Kudos: Delta Just Banned Mr. “I’m Not A P*ssy”

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Yesterday I posed the question of whether Delta would ban the man who killed Bin Laden back in 2011. Well, the answer is yes. Robert J. O’Neill has taken to Twitter to indicate that he “just got banned from Delta for posting a picture.”

For those of you who missed the story yesterday, O’Neill posted a picture of himself on a Delta flight not wearing a mask, with the caption “I’m not a p*ssy.” Because, you know, only “p*ssies” wear masks (and don’t even get me started on the concept of using “p*ssy” as an insult — seriously?).

His Tweet was deleted many hours later. He then clarified that he didn’t delete it, but rather that his wife did.

His Tweets since then haven’t brought much clarity to the situation. One theory was that O’Neill was doing this as a joke since there was a guy with a USMC hat across from him. However, he confirmed it wasn’t a dig at that guy.

Then he (sarcastically) claimed that joking is not allowed on Twitter, though I’m not sure why posting a picture not wearing a mask and claiming that makes you “not a p*ssy” is funny.

And then when Alyssa Milano schooled him, he said he does wear a mask…

… but then he separately also posted a link to a story saying that masks don’t work.

Then he reminded everyone that he’s not a bad guy, but that he killed the bad guy…

Okay then…

Delta has so far added about 150 people to its “no fly list” over mask issues, so I appreciate the company’s consistency with this, and not giving this guy a free pass.

Are you surprised to see that Delta banned this guy?

  1. I like the idea that he thinks he can’t ever act badly. Chances are, like everyone else, he’s a combination of good and bad.

  2. Cue today’s tidal wave of conservative whining. If this guy’s smart he’ll start a GoFundMe to collect donations to “fight cancel culture” or some BS. Conservatives love handing their cash over to grifters.

    Good for Delta.

  3. Yeah! Leftists and Marxists everywhere unite! We silenced and punished the conservative Trump voter! Yeah we did it! Weeeeee!

  4. Sounds like it was a probably a joke making fun of the USMC.

    But ultimately spreading the idea that wearing a mask makes you weak is just dumb. There is a lot of evidence now that widespread adoption of masks is saving lives and this kind of nonsense is actually harmful.

    Not sure he should have been banned unless he actually refused to wear a mask on the flight -rather than just for this photo.

  5. So much for his career in speaking engagements where he takes credit for something that was a team effort. And for which no other member of the team chooses to come forward and do the same.

    What a douche. Good to know his wife at least knew better.

  6. This guy should call up Trump and speak at the RNC. 100% he’ll be able to speak and get some free money.

  7. I’m so happy Covid never spreads while we are eating and drinking on a plane just when boarding. Just like Covid only attacks you when your walking from the restaurant door to your table but after you are seated its just fine, damn this is a smart virus!

  8. @TG

    The guy himself tweeted that he wasn’t taking a dig at the guy in the USMC hat.

    Also, the guy is not eating or drinking and he’s on the plane, thus he needs to wear a mask. If he did this quickly without sending it around the country via the internet it’d probably be fine though. But with great power (sending a message across the globe) comes great responsibility, or it should anyway. He has a responsibility not to promote this kind of behavior on planes because this is completely unacceptable behavior on a plane. So kudos to Delta.

  9. His blames his wife for deleting the tweet? So ‘manly’ of him. Also, Covid has killed exponentially more people than the bad guy he killed did.

  10. Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes.

    Of all the carriers to do this on, he did it on Delta. They’ve taken this very seriously, and he shouldn’t be surprised that his “joke” didn’t go over well.

  11. While I’ve never served in the military I have spent a lot of time working with men and women in uniform. Officers and enlisted personnel. Like in any job there are mostly good people but some real jerks, criminals, bad eggs in uniform. Maybe this was a one time thing for this guy, I don’t know.

