Delta announces new award thresholds!

Finally something good! Much like UA’s “Elite Choice Rewards” or AA’s new bonus program, you actually get something for flying over 75,000! The major difference is that there’s nothing for those doing less than top tier status travel like AA and UA, but it’s still great. Here’s what you get:

Earn 100,000 MQMs—enjoy 15,000 bonus miles.
Earn 125,000 MQMs—enjoy your reward above plus 20,000 bonus miles.
Earn 150,000 MQMs—enjoy your rewards above plus 25,000 bonus miles, or one year Crown Room Club® membership.
Earn 175,000 MQMs—enjoy your choice of rewards above plus 25,000 bonus miles, or other exclusive gifts.

So that’s up to 85,000 bonus miles for someone that does 175,000 MQM’s a year on DL, which I’m sure many do.

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