How To Convert Citi Double Cash Rewards Into ThankYou Points

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The Citi® Double Cash Card is one of the all around most lucrative cash back credit cards. The card has no annual fee and offers 1% cash back when you make a purchase, and 1% cash back when you pay for that purchase.

In my opinion this is a card that a vast majority of consumers would benefit from having, since the average person isn’t earning two cents back for every dollar they spend.

Citi Double Cash Rewards Transfer To ThankYou

Since 2019 it’s possible to convert Citi Double Cash rewards into Citi ThankYou points, which was a game-changing development in the rewards credit card space, in my opinion.

This means you’re able to pool rewards earned on the Citi Double Cash with rewards earned on cards like the Citi Premier® Card (review), Citi Prestige® Card, and Citi Rewards+® Card (review).

Those who want to earn cash back can continue to do so — this is just intended to be an additional redemption option.

2x ThankYou Points With No Caps Is Industry Leading

Back in the day I never thought we’d see a card offering 2x transferable points with no caps, but indeed that’s what the Citi Double Cash offers.

2x points on non-bonused spending isn’t completely unheard of, as The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express offers 2x Membership Rewards points on the first $50,000 spent every calendar year. However:

  • You’re limited to earning 2x points on the first $50,000 spent every calendar year with the Blue Business Plus
  • The Blue Business Plus is a business credit card, while the Citi Double Cash is a personal credit card
  • The Blue Business Plus is an Amex, which doesn’t have quite as good acceptance as Mastercard

Before I got the Citi Double Cash, my primary card for everyday spending prior to this card was the Chase Freedom Unlimited®, which offers 1.5x points. In conjunction with a card earning Ultimate Rewards points, those points can be converted into Ultimate Rewards points as well.

However, as far as I’m concerned earning 2x ThankYou points is significantly better than earning 1.5x Ultimate Rewards points.

I use the Citi Double Cash for my everyday spending

Citi Is Keeping This Amazing Opportunity A Secret

Prior to 2019, the Citi Double Cash was purely a cash back card. It’s interesting to note that even well over a year into this feature being available, Citi hasn’t done much to adjust the marketing of the card.

The Citi Double Cash is still being promoted almost exclusively as a cash back card, and the only way you’d even know you can convert the rewards into ThankYou points is if you read a blog like this, or if you happen to have the card and see the functionality in your account.

Rules Of Converting Citi Double Cash Rewards Into ThankYou Points

Since I have the Citi Double Cash, I wanted to share my experience with how the rewards post, as well as how you can convert the rewards into ThankYou points.

Up front there are a few things to note about converting Double Cash rewards to ThankYou points:

  • Rewards transfer at a ratio of $1 in cash rewards to 100 ThankYou points (in other words, each cent of rewards can be converted into one ThankYou point)
  • You need to convert at least $1 worth of rewards, and there are no maximums
  • Once you convert cash rewards into ThankYou points, you can’t reverse the transaction
  • You need to have the Citi Double Cash in conjunction with the Citi Premier® Card or Citi Prestige® Card in order to transfer rewards to ThankYou and then be able to transfer them to airline partners

As a reminder, here are the Citi ThankYou airline partners:

Aeroméxico Club PremierN/A
Air France/KLM Flying Blue
Avianca Lifemiles
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
Emirates Skywards
EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
Etihad Guest
JetBlue TrueBlue
Malaysia Airlines Enrich
Qantas Frequent Flyer
Qatar Airways Privilege Club
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus
Turkish Airways Miles & Smiles
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

How To Transfer Citi Double Cash Rewards To ThankYou

The process of converting Citi Double Cash rewards into ThankYou points couldn’t be easier. Just log into your Citi account, and make sure you have the same log-in for your Double Cash, as well as your Premier and/or Prestige.

When you log into the rewards section, click the “Convert to Points” button on the left of the page, and then click “Convert Cash Rewards to Points.”

On the next page you can enter how much in rewards you want to transfer.

Once you verify that you want to transfer your rewards, you’ll instantly see the rewards show up as ThankYou points on your ThankYou account summary page, and they’ll specifically be listed next to the Citi Double Cash.

You can then transfer them to airline partners, along with all of your other ThankYou points.

Getting “Something Went Wrong” Error Message?

When I first got the Citi Double Cash in 2019, I tried to convert some of the rewards into ThankYou points. However, no matter how many times I tried, I got the below error message, saying that something went wrong, and that there was a technical issue.