    The extremes on both sides, whether it is police, military, etc. is sad. Not all cops are bad, not all military people are bad, neither are all good. I worked with someone (Army officer) who served in Iraq/Afghanistan back when certain people had bag fulls of cash to pay off people and once bright guy decided to steal a bunch of it. He almost got away with it except (yeah guess), he couldn’t control his spending and people investigated and nailed him.

    The sexism in the military is quite bad and the language and stuff the ex-military (retired or resigned) people said were quite cringe worthy. It is poorly policed.

  12. You can wear “Trump 2020” if you really want to make wearing a mask a political statement. But not wearing it and bragging about it just makes you look like a douche no matter what you’ve done in the past.

  13. Just because he’s a government employee sucking off the taxpayer teat doesnt mean he gets to break the rules.

    Good on Delta.

  14. How is this worth 2 articles? You just wanted to give your audience a second chance to define this guy’s entire life/ character by one Tweet about a mask? It’s sickening how divided we’ve become the last 6 months, and even worse that those claiming the moral high ground are so quick to demonize anyone who disagrees with them.

  15. Since this thread has turned very political, I want to make a comment regarding Abe’s comment about silencing people. Ironically just today the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court’s decision and grant President Donald Trump the ability to block his critics on Twitter. Looks like the big snowflake in the office with no corners can’t take criticism.

  16. @MattR

    The irony. Let’s not define the poor guy’s life by one single act, even though he’s trying to justify everything he does in life with his one single act.

  17. Ultimately, when the dusts settles he still is a hero and accomplished more for this country than the rest of you clowns.

  18. I hope Delta actually did some investigation before banning him!

    One picture taken at a split second of a flight (however long) does not show anything other than that moment. It is amazing to me how people made all sorts of comments or conclusions about the guy by looking at one picture and showing all the political bias they already have built in. I thought people don’t want to act like Trump, but then people do!

    If he really did not wear a mask the entire flight, by all means, ban him! If he did wear a mask the whole time except the moment taking that selfie, then this ban bothers me.

  19. @David I’m not concerned with trying to stand up for him. I’m sure he can do that on his own just fine, and frankly couldn’t care less about what commenters here think. My point is that this used to be a quality travel site that has now become all but unreadable due to these types of clickbait political posts that do nothing other than fan the flames of division in this country.

  20. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes indeed Andrew B.

    When will people start to slowly comprehend this isn’t a political or social issue? Stupid people who have trouble thinking critically will slowly learn they’re not entitled to spread an extremely contagious and dangerous virus. There is such a thing as scientific consensus on things like airborne pathogens and viral containment, but apparently this is confusing to a lot of people. Worldwide infection/transmission rates paint a pretty clear picture of where the problem lies.

  21. @G

    Split second or not, he’s promoting a harmful and dangerous idea. That’s arguable worse than if he were to not wear a mask for the entire flight. He fully deserves his ban.

  22. This is another case of stupid male weenie wagging. He obviously is so insecure as a man that he is threatened by something so simple as wearing a mask to protect others. Fine. Let him get sick and die. Who cares. His demise would raise the human gene pool IQ about a hundred points!

  23. This is also the mentality of many cops in this country. That they are somehow above the law and can do no wrong.

  24. I’m with Matt R on this.

    Personally I think finding pleasure in somebody getting their comeuppance is rather juvenile. But we do live in a juvenile society, so…

  25. And yet leftists still champion violent rioters that are not social distancing, and many not wearing masks. How about some consistency in your condemnations.

    Mask nazis are just as bad as anti-maskers. People who are wearing a mask while hiking, biking, etc. where they can easily keep 20 feet away from anyone are idiots. People who wear a mask while driving by themselves are idiots. Have a little bit of common sense. A mask is not an immunity cloak.

    Besides, if you’re allowed to remove the mask to eat and drink on a plane, then why not to take a picture for a few seconds? Is this photo evidence of a single moment in time really enough to ban him? Is there any evidence that he refused to wear a mask, and didn’t follow crewmember instructions?

