Coming soon to a TSA checkpoint near you….


….or maybe just the Mexican restaurant 60 of us FlyerTalkers had dinner at on Sunday night. Seriously?

(Photo courtesy of Pat+ on Flickr)

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  1. I see it a lot, especially in cities like NY, Miami, LA, etc. where fake passports are easily made by street vendors.

  2. I was with a coworker in San Diego and we were turned away from a bar since his only form of ID was his UK passport. Doesn’t make sense…

  3. Haha, glad to see you’re putting my pic to good use 🙂

    I do find this insulting to foreigners. So what, if you’re a visitor and you stop by for a drink, you’ll get kicked out? What kind of ID do they expect you to carry?

    Anyway Lucky thanks for organizing this dinner and putting up with all their bs.

  4. Funny thing about Hola!’s is that when I was eating there a couple of years ago, a young teen (no more than 12) was sitting at the bar with his father. My understanding is that this is not allowed.

  5. It’s a California law … valid ID must include physical description (height, eye color, hair color, etc.) The U.S. passport does not qualify; however, some other country passports _may_ qualify as a valid ID per California law.

  6. In good news, California law was just changed in August to allow “a valid passport issued by the United States or by a foreign government” to be used as “bona fide evidence of majority and identity,” The governor signed AB 1191 into law on August 5.

    I imagine its going to take time for businesses to learn about this update, however (currently, as Joe J correctly states, businesses were advised against accepting passports for proof of drinking age as they were not considered “bona fide evidence of majority and identity” under California law).

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