Cookiegate 2016: Live Reporting From The Delta SkyClub

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It seems the deceitful not-a-chocolate-chip-cookie / chocolate chip cookie at the Admirals Club has created one of the most controversial, thrilling, must-watch cookie situations since the delicious Cookie on Empire.

Reporting live from the front lines on rival territory — aka the Delta SkyClub at Terminal 5 — I can report that the reason Delta seems to be perpetually better, operationally speaking, than American Airlines is because they label their damn cookies.


Or maybe that’s just a by-product of their superiority, not a reason for it, depending on your stance re: carbs.

But seriously: IT’S CALLED A LABELLED JAR and it clears up a lot of confusion and prevents a lot of disappointed cookie monsters.

And for the record, that triple chocolate chunk cookie was excellent.


  1. Delta Sky Club food has changed dramatically (positively) in the past months. The positive linear improvement is amaizing. The same very negative direction is found in KLM and Air France clubs. Delta employees work their butt off without striking every other week. Delta makes profit and company improves both customer facing and internal environment. Europeans strike all the time trying to force improvement without revenue. Wonder why they lose money and makes customer experience in their clubs shitty.

  2. @Endre: I happen to enjoy the european travel products, with all their striking employees! If you want to leave France, England, and Holland to me….I will be happy to miss you.

    According to GlassDoor, the *average* salary for a Delta flight attendant is~ $40,000. I expect dissatisfied employees to force more improvements to what you refer to as an “internal environment,” and what i see as unsustainably-low pay.

  3. Nick, Love it.

    For what it’s worth I’m impressed at the improvement at Sky Club food during the 2-3 years.

  4. @stvr. U can’t unsub. Once you are in, you are in for the full ride. Sky clubs are getting really good for food and drinks. Now, if they could Install a few lay back lazy chairs for those long layover…

  5. Except that delta tried to swap out the good cookies for bad prepackaged ones over the past few months… Hope that stopped!

  6. Nick: “Blah-Blah-Delta-Best-Blah-Blah”

    The rest of world: “Oh, two more Delta pilots landed at the wrong airport again the other day…. This bunch of Wrong-Way-Corrigans is supposed to run the Best Operation?! Not buying it.”

    Delta can run all the “we are the best” press releases they want, but the news stories around operational fails at DL show the real story. Analysts are figuring it out, as well, stock price is down 30% from the peak, with more bad news to come.

  7. As long as they provide tongs to take the cookie out of the jar I am happy.
    One of the most disgusting things I have witnessed is seeing a man come out of the toilet, directly to the cookie jar and shove his fist in to root around and grab the cookie of his choice.

  8. @dr_george. …and we both know most of men doesn’t wash their hands after toilette. I’m so close to turn around as I’m washing my hands and just casually say “oh I see you don’t wash you hands. Nice”. It is my health and my life that they pee and crap on. (Punn intended)

  9. Does the lounge have a sign on the door saying “This lounges uses cookies to improve your navigation. Click here for more information on our privacy policy” ?

  10. “Or maybe that’s just a by-product of their superiority, not a reason for it, depending on your stance re: carbs.”

    Well, Nick, since all Delta flights worldwide are grounded again this morning due to “a power glitch” in Atlanta– I’d say DL is proving once again that your affinity for them is mis-placed. They are the nation’s worst, operationally, and there’s are over 100,000 stranded people today that would agree with that statement.

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