Delta Is Introducing Slippers In Economy On Flights To Japan

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While Delta SkyMiles is typically leading the way as far as devaluing US frequent flyer programs goes, as an airline they’re also typically leading the way in terms of their onboard product, at least among the “big three” US legacy airlines.

While by no means a game changer, Delta will be adding complimentary slippers in economy on flights to and from Japan. Not only are they beating US carriers in this regard, but they’re the only airline offering slippers to all passengers on flights between Japan and the US.


Per Delta’s press release:

Together with the existing Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin amenities, which includes an eye mask, a pair of earplugs and a full-size bottle of water following meal service, the newly-added slippers will further improve the comfort for customers seated in Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin.

The complimentary slippers are offered for Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin customers on all flights to the U.S. from Narita, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Haneda, including new daytime services from Haneda to Minneapolis-St. Paul and Los Angeles starting on Oct. 29.

In addition to the slippers, Delta began serving Häagen-Dazs ice cream, one of the most popular ice cream brands for Japanese customers, on flights from Japan in July as part of its Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin enhancements. On return flights to Japan, Ben & Jerry’s or Magnum ice creams are served, depending on the origin cities in the U.S.

As I said above, I don’t think any passenger will choose Delta specifically because of this, though it is nice to see Delta leading the way in improving the experience, in hopes of making them an airline people would choose to fly. I’m still not sure they can compete with the quality of food and level of service offered by Japanese airlines, though it’s a nice effort, at least.

I think slippers are a great amenity, especially on planes. I like to take off my shoes on longhaul flights, and I’d rather not walk around the cabin or into a lavatory with just my socks in, given that the liquid on the floor typically isn’t water. 😉

Kudos to Delta on this move!

  1. Haha they might have slippers but they just cut JFK-NRT of all routes–doesn’t look like a winning airline to me! There is no way for a skyteam flyer to fly nonstop from NYC to Japan.

  2. @BrooklynBoy : oneworld flies you 2x daily, and star alliance flies you 3x daily, including 1x daily to the preferred airport of Tokyo Haneda. Time to switch.

  3. You’re supposed to have a separate pair of slippers when entering into a bathroom in Japan. Someone must have enlightened the Delta boardroom, whose members sit on the American and United boardrooms too.

    I always used my own Shanghai Tang slippers (from CX first) any time I was flying in economy or business to and from Asia. Wish Shanghai Tang would return to CX, through….

    P.S.: Japan and Korea have slippers when going through security as an option if you have to take your shoes off. Won’t see the TSA do that under Homeland Security’s Jeeeeeeeeeeeeh Johnson.

  4. @henry LAX

    Having flown to Japan 93 times, NRT is still my preferred airport one thousand times over HND. To each your own, of course. 😉

  5. What about basic economy 😉

    Are they gonna throw out the bait and then offer the incredibly convenient option of redeeming skymiles on Delta Slippers?

    Just saying

  6. Delta has provided slippers to business-class passengers to/from Asia for as long as I can remember.

    You may recall Delta also started offering pajamas in business-class for select transpacific flights. Unfortunately, the PJs aren’t on all flights — so the $7-10,000 business-class ticket from J.F.K. or Detroit to Seoul doesn’t come with cheap PJs. This is bizarre, if you ask me. It would be nice if Delta had consistent amenities.

    I also note these slippers are much cheaper than the kind provided in business-class, which are pretty comparable with generic hotel slippers of the kind that one used to get at a Marriott or Sheraton.

    I did, however, think this was interesting if only because Delta has cut back its Narita hub significantly in the last three years in favor of directs from Seattle. I also think the recent Korean-Delta announcement, assuming the two airlines can patch up their differences and rebuild their frequent flier alliance, could be a sign that Delta will make further cuts. I could see Delta eliminating its Narita-Singapore flight in favor of Korean’s Seoul-Singapore service.

    At the same time, Delta still has a decent business from Japan to Guam, Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands and Palau. Mostly Japanese tourists but also U.S. government–particularly military to/from Guam.

  7. Airlines (including US carriers) use to offer slippers in Y class to Japan years ago….this is more of a re-introduction over beating the competition.

  8. “The complimentary slippers are offered for Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin customers on all flights to the U.S. from Narita, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Haneda, including new daytime services from Haneda to Minneapolis-St. Paul and Los Angeles starting on Oct. 29.”

    So these are being provided only on flights ex-Japan? And not ex-USA?

  9. Asiana always offers slippers in long haul economy class, and I actually like it. Makes the flight a bit more relaxed.

  10. @emercycrite, Delta’s press release, which I just read on the Delta P.R. website, says the slippers are provided both ways.

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