Hyatt Card Being Converted To World Of Hyatt Card

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Those with the legacy Hyatt Credit Card can expect that their card will automatically be converted to the World Of Hyatt Credit Card as of early 2021.

Migrating to the World of Hyatt Credit Card

The World Of Hyatt Credit Card was introduced in 2018, and it replaced the previous Hyatt Credit Card. Those who had the Hyatt Credit Card could choose whether they wanted to keep that card or “upgrade” to the World of Hyatt Credit Card.

Up until now, it has been possible to keep the old card, even though it hasn’t been open to new applications. Well, that will be changing soon — on January 11, 2021, those with the Hyatt Credit Card will automatically have their card migrated to the World of Hyatt Credit Card.

All cardmembers will be converted to the World of Hyatt Card

Hyatt Credit Card members can earn a free night

As a special thank you, those with the legacy Hyatt Credit Card can earn a free night at any Category 1-4 property when they spend $4,000 on their card between October 27 and December 31, 2020. Cardmembers have until November 30, 2020, to register.

This promotion is only for those with the Hyatt Credit Card, and not for those with the World of Hyatt Credit Card.

Earn an extra Category 1-4 free night certificate

What are the differences between the two cards?

The one major benefit of the Hyatt Credit Card has been that it has a $75 annual fee, while the World of Hyatt Credit Card has a $95 annual fee, so those with the legacy card will have to pay $20 more per year. Both cards offer a Category 1-4 free night certificate on your cardmember anniversary, so those who had the card exclusively for that perk might not be happy that they have to pay $20 more per year.

However, in every other way, and especially for Hyatt loyalists, the World Of Hyatt Credit Card is superior. Among other things, the card offers:

See here for a full review of the World of Hyatt Credit Card.

It’s easier to earn Globalist status with the World of Hyatt Credit Card

Free nights go from cardmember year to calendar year

Starting January 1, 2022, World of Hyatt Card Category 1-4 free night certificates earned through spending will be based on the calendar year rather than the cardmember year. I’d view this as a positive:

  • Previously there was no easy way to track your cardmember year spending amount, so going off a calendar year makes it easier to track
  • This better aligns with the structure of the World of Hyatt program, including elite status and Milestone Rewards

Bottom line

In January 2021, anyone who has the legacy Hyatt Credit Card will automatically have their product converted to the World Of Hyatt Credit Card. The card does have an annual fee that’s $20 higher, though personally, I think it’s well worth it for any Hyatt loyalist.

Make no mistake, this is a negative development — customers are losing an option to keep a legacy card when they could have previously voluntarily upgraded. However, I also can’t blame Chase and Hyatt for wanting to streamline their products, since it’s better to be able to offer a consistent experience to cardmembers.

Have any of you kept the old Hyatt Credit Card, and will therefore be impacted by this change?

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  1. Lame. There goes my discretionary budget for 2021. $4k for a Cat 1-4 cert is weak too. $95 still a good value though…

  2. If you do not spend 15K on World of Hyatt Card or not constantly stay in Hyatt, Old Hyatt card is simply much better. Reason? You are paying extra $ 20 for nothing.

    $4k for a Cat 1-4 cert is not too bad considering you get spending 4K for a 15K cert. This almost translates to 4.75 Hyatt Points per dollar spent.

  3. Would I be eligible for new World of Hyatt bonus if I cancelled old Hyatt card now? Would I loose my free night certificate that was issues this year? thanks!

  4. You could also buy grocery gift cards on Amazon, so you can spend $3K of the $4K on amazon to get 15K points before even the free certificate for hitting $4K.

    I will cancel my old Hyatt and just apply for the new one at some point so I can get the sign up bonus…

  5. @Lucky, who or what determines whether or not a discontinued credit card product and/or annual fee gets grandfathered? With Chase, the IHG Select is still hanging on for existing cardholders. IIRC, there’s a very old UA/CO card (Presidential Plus?) that’s been around for perhaps a decade since it was discontinued. Not only is it still around, but AFAIK, the annual fee hasn’t increased, either. OTOH, Sapphire Reserve’s annual fee jumped $100, and Hyatt’s doing this.

