GREAT DEAL: $400 One-Way Business Class Tickets From Europe To The US

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This certainly won’t last. Per YHBU, TAP Portugal has published some great one-way business class fares from Europe to the US. You can fly one-way business class between Europe and the US for as little as ~$400 one-way. This is valid for travel starting in September, though the end of the schedule. For example, you can fly from:

  • Oslo to Newark for $408 one-way
  • Oslo to Boston for $408 one-way
  • Copenhagen to New York for $611 one-way
  • Copenhagen to Miami for $625 one-way


You’re best off searching these fares through Google Flights, and then the fares should be bookable directly through TAP’s website, or if you prefer you can book through an online travel agency, like Orbitz.

This is an incredible deal. You can also fly roundtrip on this fare, and in most cases the cost is slightly less than double the cost of a one-way. For example, you can fly roundtrip from Oslo to Boston for $774 roundtrip.


As of now TAP’s flights to New York JFK and Boston are scheduled to feature a fully flat business class product, though that’s subject to change.


Meanwhile most of their other routes feature angled seats, though TAP is in the process of installing a new business class product. However, I wouldn’t count on that being available by later this year.


Hurry, as this deal won’t last.

I’m actually not totally convinced this is necessarily an error. It does seem like a very low fare, though at the same time TAP Portugal is known to publish cheap transatlantic business class fares, so this isn’t that much lower than some of the other fares we’ve seen.

If you do book the ticket I’d hold off a couple of days before making any non-refundable plans, in the event that they decide to cancel the tickets.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this great deal?

  1. Just booked two of these for my family!! I got a roundtrip for $775 a person too!! Can’t wait to tell the family.

  2. OSL to JFK is also $413 $5 more to go to JFK over EWR and have most likely lie flat on Azul metal.

  3. I flew the new flatbed J-product from Lisbon to Boston last summer for about $400 one-way ($100 for the original discount economy fare, then successfully bid $300 on an upgrade). The seat was good and the food + wine was fantastic. I would recommend this deal to anyone who can nab it.

  4. Also good to see one-way fares that aren’t egregious. Sometimes they cost more than a round-trip ticket.

  5. I booked it an hour ago LIS-BOS, and it was the lie flat layout. Works out perfectly, since I am going to try and get on the DEN-LGW Norwegian inaugural

  6. How or where did RICK bid $300 for a business class ticket ? I have traveled Venice to Istanbul to Houston Texas for $400 on Turkish air….they have a a terrific route system. ( Thru , Choice Air after a cruise ….but can delay it if you choose ) Excellent . rates well like Singapore air.

  7. Ben, Any idea how to find the booking class on TAP? It seems one can’t see it during the booking process. Don’t want to end up booking something that does not earn me any miles 😉

  8. Just booked OSL to JFK for next April, hopefully the weather is nice in Norway that time of year. $412.

    Now just have to figure out how to get to Europe.

  9. @Pat, on a Lisbon-Boston flight last June. On a DISCOUNT ECONOMY ticket. I was as incredulous as you, but it happened. What’s more, I was credited Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer elite qualifying miles as if it was a paid business class ticket. I like to think I’ve endured enough crappy coach trips in my many years flying to have deserved such a stroke of luck :p

  10. Don’t forget if you’re flying with TAP from Europe to the US you can make a stopover of up to 3 days in Portugal for the same price!

  11. @Pedro

    Is the stop over only BEFORE you purchase the ticket? So I already purchased my ticket, I wouldn’t be able to have a stopover?

  12. @Ever As I understand, you can book the second leg up to 3 days later that the first one for the same price. On return trips this can be on either way (but not both).
    Since they are promoting the Stopover rather heavily (probably trying to become a good choice for Europe-US travel) I’d call them and see what can be done…

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