    I expect Delta to get some blowback for this. Getting banned solely for a twitter post (not getting booted from the flight and banned at that time) is really poor form.

  26. @G, it doesn’t matter if it was a split second, he was encouraging this behavior that Delta does not tolerate to potential other flyers. He absolutely earned an outright ban, even if it was only a moment, since he broadcast it to the world.

  27. Can the airline ban you for taking off the mask once you’re off the plane and you’re walking through the airport to baggage claim or ground transport? I take mine off after leaving the gate area.

  28. @mattr – spot on. This blog is going downhill fast. Call it one mask at a time. Social media is horrible and this character assassination needs to stop. When segments of society feel like they have no outlet the result is not good, especially for something with no science behind it (masks besides n95)

  29. @ Jimalb & MattR – 100% . Still waiting on the first post on the JetBlue incident where they kicked off a family because a 2 year old wasn’t wearing a mask.

  30. I think the true lesson to take out of this isn’t about mask vs. no mask. It should be for people to understand the power and sheer speed of social media. 99.99999% of people out there had NO clue who this guy was but just like he is banned along with other unknown negatives that will happen to him.

    If you’re going to be stupid, don’t use social media.

  31. > How is this worth 2 articles?

    Because page view.

    This is how bloggers make money. The more articles there are the more people click on them and that’s how they make money

    There is nothing wrong with this, of course. This is how we can all read the blog for free, but this does lead to the tendency to post as much content as possible.

  32. @WR2
    I think we will find that Delta did their homework by talking to their crew and determined that the selfie moment was NOT the only time the customer didn’t wear his mask.

    Dear anti-maskers: rather than proclaiming there is no harm in NOT wearing a mask, look back to 50 years ago when the same argument was made about cigarette smoking, both from 1st and 2nd hand smoke.

    Since when does “erring on the side of caution” infringe on civil rights and liberties?

    Selfish society.

  33. MM – I assume you are in favor of reducing speed limits to sub 30 miles an hour, banning alcohol and tobacco, and all junk/high calorie food since they also have a high risk of killing people and harming society through high taxes? If not, stfu you hypocritical ahole

    Society, thanks to media, seriously lost your mind over Covid. It’s 4% of deaths this year even with generous coding ffs, nearly all 65+, just like the flu. If we make it 10 more years without a civil war I’d be shocked

  34. @Rob- “Something with no science behind it”….. you mean the consensus that wearing masks helps control the spread of COVID-19? You don’t just get to ignore facts just because you don’t agree with it.

  35. These sites used to be a place where I could escape politics and gain valuable insight for my family’s next travel adventure. Now this site and much of the others have allowed cruel politics to take over and ruin that escape.

  36. Imagine being allowed to join one of the most elite military teams in the world and still acting like you have major insecurity issues. The fact that he still needs to “beat his chest” and act tough in public despite taking out OBL in an operation that would make 99% of the population have a panic attack in his position makes me have doubts he was the one who did it at all and not someone else on his team. Something doesn’t add up about this guy.

    While writing my post, I did more research on this guy and it all makes sense now. Even other SEALs have problems with this guy taking credit in public. I wouldn’t be surprised if his book got a noticeable sales boost on Amazon after this debacle he himself created. Conservatives love to support their own… especially ones that they see as a hero and that have been “wronged” in their eyes. I’m sure more than a few bought his book today to support him being banned from Delta.

  37. Delta. Thank you. But i started wearing mask on my flights since February and didn’t get exactly the warmest welcome from the ground agent in Frankfurt while interviewing me before boarding. I pulled down my mask and he confirmed that i am the same guy as the one in passport. As i tried to put my mask back up, he said take it off!

