Some Of The Cheapest Swiss First Class Fares I’ve Ever Seen

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Swiss has one of the world’s most exclusive first class products, in the sense that only Senator level elite members in the Miles & More program can redeem miles for it. This has been the policy since 2013. Ironically, prior to that they were extremely generous with making first class award space available, even to members of partner frequent flyer programs.

Swiss’ A330 first class

I was extremely lucky to be able to have booked a ticket in Swiss first class between Zurich and Los Angeles in June (I’ll be taking the flight soon), when they temporarily made a bunch of first class award seats available to partner frequent flyer programs. I’m not sure how that happened, exactly.

Anyway, not only is it tough to redeem miles for Swiss first class, but historically paid first class tickets have been pretty expensive as well.

At the moment Swiss has some exceptionally good first class fares between London and North America, all routing via Zurich. The general terms with these fares are as follows:

  • Valid for bookings through September 21, 2016
  • Valid for outbound travel between November 22-29, 2016, and between February 10 and April 15, 2017
  • Minimum stay of three days and maximum stay of three months

While the dates as such are fairly limited, at least availability is excellent for the eligible travel dates.


So, just how good are the fares? To give a few examples of roundtrip first class fares out of London:

  • Fly to Montreal for ~$2,550
  • Fly to Chicago for ~$2,750
  • Fly to New York for ~$3,000
  • Fly to Seattle via Zurich and Los Angeles on Swiss’ new 777 for ~$3,100


Bottom line

Don’t get me wrong, $2,500-3,100 is still a lot of money, but it’s a lot less than Swiss usually charges for first class. This is a first class product that’s tough to book on miles, so if you’re someone who likes to experience different first class products, this is a value that’s tough to beat. I don’t remember ever seeing cheaper Swiss first class fares than this.

Hopefully some Europe based readers can take advantage of this great deal!

(Tip of the hat to InsideFlyer)


  1. Few months ago you could buy a r/t first class ticket with SWISS from Warsaw to New York for 6000PLN=~1600$ for travel in July/August 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info Lucky.
    Honestly though, Swiss first class is so not worth $3K…total waste of money IMHO.
    I do not understand LX’s thinking behind making the F award seats so exclusive: their product is mediocre at best.
    If you want to make a product exclusive and make people pay for it, then you first need to have a great product, duh.

  3. They make it difficult to use miles and charge a lot for their product, guess they got tired of flying empty cabins?

    Wonder how many “normal” people who buy first class tickets would want to backtrack from LHR to ZRH before flying to the US instead of just paying for a nonstop J ticket.

    My only experience with LX F is getting my RGN tickets cancelled and then getting to fly it once in an F seat with J service on a 4 hour flight. Sure, great hard product that’s identical to LH so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  4. Not worth it to backtrack via ZRH when you can usually find BA sale fares in C for less. Not to mention you have to get to US gateway. More interesting if ZRH was O/D.

  5. For those of you asking if people would rather just take BA nonstops in J vs. adding time for LX in first on long hauls, I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say “No way. I’ll backtrack to Zurich for LX first over BA J nonstop any day. Until BA delivers a J experience that doesn’t resemble a coffin (and I’m also looking at you, to, UA), I will gladly add on three hours (one hour flying LHR-ZRH, assume two hours connecting time at ZRH) to fly LHR-LAX. Wouldn’t even think twice. I’d welcome the stay in the LX first lounge as well.

  6. For those of us who need to start in the U.S., SEA to ZHR and return was over $10K in First Class.

  7. Tried YUL to to ZUR in First and it was over $7000 (on ITA, Google Flights and Swiss Air website). I think the sale is gone unless you have to use London.

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