Continental announces lifetime status

One of the things that has long kept me away from getting status with CO is their lack of a million miler program. Being as young as I am I’d like to earn something towards status for a lifetime, although it’s probably not significant in the long run since I’ll likely fly enough to continue earning status. It’s probably more psychological than anything else.

Regardless, CO delivered today in announcing a million miler program. While it’s not as good as UA’s (you get mid tier status at MM and two confirmed regional upgrades a year) or AA’s (all miles earned count towards lifetime status), it’s much better than what DL has.

CO’s new program, as you can see here, gives you Silver for being a 1MM, Gold for being a 2MM, and Platinum for being a 4MM. What’s interesting and sets this apart is the fact that your spouse gets the same status as you have for life.

So big thumbs up to CO on this!


  1. The nice thing is that any EQM count, not just BIS miles. And yes, the spouse/significant other scheme is nice, too.

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