I kept trying, used different browsers, went incognito, and simply waited for a couple of weeks.

Eventually I called Citi to figure out what was going on, and the agent was very helpful, but said that Citi didn’t have any reports of problems. He asked if I had tried a different computer. I figured that wouldn’t make any difference, since I had already tried incognito windows and different browsers.

Go figure as soon as I tried this on Ford’s computer, it worked. So if you’re also getting an error message, try a different browser, try incognito, or otherwise try a different computer altogether. Worst case scenario they can transfer rewards by phone.

Tip: Pay Off Your Balance Before The Statement Closes

There’s one last quirk I wanted to point out. The Citi Double Cash offers half of the rewards when you make an eligible purchase, and half of the rewards when you pay for an eligible purchase. Rewards generally post once the statement closes where you complete the activity.

If you want to earn your rewards as soon as possible, it’s worth paying for your purchase before the statement closes, so that you get the entire reward with that statement closing. If you pay after the statement closing date then you’d get half of your rewards an entire statement later.

Paying off a statement before the closing date can also be good for your credit, since it lowers your credit utilization.

Best Strategy: Citi Premier Plus Citi Double Cash

If you’re looking for the easiest and most rewarding Citi card strategy, I think the best idea is to have the combination of the Citi Premier Card and Citi Double Cash:

  • The Citi Premier offers an incredible welcome bonus of 60,000 ThankYou points, which will really jumpstart your rewards earnings
  • You’re eligible for both of these cards as long as you follow Citi’s general credit card application rules
  • The Citi Premier offers 3x points on dining, gas, groceries, air travel, and hotels, and has no foreign transaction fees
  • You can earn all of this with a single $95 annual fee on the Citi Premier, since the Citi Double Cash doesn’t have an annual fee

To me, this is a valuable and straightforward approach to take towards maximizing credit card rewards, as you’ll earn 2-3x points on all purchases.

Transfer Citi ThankYou points to Emirates Skywards

Citi Double Cash Summary

Historically one of the challenges that Citi had in comparison to American Express and Chase was that the issuer didn’t have the same “portfolio” of cards that you could use for the transferrable points currency.

While Citi still doesn’t have as large of a portfolio as Amex and Chase, Citi does now have a personal card that’s in a league of its own when it comes to return on everyday, non-bonused spending. Being able to earn 2x ThankYou points with the Citi Double Cash is awesome, and this is the card I’m using most for my everyday spending.

Personally I value Citi ThankYou points at ~1.7 cents each, so that’s like a return of 3.4% on spending:

  • This is my new go-to card for paying taxes (for a fee of 1.96%, which means I’d be acquiring ThankYou points for under one cent each)
  • It might even be worth making payments with Plastiq at the “regular” cost of 2.85%, as that’s like acquiring ThankYou points for 1.425 cents each

Do you use the Citi Double Cash as your card for everyday spending?

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  1. I thought Citi had weird rules that you can’t transfer points out that were originally earned on cards/accounts that didn’t have transfer partners which limits the impact of transferring between cards/accounts. As opposed to Chase where the points take on the rules of which ever account they are currently in.

  2. These sound like these will be points like the ones earned from Citi checking accounts, aka not transferable to transfer partners. Find it hard to believe Citi would allow these points earned from the Double Cash card to be sent to transfer partners without a shi**y ratio if they do allow the transfer-def not a 1:1 ratio. Or a devaluation is coming.

  3. If they convert at a 1:1 ratio, and can be transferred to partners at 1:1, this would suddenly make this card very solid. I wonder if like Chase, they’ll require you to have a premium card too to convert them? If not, there would be very little reason to retain the Citi Premier card given it losing all of the travel and purchase protections.

  4. @AdamH – I think you’re misremembering. Points earned on (any) credit card are “credit card TYP,” and redemption possibilities depend on the cards you have at the time you redeem (not the time you earn). The points I earn on my Rewards+ are transferable because I have the Premier; the points my wife earns on her Rewards+ and “shares with” (transfers to) me can also be transferred by me, but otherwise expire after 90 days; and if she upgrades to, or opens, a Premier or Prestige, the points she originally earned on the Rewards+ become transferable.

    Points earned from BANKING are taxable, cannot be transferred, and expire after 3 years; but AFAIK can be redeemed on the TYP portal at your credit card’s (cards’) rate (e.g. Premier 1.25 cpp for the foreseeable future).