  38. Again, the toxic cancel culture found another person to attack and destroy. And yes, Ben is such a great virtue signaler. Travels for no justified reasons during a pandemic and wants to lecture us on wearing face masks. Wow…

  39. @MM So then I’m sure you’d agree that contributing to 150k deaths annually due to global warming and climate change is a selfish act? You’re willing to give up all non-essential air travel to prevent those deaths, correct?

  40. How soon until the conservatives cancel Delta? I should like to make a booking very soon, something about saving the American jobs their pilots are worried about… yeah, that

  41. the easy way for him to have handled this would have been to let his wife’s deletion stand and not comment further. tweeting that it was a joke could have been followed with saying it was inappropriate. mea culpa. then he could have stayed off social media for a bit of time. problem solved. live and learn.

    it is worth acknowledging that special forces training does change a person’s ego and perception and reintegration into normal society can be difficult. take that into consideration. a little empathy, perhaps.

  42. oh. one more thing. this will likely have no negative impact on his speaking gigs. probably will reinvigorate forward bookings. in that case would it be a stunt?

  43. @ WR2
    There is a risk of contamination every time you take on and off a mask so if a person is comfortable with the mask, it is better to just leave the mask on rather than taking it on and off multiple times. If you are driving between 2 different places where you have to wear a mask and you are comfortable with a mask, then it’s actually safer to just leave it on the whole time. If someone believes they are at risk of getting or giving the virus while passing people when hiking (I don’t think anyone knows the actual risk, so that’s a whole other point of debate) and are comfortable with the mask on, it actually makes sense to leave it on the whole time rather than take it on and off a dozen times.

  44. Ease up guys! Lucky’s not flying much now and needs all the $$$$$ he can get from stretching out a big fat ‘nothing burger’ over two articles.

  45. I am also not a pussy. I worship them and will bow down to them. Respect the pussy.

    If you don’t respect the pussy, you don’t deserve the pussy.

  46. Lol, who cares. Everyone wants to shame someone for anything COVID related. Yes, he’s wrong. So what? Go read a book.

  47. It must be really slow day, if you waste 2 posts on such no news. Non-Americans don’t care if someone in USA wore or not a mask. Someone we never heard of.

  48. Interesting… Let’s not forget all three American Airlines are currently running on the tax payer‘s dime and are intending on going cap in hand looking for another bailout in a month. Turning away paying customers, doesn’t look good.

    I would have thought it impossible for liberals and the democrats to loose yet another sure thing election, but let’s see how many people they anger with support for these stunts. People in swing states and the undecideds have a libertarian, personal responsibility attitude to being told what to do or the socialist factor in having their money given to an airline they can’t fly unless they do what liberals say.

  49. When One of his loved one dies from this virus, he will reassess his behaviour. Some of us just need to be reasoned with, but others only change our behaviour when there are actual consequences.

  50. @B – please link a peer reviewed case study showing the efficacy of masks for assymptomatic people besides n95. Ill wait. (Hint: there are many, and none do. Surgeons masks, when worn properly and disposed with great hygiene, can help marginally but regular people constantly touch their mask, face, phone, stick mask in pocket or purse, etc). You do realize the virus is 1/30 the size of the holes in your mask right?

    There is far more evidence for HCQ +zinc +zpac right now than masks besides n95.

    The masks don’t really bother me that much (I wear a very loose cotton one) so I wear them in public mostly these days but don’t kid yourself. You going out traveling period is far more risk in expanding covid19 in general than a guy who doesn’t wear a mask to the grocery store. Meanwhile, depression rates have doubled in the US in the last 6 months. I think we end up with more suicide, alcohol and drug deaths in 2020/2021 than Covid deaths.

  51. What a clown you are, Ben. Virtue signaling left and right over this guy not wearing a mask, while you galavant around the country and world on non-essential travel.

    In case you are unaware, during most of your non-essential excursions, there was CDC guidance against it, just as there is CDC guidance to wear a mask. It was recommended to avoid any and all non-essential travel, and you booked a trip to freaking Turkey. “I’m special, that doesn’t actually apply to me!”

