Visiting Dubai? Have Coffee At Emirates Headquarters

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Over the years I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Dubai. I got the objections people have with the UAE (and I suspect I share almost all of them), though it’s still a place that energizes me, and I can’t easily put into words why. That’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this post, though.

I’m spending a couple of days in Dubai with Matthew at the moment, and introduced him to one of my favorite hangouts. It’s my favorite mobile “office” in Dubai, and he didn’t realize this was a thing, so I figured I’d write about it here, as it’s sort of an avgeek’s dream.

Did you know that Emirates Headquarters is open to the public? No, you can’t knock on Tim Clark’s office door, but you can still be surrounded by almost everyone who works at Emirates, from management to cabin crew to pilots.

Emirates headquarters is located right next to the airport, and the main part of the building is open to the public. Now, I think almost no one goes here without a purpose, since most people don’t consider hanging out an airline headquarters to be all that fun. Well, unless you’re one of us.

The main atrium part of the headquarters is open the public, and it’s bustling, whether it’s noon or midnight. This is where all Emirates crews check-in before their flights, and also where they arrive after. On top of that, during business hours there are hundreds of people working in management there as well.

For one, if you want some Emirates souvenirs, Emirates has a store.

Here you can buy everything from model airplanes to hats to shirts to coffee mugs, and as you’d expect, everything is Emirates branded.

The fun of that only lasts for a short while though, but fortunately there’s also a Costa Coffee. Again, it’s open to the public.

No, Costa doesn’t have the best coffee, but the airplane stencil they use on their cappuccinos is pretty awesome.

They also seem to proactively offer the 25% staff discount to anyone. After all, who in their right mind who isn’t an Emirates employee would hang out here?

It’s tough to describe, but I just love the energy of this place. As I sit here writing this post, next to me on one side are two people who work in revenue management, on the other side is a pilot grabbing a coffee before heading off to some far off place, and on the other side is a flight attendant who just landed off a 15 hour flight.

When I’m in Dubai I charge up my laptop and spend a few hours here working and enjoying the views. If you’re an aviation geek, be sure you check this out the next time you’re in Dubai. If nothing else, it’s cool to see the headquarters building of one of my favorite airlines. There are even great views of the actual terminal from here.

Am I the only one who finds this awesome, or any other avgeeks plan on making a stop here?

  1. I get the objections over UAE policies as well, although I try not to let my personal feelings affect my thirst for travel. But I have say though, I do find some aspects of a good number of people who have those objections somewhat ironic. Many of those very individuals have absolutely no problem traveling to parts of this country that are highly prejudiced, sometimes downright hostile, to our LGTBQ brethren.

  2. I think I’ll check it out if I go to Dubai, maybe pick up an Arsenal FC jersey. I hope that 27.00 for 2 specialty coffees is Dirhams and not Dollars!

  3. I annually go to South Asia to see family in November/December and fly Emirates! Now I have a place to hang out during my 16 hour layover (I have an American Passport therefore I can get a free transit visa).

  4. Because you’re one of those winners who has never had a real job. Oh, never mind, you shill credit cards and dupe others into signing up for a living.

  5. @Sunshine Weng, somebody earns a living by travelling and providing honest review of products, and thats not a job? If you’re in debt because of being ‘duped’ into signing up for credit cards, you need to take some responsibilities for your own action.

  6. Downright hostile to LGBTQ? Give me a break. Pull up Tinder. Lots of twinks on there. Lots of twinks flying for Emirates, too.

  7. I was commenting on his fascination with a company headquarter / office. “Dani,” Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to be in debt than I.

  8. It is fascinating indeed. I have spent many a hours there soaking up the sights and sounds. Dubai airport activity really rivals just a few in the world, though in my opinion Schiphol is the real AV geek heaven.

    I am glad you mentioned this “not so kept” secret of DXB šŸ™‚ Though be aware , they do tell you from time to time not to take photographs from there.( Not that it ever stopped me)


  9. When I was stranded during the Delta operations meltdown back in April a friend took me over to the headquarters. They were definitely not as swanky. But it was fascinating to get a glimpse of what was happening during such a massive period of irregular operations. I totally understand how the energy is neat for a frequent traveler.

  10. The famous Costa of ‘Costa Brigade’ fame – recently quoted as where the middle managers sapping money from Emirates hang out. Definitely going to pay a visit when I’m in Dubai later this year, thanks for the tip Lucky!

  11. When ever I am there in Dubai, this is also my favourite spot to hangout, i take my VIP guests & groups to this place by using the Dubai Metro

  12. @ben, firstly thanks for the great tip! I have a layover tomorrow from 7pm -1am. Do you know if the costa is open during these hours? Also, happy to meet for a coffee if you’re in the area šŸ™‚

  13. I’ll have to check it out when I’m in Dubai this November! Thanks for the tip @Lucky

  14. When I lived in DXB I even got consistent EK staff discounts at MMI, the liqour store…apparently as a mid twenties western male that’s what you’re expected to do in life šŸ˜‰

  15. This post totally made my week! And you’re right. There is a special energy about Dubai. I can’t wait to have an airplane latte next time I’m in town. Thanks for posting this!

  16. Great tips for my next trip to/thru Dubai. As a coffee drinker, I have never been impressed with the quality of coffee in the middle east but that is to be expected as most are not coffee growing countries.

    Thanks Lucky!

  17. Despite reading your blog for almost 2 years, this is the first time I really couldn’t resist commenting.

    Can’t believe you visited my workplace, I had my lunch break 30mins later šŸ™ Such a shame!!!
    If you’d like we could grab a coffee next time, just give me some notice.

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

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