  5. They’ve been pushing this card hard to their Dividend Card holders. Problem is, as with other cards, “Points” can have a flexible value, whereas with the Dividend Card, you’re still earning DOLLARS.

  6. A question that remains is whether those converted ThankYou points will be transferable to ALL TYP partners. Several of the basic ThankYou cards (e.g. ThankYou preferred) only allow transfer to a subset…JetBlue being the only one of arguably limited use.

  7. “I think we’re all hoping that this is the case. Could each reward “cent” earned on the Citi® Double Cash Card be transferable into one ThankYou point? That would be amazing, and logically it would make sense in terms of one “unit” of cash converting into one “unit” of points.” – This would be the smart move for citi. They would need to put a cap on it like amex business blue plus does, but I don’t see the double cash getting used if they only give 1.5 points per dollar. Willing to bet most people will go with the freedom unlimited card in that situation and those with the amex business blue plus will have no reason to use the DC. A straight 2 pts per dollar would be enough to get me to seriously look at using mine. I still don’t know if I would use it over the amex business blue plus but it would at the very least replace the times I use my freedom unlimited.

    All of the above being said given many of the recent moves by Citi I have a hard time believing they will do anything positive for their card holders.

  8. Not if you have to also have one of the premium cards, which have now been stripped of almost
    all their benefits.

  9. Doesnt really matter unless they force you to take TYPs. If they do, im out. 2% cash back works perfect combined with my other cards. With chase, you can take freedom cash back points and combine with the sapphire. I bet they are doing that. 5% back on categories ttansfer to CSR is pretty sweet.

  10. Is it really worth the extra 1/2 percent from the Citi Double Cash World Elite MasterCard compared to a myriad of 1.5% no annual fee cash back credit card alternatives to have a World Elite card with the higher swipe fee but with no added benefits as of September 2019; hard to understand, scripted, and generally ineffective overseas customer service; a foreign transaction fee; and now with the dubious option of converting cash to points with many redemption options worth less than one cent per point? Seriously?

    It is a no brainer to cancel this card and every other Citi card except perhaps the Costco card.

    The Citibank Double Cash was the best cash back card when it was released. No more.

  11. why is everyone so pessimistic about this possibly being a 2 TYP per dollar spent card?

    Amex already has this, and both chase and amex have many cards that earn 3-5 points per dollar spent on different categories. Citi could be doing this to become more competitive with the other 2. It’s true their cards are not on par with Chase or Amex. Prestige got nerfed bigtime, and while premier is a solid card, the rest of their portfolio, personal or business, is lackluster.
    I can totally see them turning this into a 2 TYP/dollar card, and that would be great. IMO TYP is highly underrated. I find TYPs as valuable as MRs or URs, and when you add in the fact that you can transfer them from 1user to another, and they might actually be considered more valuable, as long as you can find at least 2-3 transfer partners that make sense. There’s enough overlap between transafer partners of Amex and Chase that it’s a damn good program.

    Here’s hoping 2 TYP/dollar is what it is, and they will be transferable! Stop being negative nellies!!!

  12. A Citi CSR indicated to JT from TPG that the points would indeed be transferable to airline partners, though, as of the time of his writing yesterday, a Citi representative that he reached out to in attempt to confirm still hadn’t responded back to him.

  13. Sounds great until I remember that I need to switch to CSR because they took all the protections off my Prestige card.

  14. I hadn’t used my Double Cash card for a while but wanted to use it to buy a plane ticket. I had also recently changed my address and phone number. I knew this would wave a red flag, so I tried online chat to notify the gnomes first. After 15 minutes, I was told I had to call somewhere, which I was not in a location to do. So I bought the ticket anyway, and of course it raised a fraud alert, and when I logged in to my account next time, I was told to call. I did, and to verify my identity I had to give the offshore gnome my complete bank account number that I use for making payments. (I had just made a payment with it.) No, the last four digits would not work. Two days later the charge still shows as “pending,” but at least it hasn’t been rejected.

  15. Hey

    I have a 65k typ and want to downgrade my premier card to the double cash to save on the fee.

    Would I still be able to use travel transfer partners if I only have the double cash card.

  16. @Lucky – Happy to!

    Points “currency dilution” is when one accumulates points in many different currencies or denominations and ends up with not having enough in any one of the denominations to afford a decent redemption, much less an “aspirational” one.

