Scoring A Deal On Delta’s New A350 Business Class Suite

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As an airline product geek, this is a very exciting year, as we’re seeing four great new premium cabin products introduced — Delta and Qatar Airways are introducing business class suites that are fully enclosed, while Emirates and Singapore are introducing new first class suites.


With that in mind, you can bet I’m trying to review all four of them shortly after they’re put into service. Over the past few days Delta formally added the A350 to their schedule, and it will be flying between Detroit and Tokyo Narita as of October 30, 2017, with the next two destinations being Seoul Incheon and Beijing.

Naturally I want to fly the plane as soon as it’s available, given the new business class product it features. So I’ve been trying to find the best options for doing so. As you might expect, there’s a very limited amount of saver level business class award availability — as of now the best one-way business class price I see in the first month between Detroit and Tokyo is 160,000 miles.

So I’ve been trying to look at the best options for a discounted business class ticket, given how reasonably priced business class often is.

For travel originating in North America, you’ll almost always find the best fares out of Canada, which let you route via the US. For example, it’s not unusual to see ~$1,800-2,200 business class tickets from Toronto or Vancouver to Asia, and I’ve written about these deals many times before.

Unfortunately these are often only available closer to departure, or otherwise during off peak periods, so I’m not seeing an abundance of great fares on the A350 at the moment. As of now I see ~$2,200 business class fares from Toronto to Tokyo via Detroit on Delta’s A350, though only if you’re willing to travel over Thanksgiving (I imagine we’ll eventually see similar fares for other dates as well).

Otherwise I see wide open fares from Toronto to Beijing on the A350 for ~$2,650, but that’s a bit pricier, and also only applies starting in 2018.

However, it looks like there are some much better options for those who are based in Asia, or otherwise willing to position to Asia. 😉

Per zoqfotpik on FlyerTalk, Delta has published ~$2,300 roundtrip business class fares from Hong Kong to Dallas, which let you route via Tokyo and Detroit on the A350. Dates are wide open,

You’re best off using ITA Matrix to look up these fares. To search the specific routing, just enter the below routing code, which will get you flights that connect in Tokyo and Detroit.

While there’s positioning involved, this does seem like the best value for booking one of Delta’s new A350 suites, at least as of now. I’m trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on this fare, or wait in hopes of a more convenient routing opening up out of Toronto or Vancouver in the coming weeks.

Anyone planning on trying Delta’s new A350, and if so, what kind of a ticket did you book?

  1. I got the BNA-DTW-ICN-SGN ticket for 80k Skymiles a couple of months ago – for January 2018. As I said in my previous post, just yesterday I found out that the plane will be the new 350 with the Suites!

  2. Just out of curiosity, what if Delta changes the aircraft type after you make the reservation?
    For example, if you purchase with the class code “I”, and there’ll be a charge it you change your booking. If you wanna change your booking after knowing they change the aircraft to an older one, will Delta waive the change fee? Thanks Ben.

  3. Please do one of the DL legs in Premium Select! I also hope you’ll review AA PE this year.

  4. @Lucky not the most convenient ever but there are $2200 dollar roundtrip fares available from montreal to NRT routing on the a350 through Detroit leaving December 18 returning the 19th so 1 day turnaround or returning the 20th to give you a full day in tokyo. Right around holiday time but you will be back plenty early for christmas with this routing and allows you to fly out of north america

  5. Any news on domestic ‘training’ routes? Really want to fly one of those to get a taste for the Delta A350 since I don’t have time to take a longhaul to Asia.

  6. Believe it or not a delta A350 first class suite in the company colors and the leather seats would look really sexy.

  7. Looks the seats. Looks VERY uncomfortable for business class. The door is all hype. What you have is a les so comfortable version of theb767 seat. Check out that armrest against the window and look at the seat in the upright position. Doesn’t look like it will cradle well for day flights. ALl hype.

  8. @Ryan according to Delta’s research many passengers felt that the reverse-herringbone (a330 & 747) had cut down too much on the foot well in an effort to expand the shoulder room. This tweaking of a staggered layout is intended to ameliorate the issue at the expense of some shoulder room. Perhaps it will have a bit more room for feet than the 767s. We’ll let Lucky be our Guinea Pig! 🙂

  9. Ben How exactly do you book this? So ITA will show the route, which I use all the time, and go to the airline’s site from there. Can this itinerary be found on Delta’s website?

  10. Isn’t this the same seat without the door that Qantas uses? I flew it short haul MEL-SYD and thought, “Wow, if this i their fancy new product it’s pretty UNcomfortable. I wouldn’t want it long haul.” Too bad for Delta.

    OK, if it’s not the same seat, never mind.

  11. @Quest Bohman Fanning
    I find that surprising. I always thought the A330 reverse herringbone was way way better than the 767 seats.

  12. @RD You can book fares found on ITA Matrix with ITA Power Tools or BookWithMatrix, both of which will generate the link necessary to pull up the itinerary on the airline’s site or various OTAs.

  13. @Lucky Will Delta first fly the A350 on short routes for the cabin crew to get familiar with the plane like a DTW-ATL route ? When is that going to happen ?

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