Delta & WestJet Introduce Reciprocal Elite Benefits

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Delta and WestJet have just rolled out reciprocal elite benefits for frequent flyers, which is exciting.

The relationship between Delta & WestJet

Delta and WestJet have had a partnership that goes back many years, and several years now the two airlines have offered reciprocal mileage earning and redemptions.

The plan was for Delta and WestJet to form a transborder joint venture, whereby the two airlines would essentially coordinate schedules and fares between the US and Canada. That never ended up happening though, as the two airlines withdrew their joint venture application in late 2020.

Why was it called off? Because the US Department of Transportation was only willing to approve of the deal with certain concessions (so that consumers would benefit from it), and the airlines ended up deciding that the concessions were too much.

Delta SkyMiles & WestJet Rewards benefits

Delta SkyMiles and WestJet Rewards members will start to enjoy reciprocal elite perks effective immediately. As it’s described, these changes are “part of a shared goal to improve and deepen the advantages for customers when traveling between the carriers.”

Let’s take a look at what reciprocal benefits you can expect.

WestJet Rewards perks when flying Delta

WestJet Rewards Silver, Gold, and Platinum members can expect the following perks when flying with Delta:

  • Preferred seats, including exit rows, bulkhead window and aisle seats, and window and aisle seats in the front of Main Cabin; Comfort+ seating is excluded
  • Complimentary bags — two for Silver and Gold members, three for Platinum members
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority security (only for Gold members and above)
  • Delta SkyClub access when flying Delta or WestJet (only for Gold members and above)
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage handling

WestJet Rewards elite members can get Delta SkyClub access

Delta SkyMiles perks when flying WestJet

Delta SkyMiles Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members can expect the following perks when flying with WestJet:

  • Seat selection fee waiver (only for Gold members and above)
  • Complimentary bags — one for Silver members, two for Gold members, three for Platinum and Diamond members
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority security (only for Gold members and above)
  • WestJet Elevation Lounge access when flying Delta or WestJet (only for Gold members and above)
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage handling

Delta SkyMiles elite members can get WestJet lounge access

Bottom line

It’s fantastic to see Delta and WestJet roll out reciprocal elite benefits. This should be of great benefit to anyone flying transborder on either airline, especially given that the two airlines codeshare on many routes.

Ultimately these are solid reciprocal benefits, especially when you consider that the airlines don’t even have a joint venture.

Will you benefit from the new reciprocal elite perks between Delta and WestJet?

  1. I will be very interested to watch this space. I see zero value in Westjet Rewards as the program has no value as far as I can see. For Delta holders this will be an added benefit but no reason to fly Westjet.

    My account has 1 Westjet Dollar in it (the reward for flying a $150 segment on a re-routing from Alaska).

    Soon Westjet will be adding what I would call Premium Economy seating to their 737 fleet. I think they will consider it First Class like Alaska or Premium on Rouge. Possibly a benefit for frequent WS fliers (from airports poorly served by AC) but not like J on most AC aircraft on major routes.

  2. Any uses for $ in a Westjet travel bank? I have $300 in my westjet bank from a canceled us to canada flight from last april that is set to expire. Obviously i cant travel to canada before then, any options here?

  3. I definitely appreciate the benefits, if I still have status once I am allowed to enter Canada.
    Westjet Elevation lounge is accessible via Priority Pass, so I would have had access to that anyways. But the others will be helpful.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but the lounges in WestJet hubs are few and far between. Right? Basically, Calgary and maybe Toronto. Right? If Delta would let me use a global upgrade certificate for WestJet transatlantic flights this might be interesting. But since I can’t go to Canada and may not be able to go until fall 2021, I don’t see any value in this. Ironically, Canadians can fly to USA right now and get a lot of value out of this.

  5. @NK3 I am willing to bet WestJet Lounge access via Priority Pass is temporary. They just opened their first one and it was in the middle of the pandemic, so likely using PP to help fill in the gaps while travel is down (similar to Alaska allowing PP again in their main hubs).

    @FNT Delta Diamond There’s also Vancouver as well, and they have focus cities in Edmonton, Halifax, and Winnipeg, so they basically have all major Canadian cities covered.

    WestJet is just now becoming a full-service carrier after being a low-cost one for years. It’s going to take a while until we see more benefits for Delta fliers (like a larger lounge and route network), but hey, gotta start somewhere. Just before the pandemic shut everything down, took a last-minute trip to Vancouver for the weekend flying Delta from LAX with a layover in Seattle. If I were to do that again, at least a direct flight with WestJet could be a decent option now.

  6. Hasn’t WestJet basically pulled out of Canada east of Montreal? Like Halifax, etc.

  7. That’s the new SLC Sky Club with the fireplace…it’s truly a treat, as is the new terminal.

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