Combining American And US Airways Accounts

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Posts from me are going to be a bit lighter over the next week as I travel to the Maldives. As you may (or may not) know, I also have a points consulting service, whereby we help people redeem their airline miles. I have several colleagues working with me, and they’re some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I know in this hobby. This post is from my friend Tiffany, whom you’ve heard from before.

For absolutely no good reason, I never got around to linking my AAdvantage and Dividend Miles accounts. It may have had more than a bit to do with being in denial about the imminent demise of creative award routings, but I digress.

View From The Wing noticed it was now possible to manually link accounts, and while I certainly don’t have an urgent need for more AAdvantage miles, it seemed polite to be part of the solution to reconciling millions of member accounts rather than exacerbating the problem.

Like everything else with the US Airways and American integration, the process was surprisingly easy.

I logged in to my AAdvantage account at about 8AM, and clicked on the link to “Merge accounts.”


I then logged in to my second AAdvantage account (the old US Airways account) in an incognito window, just to make sure the account details matched up. I had to remove my middle name from the US Airways version, but that took about four seconds.


After submitting the form, I received a notice that the request was being processed:


And also received an email confirming the request to deactivate the secondary account:


In the spirit of solid communication, the primary account also received an email!


About ten hours later, a final email confirmed the accounts had been merged, and my AAdvantage miles balance reflected the combined total:


The entire process (including taking screenshots) took less than two minutes. If you have duplicate accounts there’s no reason not to get everything merged together.

Now I just need to reconcile accounts for my husband, our parents, the dog…

  1. There’s one thing that doesn’t add up here: you matched info by removing your middle name? You know you can’t do that without losing Pre Check, right?

    After you enter your Global Entry “Known Traveler Number,” you still don’t get Pre Check unless all the information, including full spelled out middle name, matches your passport.

  2. @ Tom — Hmmm, I’ve never had issues with that, and don’t have my middle name listed anywhere on my AAdvantage profile. So I just made the old US Airways account match what I’ve been using at AA. Guess we’ll find out later this week if it caused issues.

  3. They got my birthdate wrong when they moved my US Airways account over to AA! So now I can’t merge!

  4. OK, so my wife was approved for this card 1-2 weeks ago and just got it in the mail yesterday. She didn’t have a US Airways account prior to this, so wasn’t able to merge it with her AA account. I assume that when the 50k bonus miles post, they’ll be to a newly created AA account. But how do we know that AA account number will be? It’s not on her credit card or her log-in.

  5. I got an email this morning informing me my new AAdvantage account had been created. I had forgotten I opened a US account for my mom back during the days of the mile-sharing tango. What was confusing, however, was that it listed *my* correct balance in the email, but with her account info. When I logged into her new account, the balance was correct, but that email worried me for a minute.

  6. @ Dave — I’m sure they’ll eventually send her an email or letter with the AA number, but you could also call AAdvantage and have them look it up.

  7. Ben, I got an email from American saying that they had put me in a new account for my US Airways account instead of merging…Have been trying to call them and get it done but having trouble. Any suggestions?

  8. @ Ra — Was this after trying to merge online? The default was for everyone who hadn’t linked their accounts in advance to get a new account for the US Airways miles, but it should absolutely be possible to combine them.

  9. There is one reason not to merge. As per Australian Frequent Flyer, all the pre-existing USDM account that are now AA can take advantage of the 60% bonus mile purchase. As we are only limited to 100k + bonus per calendar year, someone has purchased 320k AA miles with 2 accounts.

    Not sure if this would breach the T&C of AAdvantage tho.

  10. Thank you for this tip! I thought I had lost my US Air miles, but you saved the day. 🙂

  11. I am appalled that I have lost my US Airways air miles because of the merger, I have been a frequent flyer for 10 years I wasn’t notified at the time what I needed to do ,I am an elderly lady and really upset you won’t let me redeem my lost airmiles after being told I could if I booked a flight to the States mid July,

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