DHS comes to their senses….

I posted a couple of days ago about Chris Elliott receiving a subpoena for posting a security directive. While he probably shouldn’t have posted it word-for-word, he was helping out the traveling public and there was nothing in there that I’d consider to be confidential (other than the text identifying it as such).

Well, it seems the Department of Homeland security has come to their senses and believes the subpoena is “no longer necessary.” Now, this might have something to do with the fact that they already found the answers they were looking for thanks to the computer they confiscated from another blogger, but I’ll hope the answer is simpler than that and that they just realized the fight wasn’t worth it.

Either way I’m happy for Chris and Steve. Now if Chris would just avoid calling elite status worthless and us elite travelers gremlins I’d be a very happy camper…. 😉

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  1. I guess if you’ll happily fly IcelandAir in coach (without any status), then maybe Chris E. was right and elite status is worthless after all 😉

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