    Just wondering why there’s a huge variation in practices, even within the same bank.

  6. @MH I can only assume your legacy card will be PC’d to a new WoH card so you will now have 2 WoH cards.

    I actually do have both right now. I think I’ll keep 2 WoH cards to be able to hit $15k on both for the cat 1-4 free nights.

  7. Is $20 really enough to matter? If so I feel for you. I leave more than that in tips for the hotel housekeeper.

    Overall the cards are another the same and the World of Hyatt is actually a little better. I can see them wanting to consolidate their card portfolio and discontinue the old one. If $20 a year makes you leave then I not sure your were the demographic Hyatt was looking for in the first place.

  8. @_ar Why do you need to buy grocery gift cards on Amazon when you can just by $3K in Amazon gift cards? I’m waiting until December 1st to buy my second traunch of $1500. My statement ending date is December 5th, so hopefully the free night will post by January 5th, 2021 and I can cancel the card before it gets converted to the World of Hyatt on the 11th. Then I’ll apply again and get a free night cat 1-7 and $200 statement credit for spending another $3K if the current deal is still available. Then, back to the sock drawer. Hopefully, I can use those nights before they expire in 2022.

    This is the most excitement in the points world for me since the pandemic began and all my travel was stopped and cancelled.

  9. Goodbye Chase Hyatt card. I hardly knew yee. I will cancel after using my certificate and apply for World of Hyatt card in six months. After getting the sign up bonus, I will banish the new card to the sock drawer.

  10. Hi @Lucky, I assume we’ll also receive the 5 status nights per year as part of this forced upgrade, but I wanted to see if you could confirm–thank you!

    – James

  11. I echo MH’s question. I already have both cards. Will I now be forced to have two World of Hyatt cards? Or…. what? Thanks!

  12. hello. one thing that confuses me: why is this going on with hyatt cards, but chase/ihg still allows old card holders (the $49 annual fee card) to keep that card and apply for the newer $89/year card?

  13. Looks like I will cancel. Rarely stay at Hyatt. Have 2 free nights in my account – not sure where to use. I wish this had been optional. I kept because it was a VISA, but then so is the Marriott card. (otherwise too many MC – Costco only takes VISA).

    I regret the Marriott situation where I agreed to upgrade to the new $95 card (from the old $75). The old card gave a Cat 5 free night. The new card gives free hotel up to 35,000 points. Problem is many Cat 5 hotel are now at 40,000 and the free night doesn’t work. I regret every time I stay at a Marriott for moving to the new card.

  14. Bummer. I have the old card and just paid the annual fee Nov. 1st. Now I plan to cancel before the conversion so that I can apply for the WoH card and get the sign-up bonus. Too bad I already paid the annual fee: anyone recall if Chase will credit it back to me? It posted Oct. 1 and I paid it Nov. 1.

    Also, I find it odd that I’ve not heard anything about this directly from Chase or Hyatt. I’d think they’d send out communication to current card holders as soon as it was public info. Oh well.

  15. I thought Chase bonuses were not once-in-a-lifetime. Does canceling your Hyatt legacy card now vs canceling your (converted) WoH card in Feb 2021 impact the sign up bonus you will get if you sign up for the WoH card in 2022 (deliberately picking a date more than 6mo after cancelation)?

  16. How do a few of you have both Hyatt cards, I thought the new WoH card didn’t let you apply if you hold any Hyatt card?

  17. @ Josh. I have the same question. I thought the new WoH card didn’t let you apply if you hold the old $75 Hyatt card. Am I missing something?

  18. Time to cancel the old and grab the new with the 50k signup bonus. Easy decision. The best upgrade offer I ever got (offered twice) was 5k points. Nope, not worth the extra $20 AF. But now, a no brainer since I’d keep the card anyway, even at $95. I’ll take 50k points vs 5k anyday

  19. Given this is technically a new product, will they still honor the old offers for (what was) Platinum (or Diamond in my case) status as long as you keep the card?

  20. @James 787
    I have the same question about the 5 nights and when they might post. Very relevant for those of us with the legacy card who are planning a mattress run to try to hit Globalist in early January. Let me know if anyone hears anything.

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