German TV show about a female Lufthansa Airbus 380 pilot

@sebastianschipr on Twitter passes along a link to this pretty awesome TV show about a female Lufthansa Airbus 380 pilot:

It’s in German so if you don’t speak the language it probably won’t be as interesting, though it has some nice clips nonetheless.

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  1. Very interesting video. ( Ich spreche Deutsch ).

    I find it amazing that she landed the a380 in SFO without ever visiting that city. Must be the flight simulator training. She is an amazing girl.

  2. It was a pretty cool video. Kind of a puff piece, but pretty well done.

    It is a bit surprising that their layover in SFO was 48 hours. While I’m sure that’s nice on occasion, I doubt most pilots really want the 2-day layover each time. There are only a few A380 destinations. I would think they’d rather get back home sooner.

  3. @ Teck — LOL!

    @ Carl — My understanding is that their layover at all west coast destinations is two days, and only for shorter routes (like the east coast) do they have just one day.

  4. I might sound– but i will not want to fly with women pilots, i am an x B727 Captain, and i can tell you very few women can handle real aviation emergencies, a simulator is different when it comes to the real thing I need to see 2 men upfront.

  5. @sebastianschipr: Thanks a lot for making this video available. I enjoyed it a lot!

    @ Jorge: why do you need to visit a city before being able to land a plane at it? You get put on final approach by ATC and then follow the ILS. Just think: if you need to have visited a city before you can fly an approach there – what would you do in an emergency?

    @ Carl: Lucky is right: all west coast destinations have at least a 48 hour layover (sometimes even longer if there is no daily flight). After all, it is an 11 to 12 hour flight from Frankfurt.

  6. Would it be possible for her to join in on the Mile High Club in the cockpit on Autopilot?

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