China Airlines’ Brilliantly Unconventional New Ad

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China Airlines has released a new advertisement in the past few weeks that’s getting a lot of attention, and for good reason.

Most airline ads try to focus on the positive aspects of travel, whether that’s the way your life is enriched by travel, or showcasing how pleasant it can be to fly with that airline.

China Airlines is taking the opposite approach in their latest ad, for which they’re using the hashtag #WhatTravelBringsYou.

The new ad shows the other side of travel — a broken leg from snowboarding in Hokkaido, some weight gain from eating too much in Bangkok, an unplanned marriage from going to Las Vegas, and an accidental pregnancy from going to the Gold Coast (as one does when visiting the Gold Coast!). There even seem to be some haunted souvenirs that are brought back home.

Here’s the ad, which is well worth a watch:

Oddly China Airlines’ description of the ad on YouTube doesn’t actually match my take on it:

When you were back from traveling, you would bring something with you…
Dirty clothes, cosmetics purchased for friends and a great deal of souvenirs.
However, you didn’t notice that there were more profound things coming back with you…
Sunburned skin you’ve got in Bangkok, blisters you’ve earned on the streets of Rome, and mobile phone that have been soaked in the hot spring of Hokkaido.
Every time you travel, you always bring back something for your life, but you never notice.
China Airlines invites you to discover what travel brings you.

Not only do those scenarios not line up with what’s shown, but it’s also clear that people do notice the things that are brought to their life from travel. You know, like a broken leg and pregnancy.

This is an absolutely brilliant ad on China Airlines’ part, in my opinion!

What do you make of China Airlines’ new ad?

(Tip of the hat to Kyle)

  1. Haha, loved the police pulling over girl who brought back plastic surgery from Seoul~

  2. LOL! What a great Ad. I loved it and lol at the return from Seoul plastic surgery scene. That is hilarious!

  3. @IVO mate get over yourself… they also do not fly to Gold Coast but BNE it’s a 1h car ride. CI flies to HKG that’s close enough …

  4. “Let’s see what travel will bring you”
    So, that’s, um, pregnancy…….

    This male is conflicted.

  5. A nice take on more conventional, marketting formated ads.
    Is it me or the roles given to the women in these ads is less valorised (buying clothes, worried about their weight and looks, having unprotected sex,…) than that of the men?

  6. Great to see this Taiwanese carrier is not following the main stream Asian airlines ad norm (pretty FA, and portrait travel as a privilege). This is one of my favorite airlines TV ad, and my favorite printed ad goes to Cathay Pacific although I couldn’t spot it in Hong Kong when I was there last month

  7. @Paul Roberts

    It is my deepest sorrow that your people are so educated to be passionate and indulged into ONS.

    I can now totally understand how you are coming from into world.

  8. Sorry, not on the bandwagon here. The scene of the young lady concerned about her pregnancy made me sad and concerned too, I don’t see why that was included. Agree on the negative slant of the women’s experiences. I was left with a general feeling that bad things can happen after travel so maybe I want to think twice about travel?

  9. I laughed out loud at the Seoul plastic surgery one. Great ad and thanks for highlighting and kudos for China Airlines for trying something different and pushing the boat out.

  10. Can you imagine the outrage if a western airline ran an ad which featured an Asian destination which implied an association with unwanted pregnancy?!

  11. As a westerner who lives in Asia, you must look upon the female scenes with an Asian perspective, who view feminism in a different light to the West. Making jokes about spending, weight gain and plastic surgery is par for the course, and would generally be not be offensive to their target market.
    I do agree the pregnancy one is a bit odd though. I know they are trying to be funny but, probably better to suggest she came back from the Gold Coast with a bad hangover. That’s what I always come back with anyway…

  12. Beautiful and moving for those of us that travel for pleasure and discovery, not business.

  13. @Paul Roberts posted — “Too bad no-one in China can see this ad because YouTube is blocked.”
    @Charles — “China Airlines is from Taiwan not China (PRC).”

    What @Paul Roberts posted is technically correct … he meant China (PRC) when he stated that YouTube is blocked there!

  14. Lucky, didn’t you mean Air China? (just kidding)
    Really cool/cute commercial, and thanks for sharing

    *Air China and China Airlines -confusing the public and the international community since 1988* LOL

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