  52. Keep posting these stories. The majority of people just want to fly from point a to b safely. Even if they don’t believe a mask works, why not think of the peace of mind you give to others.

  53. If this was a joke, it was a very bad one. It also continues the absurdity of a significant portion of the population of this country continuing to politicize mask wearing when it saves lives and helps defeat the virus, which would enable us to go back to a normal way of life (which everyone wants of all political affiliations). However, this guy was a SEAL Team 6 operator who killed the man who orchestrated the September 11 attacks that killed 3,000 people and severely wounded the US aviation industry for years. If it had not been for heroes like this guy and other military, intelligence, and LEO heroes who fought and largely defeated Al Qaeda, there would have been future attacks on US airliners that could have crippled Delta and other US airlines to the point that they would have been shut down and out of business. With that in mind, Delta could have sent him a warning first.

  54. Glad you got banned. So you took out a bad guy as part of your job. Your 15 minutes of fame are over. I just read an AP story where a SEAL raped a female sailor in country last year. Seems like you SEALS don’t know how to follow rules and set a good example. I used to have all the respect in the world for the SEAL Teams. Looks like I need to find a new group of heros to look up too.
    Retired SCPO.

  55. It’s about setting a good example. Something Delta continues to to year after year when banning disruptive, unhinged loudmouthed bullies. Love you, Delta- keep on banning the anti-mask twits, they’re exactly why the USA is still far behind other civilized countries in the Covid pandemic.

  56. @WR2

    Well done. You’ve allowed yourself to be confused between peaceful protesters (back by progressives and others) and violent rioters (back by almost no one).

  57. Why is the American left so obsessed with masks? According to my government, they don’t work. Most people don’t wear them. Is it the virtue signalling equivalent of worrying about CO2 or “black lives”?

  58. Why should we go back? Why not make masks permanent and have fines equivalent to a non-felony DUI?

    The mask mandate is currently in place as the government believes that its a moral good to save lives. If that is the case, permanent mask laws can and will save lives after COVID. On what moral authority does to government decide what lives are worthy? Why are the lives saved from a COVID death more worthy than a death from an opportunistic infection that immuno-compromised people may succumb to?

    Why not have in addition to an Air Marshal, a mask marshal. They can roam the aisles handing out $500 fines to people not wearing masks or putting masks on too slow. All this done in the name of saving the lives of those that have weakened immune systems.

    I am being hyperbolic, but I does bring forth the question. If you support the ban, will you wear a mask forever to protect those with weaken immune systems?

    If not, why? Does saving lives or your discomfort become paramount when only the number of deaths is below a certain threshold?

  59. @Pete

    What government would that be? Tell you what, even if you don’t like the dozens upon dozens of studies which show how masks work to prevent the spread of disease, next time you’re having surgery, feel free to tell the doctor that you don’t want him to wear a mask.

    Honestly, why do you take pride in being obtuse?

  60. @Chuck

    If masks are so important, then why are the rules regarding eating and drinking on the plane (with masks off) so lax? Shouldn’t the airlines be enforcing people to keep eating and drinking to the bare minimum, or only if essential? What’s obtuse is to believe that these rules are themselves justified, and 100% health-driven.

  61. @ Expat

    Do you have absolutely no idea how to make decisions, policies, and rules based on risk assessment?

  62. And Lucky, I’m surprised you can’t smell your own hypocrisy in your virtue-signalling and self-righteousness. Your non-essential domestic and international travel (against CDC guidelines) was just as much a public health risk and just as selfish as O’neill’s decision. No amount of precaution can reduce the risk to zero. You could have stayed home. You know that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made so many posts trying to justify your decision to travel during a pandemic. So how you can sit there and think you have the moral high ground to shame O’neill, while you yourself are no saint and just as complicit in anti-social behavior as he is, is beyond me.