    With Citi and AMEX working overtime to try to replicate the CSR’s ‘magic’, which had spooked them, we have seen the two CC issuers introduce (as well as pull) all kinds benefits the past three years, with travel bloggers hailing each such new benefit as the one that is going to make the CSR obsolete or ‘passé’. As a result, ‘less critical players of the game’, fearful of missing out on the latest and greatest, have gone for every such “opportunity”…and ended up with a credit card for every occasion, the logical consequence of which is what I defined above as “points currency dilution”: they earn points in many different denominations, but not enough in any one of the denominations to afford a decent redemption, much less an “aspirational” one.

    What would be a good exercise would be to compare the advantages and disadvantages of (a) earning all of one points in a single currency with the best available points-earning cards for that currency vs. (b) earning points in different currencies with the best available points-earning cards for each of the currencies.

    I would be Exhibit A for scenario (a): I now earn my points almost exclusively in Ultimate Rewards with the CSR (3x) for travel and dining (both very broadly defined), the Ink business cash (5x) for what are some of my biggest recurrent bills (internet connection, phone), and the CFU (1.5x) for everything else. I do not wish to sound like a broken record, but with that perfect card trifecta I am sitting on my large stash of transferable points ever.

    Other than @Lucky, who is disqualified for obvious reasons, does any one want to be Exhibit A for scenario (b)? 🙂

  17. I actually find this a great news. As I typically max out (50k) Amex business blue way before year end. Then I’m left with 1x per dollar options. Sure, I can find a card with 1.5x per dollar options…. but obviously I prefer 2x per dollar uncapped. I do have currencies in Amex, chase, and citi. I find this actually quite useful as I have plethora of options to fly many different airlines if I can actually find F or minimally J redemptions…. I would love to get more AA miles for redemptions on none AA metal. Sadly AA cc all suck and I can’t transfer cc points to AA.

  18. For some reason, I’d thought I heard that Garuda Indonesia was being dropped as a Citi ThankYou transfer partner. Did I pull that out of nowhere?

  19. In my portal, it is indeed allowing me to transfer to airlines, but Jet Blue being the ONLY one and at a rate of 1000 Thank You Points to 800 True Blue Points

  20. The only Citi card I have is the DoubleCash and the only airline I can transfer to is JetBlue, at a rate of 1000 TYP to 800 Trueblue points

  21. Based on the preliminary data points I have read, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that DC points converted to Thank You points will only be eligible for Jet Blue transfers regardless of what other cards the customer holds. It doesn’t make sense for Citi to allow for 2% conversions to Thank You points; for one, it would make their Premier Card significantly less valuable even for bonused spending.

  22. Double Cash Thank You points are separate from my Prestige Thank You points in

    And right now, I only see transfer options to Jetblue at 1000:800 and a Sears Shop Your Way.


  23. Any data points or other advice about converting my TY Preferred card to the DC card — a current offer being made to me by Citi.

    Citi explains:

    “What else is changing and what will happen to my ThankYou® Points balance if I convert?
    When you convert to your Citi Double Cash Card, you will no longer earn ThankYou Points (even if you’re currently enrolled in a promotional offer). You can redeem your existing ThankYou Points at up to 60 days after converting to your new card. Any unused ThankYou Points balance in your program account will be forfeited at that time.”

    Can I expect Citi to claw back and forfeit the TYP earned from my preferred card, or will they stay as TY points by virtue of my prestige card? Unclear to me whether this is an obvious upgrade or a potential (or actual) trap.

  24. @JimT
    What swipe fees are you referring to below…the ones the merchant pays?

    “Is it really worth the extra 1/2 percent….to have a World Elite card with the higher swipe fee but with no added benefits as of September 2019?”

  25. Fee for foreign purchases – 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase.

    Strange none of the bloggers ever mention this in multiple reviews.
    Anyway, that right there is a no go.

  26. I’m not quite getting the excitement over 1 to 1 for thank you points unless its for travel. I don’t have this card and not sure what all the Thank you points can do. so let me ask this, so i convert $100 in cash back to 100 thank you points, won’t that just get me $100 in whatever i want to redeem? I checked so you can redeem on a lot of places but not sure what advantage it is for me.


  27. Right, the problem arises when I try to get the fourth night free when booking with points earned with the Double Cash. I cannot seem to combine the points from both cards.

  28. If I am reading this correctly, a $40 spend on DCB nets a one-way ticket to Hawaii on Turkish Airlines? A $40 spend becomes $80 on the DCB which becomes 8,000 Thank You points (80×100.) Transfer the points to Turkish Airlines which I did recently and that becomes a one-way ticket to Hawaii in Economy which is 7,500 points. Do I understand this correctly?

