Fly Delta Business Class To China For Under $1,700 Roundtrip!

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The general trend of cheap business class fares lately is fantastic, as it reduces many peoples’ reliance on miles. We’ve consistently seen great business class fare sales from North America to both Europe and Asia.

Well, here’s the latest fare sale for what’s possibly the best business class product available between the US and China.

Delta has published some cheap business class fares out of Canada (including Montreal and Toronto) to both Beijing and Shanghai. This is a combination of a great fare sale, as well as the relative strength of the USD compared to the CAD.

You can fly roundtrip business class from Toronto to Beijing via Detroit for just ~1,690USD.


The flight between Detroit and Beijing is operated by Delta’s A330, which features reverse herringbone seats, wifi, and great food.

Otherwise you can fly between Toronto and Shanghai for ~1,840USD roundtrip, which is also a fantastic fare:


However, it’s worth noting that the flight between Detroit and Shanghai is on the 777, which features herringbone seats, so it won’t be quite as good.

American had almost equally good fares to China out of Canada a few weeks back, though arguably Delta has an even better product on their A330.

Best I can tell, the basic terms for these fares are as follows:

  • 3 day minimum stay required and six month maximum stay
  • 50 day advance purchase requirement
  • Valid for travel in November through the end of the schedule

As usual, you’re probably best off using ITA Matrix or Google Flights to search for availability. Availability is pretty good, though not amazing, so the fare won’t work every day.

Of course you can credit these flights to Delta SkyMiles, though that program is revenue based. Alternatively you could also credit to Alaska Mileage Plan, where you’d earn 125% elite qualifying and redeemable miles (more if you’re an elite member).


These fares can be worthwhile even if you’re not based in Canada. Positioning flights to Toronto or Montreal can be pretty cheap, so this can be a great way to save money on a business class ticket to China.

(Tip of the hat to bangkokiscool on FlyerTalk)

  1. I have wanted to take advantage of these deals but have concerns about positioning into and out of Canada and going through customs. I hear Toronto can have issues. Also has anybody had experience on the return into Canada and them trying to attach a duty to souvenirs that you are bring home. Basic question is it a big deal and are there any blogs that cover some experiences people have had doing this.

  2. A bit later in 2017 the DTW-PVG flight is currently scheduled to go back to being operated by the 747, featuring Delta’s best business class seats, especially on the upper deck. However it looks like the 747 schedule has been pulled down a lot over the winter, so not clear if that’s just for scheduled maintenance or if the fleet might be shrinking in size in which case perhaps the spring schedule will later be updated with fewer 747s as well.

  3. Nah, that requires a transit connection through the US. Time wise that is way too risky as airport handling capabilities, security, immigration etc are not yet first world level and thus unpredictable. I rather fly avoiding US and pay a little extra.

  4. @ron This wouldn’t be an issue – you would clear US immigration in Canada before boarding the US-bound flight, since both Toronto and Montreal have US customs and immigration pre-clearance arrangements. You would want to leave extra time in Canada before the flight though (unless you have global entry).

  5. Consider if you really want to go to Beijing in the wintertime. The posts I’ve seen don’t give the start and end dates for this fare, but they do give examples of Dec and Feb. The average high in Jan for Beijing is 36 F, but looking back to past years a high of merely 24 isn’t that unusual. Then again when it’s only 24 degrees out, the crowds on the Great Wall are most likely not as intense as the summertime. 😉

  6. As someone who is up in YYZ, US pre clearance can really be hit or miss. If you have NEXUS or GE, you got nothing to worry about. If you don’t well, good luck… It can be pretty bad, but honestly if you show up 2-3 hours, closer to 3 you will make the flight then don’t have to worry about immigration/customs in DTW. This isn’t ideal, but the fare can make it worth it!

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