  63. All he had to do was show that he had a drink in his hand. You don’t want to just outright refuse to wear it. You have to be smart. You don’t have to wear it while you are eating or drinking. So order a drink and take your sweet sweet time with it. I’ve done this on several occasions. I’m at the point now where I can keep the mask off for almost the entire flight nursing a coke.

  64. @Chuck

    My argument is that the decisions, policies, and rules being made are not based 100% on risk assessment – that there are political, cultural, financial, and social elements influencing the decision-making as well. Thus my position, that condemning others purely from a public health perspective without also questioning the policies themselves, is itself obtuse.

  65. @Expat

    Why on earth would they be 100%? As with all other decisions we make in life, the rules employed here are not 100% aligned with risk assessment. It’s called pragmatism. A pragmatic approach is absolutely necessary when competing goals exist. If we aligned all of our choices and behaviors with the degree of risk, we wouldn’t get out of bed.

    Would a mask reduce the likelihood of transmission? Yes.
    Is it easy enough for a person to wear a mask? Yes.
    Does a person need to eat and drink to survive? Yes.

    So make a rule which has people wearing their masks most of the time, except in certain moments, such as when eating or drinking. And during those times, have them practice other measures to reduce the likelihood of transmission. That’s an extremely effective, practical compromise.

    This doesn’t have to be so hard.

  66. I don’t know how he made it in the military, it seems like he can’t take and follow a simple order to save his and others around him

  67. 9/11 attacks killed just under 3,000 people on U.S. soil. COVID-19 has killed over 174,000 and the number continues to rise.

    Praise the guy who supposedly avenged 3,000 Americans but minimizes the ongoing death and illness of 60x more people!

  68. Masks are not a “left” thing you wingnuts! It’s called science and it’s not political ffs. Get over it already and have some concern for anything outside of you fat, ignorant, selfish heads!

  69. Oh my god, everyone gets so butt hurt now over stupid stuff, stop being so damn sensitive and PC all the time. Grow up people, just because you don’t find something funny or you find it offensive doesn’t mean everyone feels that way. If you don’t like what’s said then don’t read it. He has the right to post what he likes even if you don’t like it. Grow up

  70. @Marv
    Will you wear a mask in public for the rest of your life?

    If not, then why? Doesn’t your momentary discomfort pale in comparison to the loss of life for those that are immune compromised or elderly?

  71. @MattR Good try, but you logic is off.

    In 2019, 4,500,000,000 individual passengers were flown worldwide. (If I flew 10x, then I was 10 of the 4.5 billion) Taking your 150,000 death rate for collateral damage at face value, that meant that each traveler’s trip contributed to 0.00003 deaths. I guess if I took 33,333 trips this year (or 91 trips a day) it could extrapolated that I am responsible for killing someone else. Unlike some, I have chosen not to get on a plane since February. I missed my mom’s 90th birthday last month because I felt the risk of flying 2000 miles wasn’t worth it, more concerned about contracting it and giving it to her. And while I was willing to drive cross country, stopping for 2 nights at hotels on the way just didn’t seem much safer (for her.)

    The SEAL on the Delta flight presented a infinitely greater risk of killing someone than do my future travels. Asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 are the risk for all of us. Aside from staying home, the masks, as imperfect as someone may claim, are our current best solution to minimize that risk.

    Can’t speak for you, but I know 4 people who contracted COVID-19. And I’m NOT surprised by any of the infections. All 4 of them had the cavalier attitude that they wouldn’t contract it, and if they did, best to get it over and done with. Prior to their contractions, I remember vividly each of them saying things like “I gotta live my life” or “Nobody I see has it”, and then listening to them talk about the July 4th get together they attended (no masks), or the birthday party in June. One of them, diagnosed just after July 4th, STILL has not gotten her sense of taste back 7 weeks later. In spite of all this, 3 of the 4 now have the “invincibility” attitude because they now feel they can’t get sick again. SMH.