    The downside is that the transfers to the airlines are a nightmare. I lost my initial ticket since Citi took two or three days to transfer the points and Turkish Airlines will only hold the ticket for 24 hrs. I am unclear why Citi can’t transfer the points immediately like Amex.

  29. I have a DC and a TY Preferred card (no Premier or Prestige at the moment). And while I am able to convert my DC cashback to TY points, my only airline transfer option is Jetblue. Does Citi require that you have Premier or Prestige in order to unlock the full list of airline transfer partners?

  30. I;m still not clear on one thing. If I earn TY points on the DC cash and transfer them to my wife who as a prestige card, can she transfer to airline partners?

  31. OT. Prayers and love to the three young Mixed Fleet BA crew who lost their lives on NYE. Devastating to say the least. Speedy recovery to the young lady who was critically injured also.

  32. Are you reposting this article because you actual think they will bring value to the reader, or to bring you more search engine clicks? I believe its the latter

  33. @ Bill — It’s the former. This wasn’t simply reposted, I greatly altered the post and added lots of info. Most significantly, I talked about my experience transferring points, because for a couple of weeks I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t transfer.

  34. You are reposting a lot of stuff. My one suggestion is to scrub the old comments. Most/all of them aren’t really relevant to a repost 3+ months later. And anything relevant hopefully was incorporated into your new post.

  35. Great article thanks- one thing I want to confirm. If I get the double cash BEFORE the prestige/premier… can I build up a cash back reserve and hold it until I have the prestige/premier and then transfer?

  36. @Mike C – Lucky answered your question but I want to bring up (as I understand it) that the Premier signup bonus is the highest it has been (60K) and that it might go away soon. Maybe jump on this sooner rather than later?

  37. just tried to make the transfer from double cash to thankyou. cash deducted, but points don’t show anywhere. online chat with a rep can see the conversion, but says that it takes 2-3 days to show. interesting that it was instant for you?

  38. Thanks Lucky for the post. I just got approved for the DC. I have the premier already, so I’ll link up those two accounts. Hopefully all goes to plan, i.e. +25% value through the portal, and transfer options for all of Citibank’s partners. I’ll let you know.

  39. Ok, I response to my previous message. I have had the Premier already and just got the DC. Just finished my first cycle. You $ amount rewards show up at the end of your pay cycle. Go and select redeem and convert to points. I did this. It went through, but TY points were NOT immediately available, I called and they told me within 24 hours. So I checked this AM, and sure enough there they were. 3300 TY points listed by my DC card (above was listed my premier card with 83000 points). I selected DC and went to transfer partners, only JetBlue 1000:800 and Sears showed up. I then checked through the TY portal and point value was only 1cent to 1 TYP. Missing the +25% value that I have with the premier TY points. I then called ThankYou and spoke with the rep about “linking” my 2 ThankYou accounts. Took them about 2 minutes, and now I have all my TY points showing under my Premier account. All my points have the +25% value through the portal, AND all my points transfer to all the partners at 1000:1000 including JetBlue. And from here on out whenever I convert the DC cash to TY points they will automatically be deposited into my premier account. So, a little bit of a head ache, for a lot of rewards. 2 TYP back on every spend that is then given the +25% value on top of that is pretty huge. Next I think is to get the Rewards+ card and link that account with the rest, so that I can get the 10% points redemption back! Thanks Lucky for the post!

  40. Data point- I like others was only seeing the option to transfer to Jetblue and Sears. Two online chats did not work so I ended up calling in. If your address and phone number are not the same for both cards they will not link. The rep made the adjustment and all is good now.

  41. @DC. I and most of the games who are not road warriors like you are plan B. It is easy enough to get a decent size of points/miles so that you can book almost any airline (and certainly any airline alliance) plus Etihad and Alaska partner options. Plan B permits someone to look at all 3 major alliances each way for their planned trip and to utilize deer spots as well. I have a brother (road warrior) with more than a million Alaska miles but if Alaska partners don’t have award availability he ends up calling me…if you are a road warrior you should also diversity (IMHO) for those occasions that you bc an not use the alliance you have status on with miles. Plan B rests its case

  42. Quick question as I am not sure of the answer… wife and I both have the Citi Premier card….when annual fee comes due if I convert one of the CP’s to a Double Cash Back would I be able to transfer points out of the new DCB to the remaining Citi Premier if its my spouses and not my own? Thanks!

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