Doesn’t this just give you the fuzzies?

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  1. A gas mask is the real way to go, especially a nice Russian one. I was expecting all sort of special screening when arriving from HNL into NRT last week and there was none for connections. The only thing different was walking past a thermometer on the way to security. From what I gather, flights from Hawaii have no additional screening.

  2. Just flew from SEA to NRT and we were held for approx. 10 minutes after arrivals for this circus. Everyone was instructed to stay aboard the aircraft while the medical staff showed up dressed up as if they were going to pick up corpses. I’m no doctor, I have no clue whether this is reasonnable or a little over the top. It’s a bit freaky for sure. Overall it’s mostly annoying for folks with tight connections. It’s certainly a worthwile show, though 🙂

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