Great Deal: Roundtrip Transatlantic Business Class For Under $1,000

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We frequently see great transatlantic business class fares published out of Dublin, though these are some especially good ones right now. If you want to plan your late 2016 holiday travel now, there’s an amazing sale for oneworld business class flights out of Dublin.

These fares are valid for outbound travel on the following dates:

  • November 22 through November 28, 2016
  • December 24, 2016, through January 6, 2017

The fares are valid on all of the oneworld transatlantic joint venture airlines (American, British Airways, Finnair, and Iberia), and there’s a Sunday night minimum stay required.

Just how low are the fares? Dublin to New York can be had for ~$950 roundtrip in business class.


Dublin to Los Angeles can be had for ~$1,200 in roundtrip business class.


There are several other available markets as well, so no matter where in the US you’re going, you should find very attractive prices. Keep in mind that historically oneworld offers bonus miles for premium transatlantic travel around the holidays — for the past several years they’ve offered 25,000 bonus miles per roundtrip, and while it’s not a guarantee it will return, I suspect it will.


Also keep in mind that while American is switching to a revenue based program in the second half of the year (which will make the mileage earning on these flights really unattractive), this likely won’t apply to tickets booked on partner airlines. This means if you’re crediting flights on British Airways, Iberia, etc., to American AAdvantage, you should still accrue miles based on distance flown rather than amount spent, which would be significantly more rewarding.

These fares are only available for travel originating in Dublin, so don’t expect equally good fares in the other direction (at least not yet).

British-Airways-Business-Class-777 - 1
British Airways business class

Bottom line

These are some incredible fares, though admittedly they’re for travel way in the future. As a matter of fact, as of now you can just book tickets on most oneworld carriers through December 31, 2016, so you can’t even book over all eligible dates. As a result I wouldn’t be surprised if these fares stick around.

Furthermore, I expect we’ll see more great transatlantic fares around the holidays as time progresses.

But for those in Europe looking to get a head start on status requalification, these fares should hopefully be tempting!

(Tip of the hat to skunker on FlyerTalk)

  1. Lucky, is the mileage bonus on partner airlines the same? Delta partners are usually 120,80,60, and 40% for partners while it used to be 125,100, and 25% for Delta. So is it 100/25% for all AA partners?

  2. OMG! I can fly DUB-LHR-LAX-SMF return in American 777-300 business class for €1,171!!! Or €2,500 in First! Booking it in the next couple of hours, though I do hate booking so far away from the date, it’s a steal! THANKS LUCKY!

  3. December 18th 2015:
    January 1st 2016:
    I posted these deals on two separate occasions, one bordering a month ago, the other over ten days ago. Same fares, same cities, dates kept extending. The first post is a HT to Flyertalk, the second, I found myself, TEN DAYS AGO. I always credit you fairly for posts and would only hope for the same professional courtesy.

  4. @alex: ITA Matrix is a good tool for finding things. Main thing is that the TATL outbound needs to happen in date ranges listed, and no stopovers (though you could have a 23 hour layover at LHR). Some of more expensive fares (say $1700-2000) allow stopovers. What I’ve seen typically is that weekend dates are filling up. Also note that the return date back to Europe is very open-ended, it’s only the outbound that is restricted to less popular business class travel dates from Europe.

    I’ve booked four of these trips for 2016 ( a few weeks ago when it was first announced ). My work travel is fairly predictable and can be booked well in advance, so even though I’m based in the US, I’ve had a series of trips that start in Europe (DUB, CPH, BGO, ARN, etc.) to the US booked over the past year and for the upcoming year.

  5. @ Gib — I’m sorry, but I don’t read your blog. I saw this on FlyerTalk.

    And surely if you run a blog you realize that comments with links require manual approval, so no need to throw a hissy fit.

    The arrogance of some people thinking they “own” information the second they post it on some corner of the internet never ceases to amaze me. I go out of my way to credit the sources where I see things, as I did here.

  6. Ben, We’re good. I don’t remotely pretend to own the information, nor have I ever. I just assumed that as someone as plugged in, and wizardly with this stuff as you are, that you would’ve seen the many references to these fares, perhaps not on my site, which you do not read, but elsewhere in the previous four weeks, some at even lower levels. I simply saw many comments pouring in, all of which require moderation and mine not being moderated. Believe me, I get it. I just feel strongly that when some sources posted this ten, twenty, days ago that their credit should be at least vetted. Happy travels.

  7. @philip: nope, other than the very occasional flash sale. The US economy is relatively strong at the moment, so they’ve seen no reason to do so.

    There are also some similarly great offers from various Europe locations to Asia and Australia (sub $2000 in business class on QR and others).

  8. @Dylan, this is why I’m surprised to see this business class offering from DUB… Irish economy is not doing too bad either these days, and especially considering the amount of business class travel in and out of Ireland, being home to a large number of international corporations, not to mention the huge number of aircraft leasing companies based there. I guess maybe it’s just the time of year…

  9. @Philip, it’s in part to fight off Norwegian. Fares are also low in the slow season from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

    @Alex, then those dates are not yet purchasable. The fares should be valid for through the end of this month.

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