Which Delta Million Miler Gift Should You Choose?

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Most airlines offer some sort of lifetime status for especially loyal flyers, though the value of the status and the required tiers vary. Well, my dad just earned Million Miler status in the Delta SkyMiles program, and he has a rather interesting choice of gifts.

What Are The Benefits Of Delta Million Miler Status?

Delta has four lifetime elite status tiers:

  • With Delta One Million Miler status you receive Silver Medallion status for life, plus a gift
  • With Delta Two Million Miler status you receive Gold Medallion status for life, plus a gift
  • With Delta Three Million Miler status you receive a gift
  • With Delta Four Million Miler status you receive Platinum Medallion status for life, plus a gift

What Counts Towards Delta Million Miler Status?

Delta includes all Medallion Qualifying Miles that you earn towards Million Miler status. So this includes MQMs earned through flying Delta, through flying eligible partner airlines, and even MQMs earned through rewards on Delta Amex Cards.

The Delta Million Miler Gift Choice

My dad just recently earned Million Miler status with Delta. What’s odd is that he has barely flown Delta in the past two decades, so I guess he used to fly them a lot back in the day. However, we credited our recent Air France first class tickets to Delta SkyMiles, and with that he finally got over the threshold and earned Million Miler status.

Once he earned the status he received an email welcoming him to the club.

It’s quite normal for airlines to offer you some sort of gift when you earn Million Miler status, in addition to status. For example, when you earn Million Miler status from American you receive AAdvantage Gold status for life, plus 35,000 bonus AAdvantage miles.

What makes Delta’s Million Miler program interesting is that they give you your choice from over two dozen gifts from three retailers.  You can choose a gift from:

  • Hartmann/Samsonite
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Tumi

I’ll of course ask my dad which of those he wants, though I took some screenshots and figured I’d go through them. I should probably Google each of those and figure out the retail cost, while also considering which he would enjoy most.

So, what are the choices?


First you have your choice of six different luggage options from Hartmann and Samsonite. These bags range in size from 21-24″, so some are carry-on size, while others aren’t.

Tiffany & Co.

Then you have your choice of 10 different items from Tiffany & Co., ranging from a pendant to earrings to a bowl to a pen.


Lastly you have your choice from nine different products from Tumi, ranging from a cosmetic case, to a tote, to a duffel.

Bottom Line

The Silver Medallion status for life will definitely come in handy for my dad, for those cases where he flies Delta. Delta’s choice of Million Miler gifts sure is unique, as you can choose from over two dozen items.

So, which Delta Million Miler gift would you choose/which would you recommend I recommend he choose? 😉

  1. Note that they change the offerings every few months so you may want to wait and see … although they can change for both the better and the worse. The Tumi duffel is new in the past few weeks for example, and there’s a chance it may not stick around. You have a year from qualifying to make your selection.

  2. Like you, I’d have Googled to find out the price of items I liked before deciding. But on first look, I’d have skipped Tumi (service issues) and strongly considered Infinity or Open Heart pendant from Tiffany.

  3. I crossed 1M a couple of years ago. At that time, they had a nice hard-shell carry-on from Tumi, which retailed for $600-700. It is a great bag, and much more valuable than the gifts above, which seem more like $100-200.

  4. @ Ben — Wow, these appear to have been VERY downgraded (like, where is the actual Hartmann luggage??) since I reached 2 MM earlier this year. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  5. @sam
    depends on the month the product selection moves monthly so its never really the same, some times the retailers want to show of a product so you can get an amazing deal, and sometimes its just meh.

  6. This makes the Alaska MM gifts look lame and I thought they were quite nice.

    The trade off is Alaska MVP Gold for life is worth a lot if you need to cancel or move tickets around. I could buy a lovely Tiffany bracelet for the number of times I’ve needed to cancel tickets this year.

  7. I attaind 2 million years and years ago. I gave up striving for three million as there is no incentive. My million miles status was matched by AA and United. I am much happier. Delta does not care about life time commitments from it customers

  8. I am a Delta 1M. Note that the Silver Status is annual. Delta is very careful not to award a “Lifetime” status.

  9. Been a DL MM’er for years. Silver is pretty useless. At least with UA you get *Gold, which I find much more useful. AA MM’er is a throw-away as well.

  10. When ibecame a million miler, about 10 years ago, I was awarded platinum status for life. Boom shortly after that, they changed the rules to silver for life and now it is silver if you fly enough. It’s all bs

  11. Congratulations to your dad for achieving this MMstone.
    Unfortunately Silver Status does not bring you anything these days. Neither does Diamond anymore.
    After I reached 1MM and Diamond I thought it might help to move up on the waitlist for upgrades. Traveling from LA to Atlanta last week, I ended up as no. 39 from 59! on the waitlist on the day of travel.
    Oh yes, you do get an upgrade from eco to “comfort” when it is available.
    And as far as the MM gifts is concerned, well, to replace the Hartmann with a Samsonite is just another downgrade in the game.
    I hope your dad fares better from FL. Good luck!

