Delta Goes Global With Their New Safety Video

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Nowadays some airlines put quite a bit of effort into making their safety videos memorable. This probably serves a few purposes:

  • It’s one of the few things all passengers are forced to watch, so you might as well have it create a favorable impression of the airline
  • Making a safety video interesting is more likely to cause people to pay attention, so in theory it could improve passenger awareness of safety equipment
  • An amazing safety video can even be a great marketing tool, as Air New Zealand has shown, with their variety of safety videos over the years

Of US airlines, Delta probably does the best job with their safety video, and they seem to offer a new one every few months with a different theme.

Back in February, Delta unveiled an Oscar’s themed safety video, which had “best of” moments from past safety videos.

As an internet fanatic, my favorite Delta safety video was “The Internetest Safety Video On The Internet,” which they published last May:

Well, Delta has just debuted their latest safety video, which is intended to highlight what an international carrier Delta is. Here’s how the video is described:

The video features 14 Delta pilots and flights attendants representing different countries and languages as the stars of the video, helping to drive the perception that Delta is a global brand. Cabin lighting and graphics throughout the video position Delta as innovative, while safety, as always, remains the focus.

Delta launched a series of safety videos beginning in late 2012 meant to grab the attention of even the most seasoned travelers by using pop culture references, surprises and guest appearances – all to communicate important safety messages. To sustain this approach, the airline has created “evergreen” safety videos such as the global-themed one that will rotate among the pop-culture flavored videos.

And here’s the video:

It’s definitely more straightforward than some of the past videos, though perhaps they felt they were trying too hard for a while, and wanted to tone it down a bit. I’m sure they’ll come up with something crazy again soon.

What do you make of Delta’s new safety video? Do you like over the top safety videos, or prefer more subtle ones?

  1. Booooring. It seems like they just wanted to make a video that represents the lighting on an early morning or redeye flight, and show the diversity of flight attendants.
    Other than the music which is a garbage loop that rivals the pointless orchestration and compositional structure of boarding music that they blast at 5:30am, there are zero jokes whatsoever.
    If Delta wanted to have fun with their flight attendants and showing diversity, they should have kept going through maybe 30 more flight attendants instead of limiting it to about 12 or 13 of them. That would have been a concept. Seems they wanted to save the money for a top end video graphic artist to put little blue shining lines over every item in the video, as if a magic safety genie installed every little decreasingly comfortable item in the aircraft.
    As a Diamond Medallion, I expect better from Delta. I will be pouring the majority of my boarding drink on the screen on my next flight. Maybe it will glow blue. Can’t wait!

  2. wtf… doesnt even have crew bases in most of these places…..hell, theres a few they dont even fly to period.

  3. It’s difficult to hear what they are saying. The voice track needs to be louder than the music track.

  4. Andrew, you may want to review the Delta schedule for JFKARN. It may just be seasonal, but as ARN is in Sweden and there is a JFKARN, I guess that would make your statement – well – wrong…

  5. Nice change! They always have different videos and that’s nice. Never get boring. It’s well done IMO.

  6. Is it me or does there seem to be a concerted effort to DOWNPLAY the American crew. This is an American company after all. Political correctness run amok again.

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