Today Only: Buy Wyndham Rewards Points For ~1.167 Cents Each

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This week marks the return of the Daily Getaways promotion for 2019, and today there’s an opportunity to buy Wyndham Rewards points at a discount.

How does Daily Getaways work?

Daily Getaways is a five week promotion that offers discounts and deals on car rentals, hotel stays, loyalty program points, theme park admissions, and more. This promotion has now been around for a decade, and has been very popular with travelers.

Every weekday during the promotion period new deals go live at 1PM ET. Some will disappear within seconds, while others will be around for a while, depending on how popular they are.

Buy Wyndham Rewards points at a discount

Today at 1PM ET it will be possible to buy Wyndham Rewards points at a discount.

Specifically, you can buy 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for $175. There are a total of 1,143 packages for sale, and you can buy up to two packages per Wyndham Rewards account.

Do note that the value proposition of Wyndham Rewards recently changed. Up until earlier this year Wyndham Rewards charged a flat 15,000 points per night at all properties, which was something we otherwise haven’t seen from any other loyalty program.

However, in April 2019 Wyndham Rewards adjusted their award pricing, and they now have three tiers of hotels:

  • 7,500 points per night, or 1,500 points plus cash
  • 15,000 points per night, or 3,000 points plus cash
  • 30,000 points per night, or 6,000 points plus cash

Wyndham notes that:

  • Fewer than 200 hotels have moved to the 30,000 point tier
  • Nearly 3,000 hotels have moved to the 7,500 point tier
  • The remaining hotels continue to stay at the 15,000 point tier; Wyndham Rewards has a total of 8,735 properties

Which credit card should you use for Daily Getaways?

In case you do decide to make a purchase, Daily Getaways purchases should be coded as travel, so you’ll want to use a credit card offering bonus points on travel.

Note that this includes the general “travel” category, rather than these purchases specifically being coded as hotels.

So consider one of the following cards:

How long does it take for Daily Getaways points to post?

Daily Getaways says that Wyndham Rewards points should be posted to your account within 10 business days of when you make your purchase. So points don’t post instantly, but they don’t take that long either.

Bottom line

Buying Wyndham Rewards points for ~1.167 each is certainly a niche promotion, in my opinion. Personally I don’t plan on buying Wyndham Rewards points at those costs, especially with the recent changes, which eliminated the “aspirational” redemption values.

However, I’m sure some will find value with this promotion. I’ll be curious to see if this promotion sells out, and if so, how quickly.

Do you plan on buying Wyndham Rewards points with Daily Getaways?

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  1. There are some great values to be had here. Just bought two packages to use in Israel. Only 7500 points for a nice, new hotel in the best neighborhood in Jerusalem that is often close to $300 a night.

  2. @GreatDeal I did the same. I really hope they do not raise the rate at TRYP. Rate includes free buffet breakfast too and location is the best.

  3. I have stay in wyndham for 2.5 yrs now for work out of town. I use wyndham points for vacation. Oddly I have NEVER found a Wyndham for 7500 points..always 15000.
    Being that the average Wyndham stay is between $89-$130 this is quite the RIPOFF.

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