    The “dumb” people I’ve known all my life are those that perceive no risks to any decisions they make. They assume that everything they do will go perfectly to plan, and leave no room for error. Be it the person who goes to a important job interview leaving no room for error for traffic, to the person who rents an apartment and refuses to get renter’s insurance, we are a county full of arrogant, non-scientific, non-critical thinkers. And while the reality is that MOST bad decisions don’t have meaningful repercussions, some do. And NOT wearing a mask is one of the least intelligent, least patriotic things anyone can do these days.

    Nice try. Denied.

  72. Chick – government of Netherlands. Also Swiss, Swedish and a few others don’t think it’s necessary to wear masks except public transport.

  73. @Jeffrey Chang
    Yes Jeffrey I will wear a mask if I feel unwell or better yet, if there is a worldwide deadly pandemic spreading! I have zero problem with it and having travelled to Asia plenty I have seen first hand, cultural consideration for others. What is the big effing deal in the USA?! It’s bizarre. Americans need to broaden their horizons and better yet learn some damn manners. My Lord.

  74. The company mandates that passengers fly whilst wearing a mask. Given his background, the hero should understood rules, and surely he’s had to endure decisions made for the common good, agree with them or not. And gee, he had to make sure that the world knows that his wife removed the post. Because he’s tough. Well, he did nothing more than besmirch the honor he and his colleagues had earned in the service of our nation. Shame on him.

  75. And yet no one has scientifically explained any errors in the University of Minnesota CIDRAP paper he references.

  76. Good for Delta!! This dude should know that actions have consequences. His past action are irrelevant. Break the rules, pay the price. Kudos Delta.

  77. @Stuart….. I could not agree with you more. The whole operation to kill OBL was a team effort . That he has become today a “douche bag” is sad and should not reflect in anyway the other Seals/Team6 valiant soldiers.

  78. Today on Fox Business interview:

    “If someone felt uncomfortable, I’ll put the mask on,” O’Neill said. “I don’t have a problem with that. I do have a problem being ordered to do it. I don’t think I violated the policy. I’d love to talk to the CEO, Mr. Bastian, about it. I’d like to help them because their image right now isn’t very good and I have a million miles on Delta.”

    Dude, good thing you got out of the military. They have lots of orders there.

  79. Gotta love Roman and others posts. It really makes all of the masks Nazis on this site really look foolish! I hope all of you realize this but I really have little hope as the crowd mentality has now taken over the good ole USA.

  80. So a baker doesn’t want to make a cake for a gay couple and the right wingers lose their mind because they firmly believe a business has the right to establish their own policies and do business as they see fit. Now businesses establish their own policies and the right wingers lose their minds because they don’t want follow them… Poor, fragile, little snowflakes. They suddenly find a use for science and no is listening to them…

  81. How many of ‘these’ people have to die before they get a clue? The internet is now littered with regret over bad mask decisions. Another thing to point out here, as much pride as he has about killing the bad guy, soldiers like him are constantly in training to do just that. If he didn’t do it, couldn’t go, was ill, on leave, or any number of things, rest assured, there are many other soldiers who would’ve done the same thing as he did.

  82. And gee, if masks don’t work then, wow, I wonder why healthcare workers are using them and have been using masks for who the hell knows how long.

  83. Like a few other people here, I’m really sad to see OMAAT descend into this kind of childish point-scoring. Yes, he should wear a mask. (LIke most people, I do and have done so for months). Yes, it’s up to Delta to choose to ban him if they want. But two posts about one person’s tweet, just so a crowd of virtue signallers can shame someone they’ve never met? Come on.

    Ben, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog for the past few years and have a lot of respect for you. (Though, I’ve never previously commented). Please, drop it.

  84. @James. The guy is a jerk no doubt. I’m not defending him with what I’m about to say. I’m going to defend the men and women who serve our country in the military and as civil servants.

