My recommendation for anyone who is not already EXP on AA is to go for it. You’ll enjoy the no-cost, no-cert upgrades and the overall high class of service (enjoyed being addressed by name on a DFW-RDU flight last weekend). Try the 767 transcons from JFK-LAX on for size and you’ll like AA.

    Oh… and the elite extra offer is also nice. The admiral’s membership is a nice touch. I gave a friend the Premier Associate status offered by UA this year and it ended up being somewhat of a joke for that individual.

  8. I would be happy to see DL match (have a bit of flying coming up) but don’t think they will.

    Right now the Amex 2x flown miles promo is running and, with their promo earlier this year, the 2x MQM’s were only awarded on more expensive fares. Don’t think DL will offer 2x MQM’s on T fares anymore (not that I think it’s a bad policy, incentivize buying up)

  9. @ Pat — Can you provide more info on the run you mention, like maybe a link to an FT thread? It sounds tempting, if the price is right. My one search yields $3,500, which is too high for me.

  10. @gobluetwo – Same here!

    @Dave – Not my choice; office equipment.

    @Gene – The fare routing is long gone. The flights were booked in February when the routing was allowed through HNL and long before DEQM was announced. UA doesn’t allow the routing now. The fare at the time was around $650.

  11. Terms & Conditions (MPW049, MPW059):

    Offer valid for all Mileage Plus members.
    Registration must be completed before December 15, 2009.
    To be eligible for double Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM), registration is required at
    To be eligible for double Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS), registration is required at
    Customers who register for both double EQM and double EQS will receive double Elite Qualifying Miles.
    Travel period: September 3 – December 15, 2009.
    Participation in this offer does not guarantee elite status.
    E-Ticket purchase is required.
    For tickets purchased in the U.S.: Tickets purchased through United reservation offices are $25 higher per ticket, and airport ticket counters are $30 per ticket higher. Fees are subject to change without notice.
    Double Elite Qualifying Miles in this offer is defined as two times the actual base flight miles posted to your account for qualifying flights taken during the promotional period.
    Double Elite Qualifying Segments in this offer is defined as two times the actual base flight segments posted to your account for qualifying flights taken during the promotional period.
    Elite Qualifying Miles or Segments will be credited 4-6 weeks after travel
    To be eligible, qualifying travel must be posted to the Mileage Plus account no later than December 30, 2009.
    This offer does not apply to class-of-service bonus miles, class-of-service EQM, elite bonus miles, redeemable bonus miles or promotional EQM.
    Offer valid for all paid, published fares.
    Offer not valid on government fares.
    Offer is combinable with other combinable offers.
    Passenger must be a member of United’s Mileage Plus frequent flyer program for travel to qualify for this offer. Flights must be credited to the Mileage Plus account in order to qualify.
    Offer valid on flights operated by United and United Express®. Offer not valid on United-marketed code-share flights operated by other carriers or on Star Alliance flights.
    Elite Qualifying Miles cannot be redeemed for award travel.
    Offer subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.
    Miles accrued, awards issued and bonus offers are subject to the rules of the United Mileage Plus program. The Mileage Plus program, including accruals, awards and bonus miles offers, is subject to change without notice. Taxes and fees related to award travel are the responsibility of the passenger. United and Mileage Plus are registered service marks. For complete details about the Mileage Plus program, visit (MPW049, MPW059)

  12. Earn double elite qualifying miles or double elite qualifying segments

    Travel dates:
    September 3 – December 15, 2009

    Registration dates:
    September 3 – December 15, 2009

    A special opportunity to help you retain elite status or earn a higher level. Earn your choice of either double Elite Qualifying Miles* (EQM) or double Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS) on qualifying United® or United Express® flights.

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