Delta’s New Tumi Amenity Kits Can Be Monogrammed

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For years Delta has had a partnership with Tumi for their amenity kits, which I think is great. The Tumi kits are high quality, and include Tumi eyeshades, a pen, etc. Actually, I have a single amenity kit in my carry-on that I use for storage, and it’s the Delta Tumi amenity kit. That’s how good it is.

For a while, Delta has offered the same Tumi amenity kit, though it looks like they’re stepping up their game yet again. And I really like the look of it.

As of September 1, 2017, Delta is refreshing the Tumi amenity kits available in the Delta One cabin. As part of this they’ll also be introducing the first airline amenity kit that can be monogrammed for free, just by bringing the kit in to any Tumi retail store (except airport or outlet locations).

The kits will contain the following items:

The refreshed kits will include new amenities such as hand cleanser, a mouthwash stick and TUMI eyeshades as well as updated striped socks. Additionally, the kits will feature travel essentials including Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 and grapefruit-scented Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion with Aloe Vera and Oatmeal, a dental kit featuring Crest toothpaste, tissues, mouthwash and ear plugs.

There are two styles of kits, and the type you get varies based on whether you’re on a flight departing the US or bound for the US (for domestic flights it varies based on whether you’re flying east or west):

The kits will be available on all Delta One flights, including coast-to-coast flights between JFK and LAX/SFO, BOS-SFO and DCA-LAX, and will feature hard- and soft-cased TUMI kits. Customers will enjoy a silver hard-sided amenity kit outbound from the U.S. and a soft-sided black amenity kit inbound to the U.S., allowing them to add variety to their amenity kit collection each way.

Delta’s new Airbus A350 will soon be flying to Tokyo Narita, which will feature Premium Select. This is Delta’s premium economy cabin, and those passengers will also get a different Tumi kit:

Customers in the Delta Premium Select cabin, which debuts on Delta’s first Airbus A350 this fall, will receive a soft TUMI blue pouch which includes Malin+Goetz vitamin B lotion, a dental kit featuring Colgate toothpaste, an eye mask, socks and ear plugs.

Lastly, customers in Comfort+ (Delta’s extra legroom economy section) and economy cabins will even receive some amenities:

On international and select long-haul domestic flights, Delta Comfort+ customers receive a Rest and Refresh kit with eye shades, ear plugs and a dental kit featuring Colgate toothpaste, while Main Cabin customers receive kits that include eye shades and ear plugs.

Very well done, Delta! I’ve always been impressed by Delta’s Tumi kits, so the variety of these kits is great as well. The fact that they can be monogrammed is a cute touch. And it’s impressive that they even offer amenities in economy. To my knowledge American and United don’t offer something similar.

What do you make of Delta’s new Tumi amenity kits?

  1. I have one Tumi kit given to me (left at my house) by a friend who picked one up on a flight from Australia to SF. It’s great for storing powerpoint prong adapters, USB-to-outlet adapters, and Apple and mini USB cords..especially because it has elastic bands inside that keep everything in place. It’s help up for about 4 years now and still going strong. Makes me wish I was actually a more frequent DL flyer to pick up a few more. And because SkyClubs are pretty amazing these days.

  2. @ Lucky – what do you do with all your amenity kits? Do you just leave them on the plane? I know in past you have given a few away but you must get hundreds per year.

  3. Love the look of that hard case one. Like you I use a Delta Tumi hard case kit for transporting cables etc. Might be time for another delta flight to upgrade it!

  4. I just flew D1 on JFK-SFO-JFK and got the new hard-case one on the first leg. I asked the flight attendant if this was new and said they just got them. I was confused as I didn’t see any press releases regarding it. Now I’ll have to plan to get it monogrammed.

  5. Unless you are already flying in the premium cabin, you might find it more economical to buy the bag on the ground.

  6. On my flight this past Sunday from PRG-JFK, I flew in Delta One and received the new black Tumi amenity kit. It appears that they are already being given out.

  7. @ Ben — We got a couple last week. You know who is going to have “FCQ” put on all of the ones he receives… 🙂

  8. I’ve had more than a dozen round trip Delta One international flights this year and I have noticed that many business class passengers just leave their amenity kits on their seats after the flight. I personally don’t bring them home anymore and only use the socks while on the plane. The older version of the Tumi bag was perfect for all plugs and cables but I am not a big fan of the new hard case. will see how these new ones compare to the current.

  9. The Y and Comfort+ kits on international flights have been around for a while now. They’re a nice touch, and something that a lot of foreign carriers do but the US carriers definitely haven’t typically done.

  10. Not sure how “TUMI” and “great” goes well together. It’s an utilitarian, non-luxury brand popular only among American travelers who, no offense, don’t usually know much about luxury to begin with…

  11. There have been soft-sided and hard-sided DL/Tumi kits for awhile now. Not as Nic as the new hard-sided one, but still useful.

  12. @Airways. Whatever. Saying “no offense” does not disclaim being a snob(and wrong). And no, I don’t own any Tumi.
    @Kieran. LOL. Well said.

  13. seems like youve managed to offend the snowflakes. but it’s an important point you make about americans and luxury…

  14. I doubt these will replace the ones presently in circulation. I’m still getting amenity kits that supposedly were replaced around 2014/15.

  15. @airways I agree with you on that one haha. For a country where people choose to fly in sweats and flip flops, theyre a long ways to know what luxury really is.

    But I dig these Tumi amenity kits. Beats Lufthansa’s current First Class soft boring kit

  16. Wow, Colgate toothpaste! what luxury!!! I wonder how much Colgate paid to get their product mentioned by brand in the description.

  17. I like the looks of the TUMI kits but for the kit I received in May, I found the logo on the front to be cheap. Half of it broke off before we landed in Europe. I have not used it since so I can’t speak to its overall durability. I do like the idea of using it to store cables, connectors, etc.

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