    He was a Navy Seal, not someone “sucking at the teat of the taxpayer.” Could you be a Seal? Would you work that hard? Are you smart enough? I bet not. If you were smart you wouldn’t insult the entire government that keeps you safe and provides you with roads, airports, clean air and water and pretty much every bit of infrastructure you use every day.

    I’ve never served in the military, but when I went to work for the federal government after spending 20 years in a high tech fortune 50 company considered to be one of the most innovative companies in the world…

    I worked twice as hard as a member of the Senior Executive Service for half the money I was making before. And the people I worked with as a fed were the smartest, most dedicated people I’ve ever worked with, 99% of whom could have made multiples of their salary in the private sector. They didn’t leave the government because they cared about the mission of the government and wanted to make this country a better place in spite of how dysfunctional the system is.

    So next time you see a member of the military or a civil servant say “thank you for your service” instead of insulting them. It will make you a better person.

  85. @Abe He’s calling out the ridiculousness of the rule. If he was eating, then his actions would have been okay, albeit classless and selfish. But not any less selfish than people who are taking non-essential trips, or people who skirt the eat/drink/no mask necessary rules.

    @Chuck no one NEEDS to eat or drink on a 2 hour flight, but tons of people do. You’re trying to make a point taking the argument to the extreme saying it’s something people “need to do to survive.” It’s just as easy for people not to eat and drink for 2 hours as it is to wear a mask for 2 hours. It’s also just as easy for many people not to be traveling right now. It’s not a matter of survival. I think it’s fair to question where the company has chosen to draw the line.

    The mask policy is out there to make people feel safer flying and to appease certain groups, while allowing people to nurse their drink/snack half the flight with their mask off is to avoid making things “too uncomfortable” for paying customers. Both pose similar risks, but somehow one is acceptable and the other is not, which is why I question the rule. Just look at some of the other comments in this thread, certain posters even brag how easy it is to use the eat/drink rule to skirt the mask rule for the entire flight.

    If Delta (or any of you) truly cared about safety and getting over this pandemic, then they would discourage unnecessary travel (i.e. requiring proof of essential travel). But no, there are many more factors at play. Every single group has their position that’s influenced by their own interests, which is why in my original post I said the the self-righteousness in this thread is ridiculous. Besides those who are truly afraid because of their underlying medical conditions, I doubt ANY of us have been saints, so it blows my mind seeing all these posters sitting on their moral high ground as if they are in any position to judge.

  86. I feel so bad for these businesses and their staff who are having to deal with these situations. Between a rock & hard place all day.

  87. @ Expat

    I agree 100% — no one needs to eat or drink on a 2 hour flight. You know that there are many other factors at play in the making of the policy decision: passengers’ desire to eat and drink far more often than is necessary for mere survival, an airline’s desire to generate some revenue… The list goes on. Sane, empathetic individuals make their decisions through consideration of a multiple of variables. But you know this. Again, this doesn’t need to be so difficult.

  88. It’s pretty simple. A business sets rules on your being invited in/invited to use their product/service. You don’t follow them, they don’t have to serve you. If you walked into a restaurant without a shirt or shoes they’d tell you to leave. This has nothing to do with peoples’ rights. It has to do with a person who chooses not to follow clearly posted requirements, then whines like a baby when the inevitable happens.

  89. Isn’t it obvious that these kinds of posts is how Lucky makes his money? So good for him. He himself said many of his reviews do not draw that many views/clicks.

  90. The simple word of “sorry” (or using the brain before texting) would have been enough to avoid a lot of not so wise tweets. Sic transit gloria mundi.

  91. Convenient that idiots always forget or ignore the fact that Rob took down one of the most evil men who ever existed, a man who killed thousands of Americans, and would have killed all of us if he could have. Rob put him down and buried him forever. Not to mention all of the incredibly heroic actions he accomplished while partaking in all of the missions he participated in while defending and protecting America. And like every single one of us, he acts human from time to time. Rob deserves mad respect forever.

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