Documentary following a Lufthansa Cargo MD11 around the world

Lufthansa has so many awesome documentaries, including one about their flight attendant training and another about a female Lufthansa A380 pilot.

Anyway, there’s another great one (it’s even in English this time) following a Lufthansa Cargo MD11, which can be found here:

Really interesting stuff!

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  1. @ TravelinWilly — Hah, really? Looking and it shows the correct link. Anyone else seeing a dog video? I do love dog videos…

  2. No dogs…just a guy moving a 1.5million dollar Maybach with his foot…Cool video šŸ™‚

  3. Haha.. had to do a replay around 14:34. It first sound like they said, “The New Zealanders are terrified of bacteria and germans and want none of them in the country…”

  4. It’s really weird – I cleared my cache and refreshed before I posted about the dog (you posted a dog video many days ago, if I recall correctly, or else my computer is possessed…), and it was still there, however now I’ve re-refreshed I’m seeing the right video – and it’s the same LH MD-11 video I thought you posted, so great minds think alike at least, huh?

    Sorry about the false alarm, seriously.

  5. @ Frequent Flyer University: Glad you got your Maybach, as they are longer in production. Production ended end of 2012. But now I know who I’m using to ship my racehorses. Racehorses still in production.

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