Citi Offering 5% Cash Back For Online Shopping

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A bit over a week ago details were announced of a new promo that should be useful for anyone with a Citi credit card. This is a reminder of that, as the promotion is live for purchases as of today.

Citi’s 5% cash back with online shopping offer

With Americans expected to do a lot of online shopping this holiday season, Citi has a great offer.

Eligible Citi cardmembers can earn 5% back as a statement credit for the online purchases they make over the coming week, which nicely coincides with Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  • Registration is required November 16-30, 2020, at
  • Online purchases made November 24-30, 2020, are eligible
  • Cardmembers can receive 5% cash back for up to $500 in online purchases, in addition to the rewards they usually earn
  • The 5% cash back will post within one to two billing cycles

This offer seems to be available on all Citi cards that I manage for my household, including the following:

What qualifies as an online purchase?

Citi notes that in order to qualify for this bonus, the merchant must tag your purchase as having been made online. Purchases made through mobile and wireless technology may not earn the reward depending on how the technology is set up to process the purchase.

This is a solid offer

This is a really great offer, when you consider that it’s valid on most Citi credit cards. For example, the no annual fee Citi® Double Cash Card offers 1% cash back when you make a purchase, and 1% cash back when you pay for that purchase.

In other words, when all is said and done, you could be earning up to 7% cash back for online purchases with this offer. That’s a pretty nice reward, especially when you consider that this would even work on Amazon purchases.

The major restriction here is that you’re capped at $500 of spending, so the maximum value you’ll get per card with this offer is $25. That being said, you can take advantage of this bonus on multiple cards, so for those of us with multiple Citi cards this could be quite lucrative.

Bottom line

Citi is offering 5% cash back for online purchases over the coming week, which is in addition to the rewards you usually earn. This is capped at $500 of spending per card, for up to a $25 statement credit. While it’s not the highest value offer out there, this is well worth taking advantage of, and should add value for any Citi cards you may have.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Citi’s online shopping promotion?

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  1. Ben…will we be able to get the 5% up to $500 spend on every card that we have…or just at 1 card? I mean…could we get $25 several times spending $500 at every card we have the offer?

  2. Lucky, your second bullet point is wrong.

    “This offer starts on 11/24/2020, or the date you enroll, whichever is later, and will end on 11/30/2020.”

    So if you enroll today, you can start shopping straight away.

  3. James I think you have it backwards. It’s the later of 11/24 or when you enroll. So if you enroll today it starts on 11/24. If you enroll on 11/27 instead, then it starts on 11/27.

    Or at least that is the way I read it.

  4. I see this offer on my Prestige card but I’m a bit confused how this relates to the offer that was sent out about a month ago where you earn 5x points on online, cable, and streaming purchases. I can’t imagine you can combine the two for 5% cashback + 5x points. What’s the deal?

  5. I just tried to register my Citi Double Cash card and it didn’t work. After logging in at the link yo provided, it says to check back for offers.

  6. Citi is on my sh*t list now. I have been using my Citi AA card as my primary purchasing card for years. My FICO is over 800 (TU is 812 out of 850). I pay all of my bills off every month. I spent $2000-4000 each month using the Citi card. My credit limit was $18k and suddenly dropped to $2k, I was unaware, and I started having trouble making purchases. They dropped my limit to below what I spend each month! Then they want me to jump through hoops to get it raised back up. Forget it. I’ll switch to my Barclay card, or Chase, or Am Ex, or anyone else. I know credit card companies have been lowering limits during this COVID debacle, but $18k down to $2k when my FICO is above 800 and I spend $2-4k per month on that card?? Beware everyone, it can happen to you too.

  7. @bq. My understanding is that you get both bonuses.

    What about PayPal? Will this work if paying with PayPal?

  8. What are everyone’s thoughts on if this would apply to paying medical bills online and/or making charitable contributions online?
    I understand Citi reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify for additional rewards, but don’t know how their purchase tagging systems work.

  9. Do purchases made online on Citi Premier count for the 5% bonus? This card is already awarding 5X Thankyou Points for purchases directly with airlines.

  10. Anyone get less than expected back on their bill this month? I looked before I logged the charges that they said online in Citi’s website and should have had about $150 over the $500 max on one card. Expected it to be around $23-25 (a few charges might have been early). But I only got $8. I paid a lot through paypal and suspect that someone didn’t qualify for the extra 5%. Anyone see the same thing?

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