Check this out!

Two things worth noting, should you be able to read that. First, check out the on-time performance. ZERO percent! I’m not really surprised, judging by the delay we had from Heathrow on Turkish. It doesn’t seem like they’re really concerned about delays, because there was no announcement from the flight deck and no apology upon landing. I guess it’s a cultural thing. Second, the flight is “F6,” meaning my brother and I are the only ones booked up front. Will lightning strike three times? 😉

Me saying that probably means it won’t….


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  1. This would never happen on an American-based airline. The front would be filled with non-revs if there are seats not take 😉

  2. I guess it’s a cultural thing.

    It is indeed. Google “inshallah fatalism”. “We will be on time inshallah (if Allah wills it).” Since it’s Allah’s will, not theirs, they are not responsible for the flight being late and bear no duty to apologize for it.

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