Huge Improvement To Complimentary Delta Medallion Upgrades On Aeromexico

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Delta owns a bit over a third of Aeromexico, and the two airlines also have a joint venture for flights between the US and Mexico. One thing Delta does really well is offer reciprocal benefits when flying with their joint venture partners:

Delta has just made a further improvement to how upgrades on Aeromexico work, and that’s great.

Delta SkyMiles Medallion members can now receive complimentary upgrades before their departure date on Aeromexico flights, rather than just at the gate.

Upgrades will start clearing at the following windows:

  • For Diamond and Platinum Medallion members, complimentary upgrades will clear beginning 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure
  • For Gold Medallion members, complimentary upgrades will clear beginning 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure
  • For Silver Medallion members, complimentary upgrades will clear beginning 24 hours (1 day) prior to departure

If the upgrade doesn’t clear in advance, Medallion members are eligible for an upgrade at the departure gate if they request to be added to the upgrade standby list during the check-in process.

There are some other logistics to be aware of:

  • Elite members can also upgrade one companion on the same reservation, though they have to add their SkyMiles number to the reservation as well (even if they don’t have status)
  • Medallion members are eligible for complimentary upgrades on all intra-Mexico flights, as well as flights between Mexico and the US, Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, and Ecuador
  • Basic economy fares aren’t eligible for upgrades, while award tickets are
  • In order to automatically be added to the upgrade list, make sure you add your Medallion number ot the reservation when you make your booking

This is a very nice improvement to the upgrade process for Delta elites on Aeromexico. While upgrades at the gate are better than nothing, being able to clear an upgrade several days out is much better. I’m not sure I would have booked Aeromexico economy as a Delta elite with only the chance of an upgrade at the gate, but this makes it much more appealing.

Have any Delta elites taken advantage of upgrades on Aeromexico? What was your experience like?

  1. Wow, Delta Diamonds and Platinums would upgrade before Aeromexico’s top tier Titaniums.

  2. My experience with Am upgrades has been spotty at best. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. This is good news and hopefully upgrades will clear systematically to take out the human factor on day of departure.

  3. In my experience, AM treats DL better than other ST carriers do. I’m flying from MEX to ICN and was upgraded to business class at check-in. I’m a Delta Diamond, but 1) the flight appears wide open on EF and 2) it’s not in one of the apparently covered regions. Not complaining though as it’s an 18-hour flight including the technical stop!

  4. I have been upgraded on all my MEX-LIM flights being Diamond and Platinum (2 last year, 2 this year) so far.

  5. Lucky – thanks for the info. I literally was IRROPed and left in ATL to get to MEX on 5/31. I had a companion in the same reservation and the Delta app offered me ATL-LGA then JFK-MEX (the latter on AM’s 787).

    At that point Delta reservations informed me companions were not upgrade eligible on AM. The website you linked to on also did not have all the updates – including specific text about companion upgrades – on Thursday or Friday (2-3 days ago).

    Lucky – do you know when specifically the new policy went into effect. Is it June 1, 2, or June 3 that they started the new rules? Or is it coming in the near future? Thanks!

  6. I have been upgraded on all of my AM flights last year and this year from Orlando to Mexico City and Queretaro. I have also had my flight companion upgraded even though no status. Leaving Mexico I have not had the automatic upgrade but each time I request it at the gate and have gotten it for myself and hub (hes not medallion). You can also request it in the AM Salon VIP (you can enter as a medallion for free). In Orlando it has always been automatically upgraded. I fly to Mexico a lot so this is a real perk for me.

  7. As a Delta Diamond Medallion holder based in Mexico, I have never been able to take advantage of the promised upgrades and have regularly been refused an emergency exit seat on Aeromexico flights. Frankly, Aeromexico is the main reason I reconsider my loyalty to Delta. It sucks! And the integration with Delta leaves a lot to be desired.

  8. Tony, i just used AM’s online chat and they offered me AM Plus for free on four legs of my trip between JFK and Quito. I’m Elite+ on Air France — not even Delta!

  9. Anybody has any experience being upgraded on a DL-marketed AM-operated flight (e.g. JFK-MEX on AM’s 789) within the 120-hours window as Delta Platinum / Diamond?

  10. I just flew MEX-JFK today on a Delta marketed flight operated by AM. This was their 787-9 configuration. I can report that their are still issues/complications and this process is not seamless.

    I booked through Delta (DL flight numbers) as a Delta Gold. I was able to book exit row seats at time of booking, which AM noted as a Gold Medallion benefit.

    However, no dice when the gold window opened up. In fairness there appeared to be only 6 seats available. But — when I checked in online through the AM app, the upgrade list showed 0 pax on the list.

    I called AM and they said I was not on the list and would have to manually ask to be added to the list since I had booked with Delta and not AM.

    It sounded as if I had booked through AM and used my SkyMiles number it might have put me on the upgrade list automatically.

    I’m still not convinced I was even in the running for an upgrade at the 72-hour window.

  11. I flew MEX-JFK a couple days ago on an AM 787-9 (booked thru Delta with DL flight number). I was upgraded (with companion) to their Premier Class at 3 days out. Pretty smooth. I needed that lie-flat seat!

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