  12. I became a Million Miler in the 1980’s, and I recieved a Hartman notepad cover. Gifts are a lot better nowadays!! And it took me years to understand why I had lifetime Silver, since I don’t remember ever being notified about it. Some may say that Silver isn’t worth much. But Delta has bent over backwards so many times to help me, even when I was asking them for something that wasn’t to be expected. Things like writing off cancellation fees, or letting me change flights when I shouldn’t be able to. I will always LOVE DELTA for the way they have treated me!! I also live in ATL, so I don’t always have a lot of choice.

  13. I achieved Million Miler status on Delta in 1996 and pretty much stopped flying Delta by 2000. But the big benefit form my perspective is Sky Priority status with Delta/One World carriers in terms of check-in. That I appreciate.

  14. To william:

    Are you saying that AA and UA matched your DL lifetime status by their lifetime statuses
    or they just gave you the matching status for a year?

  15. Like “dixieboz”, I achieved 1MMstatus in the early 80’s and opted for the Hartman portfolio. When I retired I was given a new Hartman portfolio by a colleague. I offered my daughter a choice of either for her to use in her career. She chose my well traveled one because she understood and appreciated the provenance.

    Think about the journey and what the “gift” represents. When you place a material value on the “gift” then you negate its true value.

  16. I am curious – when you reach MM and get the silver lifetime benefit; does MQM accrual start at what would be 25,000 (since you are already at silver) and make it faster to get to gold or do you have to earn all the silver MQM’s from 0 to 50,000 to reach gold?

  17. @Vinson, I think you are mistaken. I achieved MM status before you did (20 years ago) and I was given Silver status at that time. I was sure it was better, but went back recently and dug the letter out of the electronic file and sure enough, I was awarded silver then. However, at that time it was worth more than it is now so maybe it seemed like you had platinum! I regularly received upgrades out of PDX as a silver. Now you’re on the list with the CC holders.

    I stopped flying DL for many years (being hub captive to AS and then AA). Back with DL now. Am about to take a job where lots of travel is required after a few years as a leisure traveler who could just buy F.

    I’m torn. AA sucks, but as EXP I nearly always got upgrades. I know my DL Plat will leave me in the back of the bus a LOT. Flew a two hour flight in comfort+ recently. Got myself all psyched up that it wouldn’t be so bad. It was bad.

  18. Got my first MM right at the conclusion of the DL/NW merger. The Tiffany selections were better. I chose a pair of cufflinks. Seems like their jewelry is geared for women and nothing really practical for men. When my second MM milestone was achieved, everything sucked, so I told a relative to choose the gift as their birthday present. She took the Hartmann carry-on luggage and has logged about 250K miles with it.

    @ DavidS, I agree that DL is very careful with their choice of words. When I got my first MM, the wording was lifetime. Now, with the substitution of “annual”, it will only be time before the we say goodbye to this perk.

  19. Hmmm… I achieved MM on American several years ago, the lifetime Gold (and then Platinum) has been nice, but GIFTS? No gifts. I feel like I was cheated! 😮

  20. “Delta includes all Medallion Qualifying Miles that you earn towards Million Miler status. So this includes MQMs earned through flying Delta, through flying eligible partner airlines, and even MQMs earned through rewards on Delta Amex Cards.”

    So generous to be able to get MQMs while flying on eligible partner airlines! On United, they only count miles flown either on their own metal or on “ticketed by United” partner metals, to qualify for even their annual premier status levels! And their own affiliated Chase MileagePlus credit card expenditures do NOT count! No gift on attaining Million Miler status, either … not even a courtesy acknowledgement by any of their flight attendants on a Million Miles attainment (international) flight! Sigh! 🙁

    Am I wrong about United being kinda “stingy” (please correct any errors in my posting above), or are they actually just that “stingy”?

  21. @SadAboutUA, my lifetime UA miles were at least a quarter million earned thru CO pre-merger. So, they historically did honor the lifetime butt-in-seat mileage from other carriers.

  22. While I absolutely love Delta as an airline, they have taken care of me on many occasions and treated me very very well, I have always been supremely disappointed with their MM benefits. It’s taking a long time to reach 1,000,000 miles, even though I travel a ton, and to only be handed silver and not even lifetime at that as well as some gifts I’m not really interested in is disappointing – especially with my brother on another airline getting lifetime gold. He also gets a ton more benefits at diamond level that I don’t get it, for example he gets twice as many international business class upgrades, etc.

  23. @Jared Dean Blanchard — “… and to only be handed silver and not even lifetime at that as well as some gifts I’m not really interested in is disappointing …” —

    Well … at least you actually got a gift for reaching MM status with Delta! Congratulations!

    On United, I got absolutely nothing back when I achieved that milestone! Not even a peep from any of the flight attendants on my trans-Pacific international flight that crossed the threshold! And, of course, no gift, either! I didn’t even know that other airlines gave any gifts for that achievement!

    The only consolation was that I did get Lifetime United Premier Gold and Lifetime Star Alliance Gold status. Sigh! 🙁

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