Why It Could Make Sense To Buy Hertz Points After Devaluation

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We’re in the fourth week of Daily Getaways, which is an opportunity to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages. Daily Getaways go live at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM ET you’ll have the opportunity to purchase discounted Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. Like many of the Daily Getaways offers, this is pretty niche, but some will find it worthwhile.

Should you buy Hertz points?

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points will be available in the following increments:

The packages are marketed as offering a certain type of rental (like a one week standard rental, a one week Prestige Collection rental, etc.), but in reality this comes in the form of points deposited into your account, and you can use them however you’d like. Each member can purchase at most one of each package, so in theory you could purchase all three packages (though I suspect they’ll sell out pretty quickly).

Now, some of you may remember that just last week Hertz devalued their award chart with no notice, which I take issue with. The good news, at least, is that they updated the Daily Getaways promotion to offer more points for the same price, to factor in the devaluation.

To decide if this deal makes sense for you, check out the award chart for Hertz redemptions. For example, here are their current daily rental rates:

A standard redemption for a free one-day rental will cost you 750 points. So at ~2.8 cents per point, that’s like paying ~$21 for a day, which is a great value in some expensive markets. Note that this doesn’t include the taxes/fees, which you still have to pay if redeeming points.

There are tons of other redemption options, like premium cars, one-way rentals, etc. Whether or not this promotion makes sense for you depends on the type of markets you usually rent in, and what kind of rentals you book (entry level car, premium car, one-way rentals, etc.).

Generally you’ll find the most value with Hertz points if redeeming for one-way rentals, premium rentals, or standard rentals in expensive markets.

Which credit card should you use for Daily Getaways?

In case you do decide to make a purchase, Daily Getaways purchases should be coded as travel, so you’ll want to use a credit card offering bonus points on travel.

Note that this includes the general “travel” category, rather than these purchases specifically being coded as car rentals.

So consider one of the following cards:

Bottom line

While Hertz recently devalued their award chart without notice, that might work in your favor this time around, because they also bumped up the number of points you earn through Daily Getaways.

For example, last year you received 13,200 points for $560, while this year you receive 20,000 points for the same amount. Depending on how you choose to redeem, you may come out way ahead through Daily Getaways with these changes.

For example, the cost of a basic one day rental increased by 11%, while this year they’re giving up to 52% more points for the same cost.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Hertz’s Daily Getaways offer?

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  1. Anyone: In practice (even if not in policy) Does Hertz status (Five Star) confer free upgrades when on a redemption rental? When paying Hertz, I book standard Fullsize and I get significant upgrades, especially in an airport with Ultimate Choice. Next week, they’re giving me a Jaguar or Range Rover or Cadillac SUV for the Fullsize rate. Will they do this if I book Fullsize on points?

    I’m asking more about experience on the ground, than about T&C.

  2. If you pay for your car rental with a credit card, you generally don’t have to pay collision damage insurance, etc. What happens if you pay with points? Don’t you have to pay for these coverage separately? I don’t choose to accumulate points with car rental loyalty programs for that reason.

  3. Given how quickly this one supposedly “sells out,” the odds of anyone here actually getting to buy a package is low, if they even are actually offered in the first place.

  4. Not wasting my time this year, not even a total of 150 packages available for the entire world?

  5. Not surprisingly, every single package was “sold out” less than a second after supposedly being made available. I had my doubts about the legitimacy of the Daily Getaways before this, but having this happen year after year makes me convinced that it’s a scam.

  6. @Sam: I wouldn’t call it a trick, but I watched the world clock and when the second hit 1:00 PM, I reloaded the page and click the box. I didn’t go for this package last year, but the year before I was able to buy the same package. Perhaps just luck though

  7. @Bret.

    Sure is luck. I saw how split second it got sold out. I will try again next year. Thanks for the follow up!

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